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Empires Smp High School Group Chat by MythicalSausage
Empires Smp High School Group Chatby Angel Sausage
A silly little group chat series! Author will be sleep deprived
A Disaster of Fugitives - an MCYT D&D AU fanfiction by EmberDragon34
A Disaster of Fugitives - an Angst Goddess Ember of the He...
YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PLAY D&D TO ENJOY THIS BOOK. JUST SEE IT AS A FANTASY AU Hermitia. A kingdom of magic, chaos, and criminals. And when Grian and Scar, a pair of stree...
Scarian smutshots <3 by Akari3108
Scarian smutshots <3by ~☆◇♡Myocari♡◇☆~
holy hell will this be a Rollercoaster of events. if you're new and aren't into smut, I have another book on my page with mainly fluff with a few bits of angst here and...
REDAMANCY// Solidaridubs by A_Fanfic_Queen
REDAMANCY// Solidaridubsby Kiara :>
REDAMANCY (noun); A love returned in full; an act of loving the one who loves you. -- A Solidaridubs/Limited Life Superhero AU.
Wish you were Sober || Boat Boys  by iwrote_book
Wish you were Sober || Boat Boys by Charlie
Teenage superheroes they once were. But now they've grown further apart, not like how they were when they first met. Especially after a chaotic intoxicated night. How...
MCYT one-shots by Dinosaurs44
MCYT one-shotsby Dinosaur_Poppy
REQUESTS ARE OPEN RN This story will now be MCYT one-shots, that includes Hermitcraft; S9,New Life, Empires; S1+S2, and life series; Third, Last, Double, Limited. Cover...
Things can't become normal again, if they weren't different at all. by K_lay_K
Things can't become normal K_lay_K
(The cover is not my art) Martyn was a pirate on a mission. He and is crew were sailing the seas in the look out for a siren. They looked everywhere and found nothing, u...
MCYT Oneshots [requests open] by icyicarus
MCYT Oneshots [requests open]by scotty
THIZ IZ C! NOT CC! !!! i'm only zticking with fluff, angzt, and hurt comfort. if i get ANY requeztz for zmut i will mozt likely ignore it. i will take requeztz within th...
Ally Life (Title Might Change) by Slytherin4EverAfter
Ally Life (Title Might Change)by ❤︎☆☾𝓜𝓮𝓪𝓭𝓸𝔀☽☆❤︎
Scott had always been aware of the Watchers, even before he helped Grian program 3rd Life. He took delight in confounding others and infuriating the Watchers. His favori...
wings clipped, blood ran cold by Haldrachen
wings clipped, blood ran coldby Aero
As eccentric as Grian Dreamslayer may be, no one expects him to be a former vigilante turned superhero. Especially not the up-and-coming supervillain in the new era of p...
You Mocha Me Crazy ~ Scarian by MasqIsCool
You Mocha Me Crazy ~ Scarianby MasqIsCool
"Just like coffee, you keep me up at night" Scarian college/coffee shop au inspired by "Smells Like Coffee" and "Tastes Like Coffee" by @Th...
Hermitcraft/Empires Oneshots by rxxesblaze
Hermitcraft/Empires Oneshotsby rxxes
This is a series of one shots about Hermitcraft and Empires members. I do take requests :D Cover Art is mine:)
Hermitclan's Stories (A Hermitcraft x Warrior Cats AU) by Rockythegreater
Hermitclan's Stories (A Average Etho Enjoyer
Deep in the forest, a clan arose with the intention to do good. These are the stories of that clan, from how it came to be, to little slices of the lives of the cats ins...
|Scarian| Ink is our connection  by That_Violet_Witch
|Scarian| Ink is our connection by That_Violet_Witch
Soulmate AU were if you draw on yourself it will also appear on your soulmate, if you wash/rub it of it will come off. I do not ship any irl people just minecraft charac...
Have you seen the Sheriff? by VladimirVampier
Have you seen the Sheriff?by VladimirVampier
The Sheriff of Tumble Town has gone missing! Can the others find their beloved Sheriff or did Jimmy manage to fall off the face of the earth? Aka, a lot of people go loo...
power: a watcher Joel story (F) by Lilytiger67
power: a watcher Joel story (F)by Lilytiger67
anyone who's seen last life, empires, or any form of Joel video knows he always seeks power. would he be able to resist the temptation? would he be able to live with the...
Incorrect/Out of context quotes by CalicoQuartzs
Incorrect/Out of context quotesby CaliQuartzs
come on... do you really need a description for this?
a collection of mcyt oneshots :) by lyriccxii
a collection of mcyt oneshots :)by ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ lyric ⋆·˚ ༘ *
includes: - life series -- MAINLY haha [ third life, last life, etc ] - new life !!! [ maybe some after life as well :) ] - empires [ s1 and s2 ] - hermitcraft [ ish ] ...
Deathloop Death Game  by Nayl0rWritesStuff
Deathloop Death Game by Naya
Warning, this story is dark. It's based on the Life series and a weird nightmare I had.