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Earthrise: 2176 [Featured] #1 Science Fiction by WillFlyForFood
Earthrise: 2176 [Featured] #1 J.C. Gunn
What if we were the first in our part of the galaxy to discover the secret of faster than light travel? What if this discovery was 10,000 years before it was supposed to...
  • sf
  • scifi-romance
  • discovery
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abyss watcher in the league by XanaShadow
abyss watcher in the leagueby Xana Shadow
an abyss watcher is sent to a world unknown with a cursed past will he learn to live in it or Will his past haunt him forever. and can this fox girl help him (I don't ow...
  • shen
  • ahri
  • artorias
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Myths Come Back to Haunt You •BOOK 1• by hklw_18
Myths Come Back to Haunt You • H.K.L.W_18
My head snaps this way and that as I try to find where he is hiding. My heart beats faster and my blood flows rapidly in my veins giving. The wind howls, sweeping my hai...
  • watchers
  • werewolf
  • fiction
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Dragon of Legend: A New Era (BK2) SAMPLE by voif1d
Dragon of Legend: A New Era (BK2) voif1d
A new challenge appears, a new battle begins. Once again the Rider of Legend must fight to save the lands, only this time she finds herself five hundred years in the fut...
  • reliance
  • strider
  • after
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Dragon of Legend: Deception (BK3) by voif1d
Dragon of Legend: Deception (BK3)by voif1d
500 years in the future, out of the ashes of her ancestor, a new black dragon has risen. Once again the Rider of Legend is called on upon to help and defeat this evil. Y...
  • academy
  • redemption
  • seth
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Broken - A Corey Haim Fanfiction by theeightiesprincess
Broken - A Corey Haim Fanfictionby theeightiesprincess
Veronica Matthews thought no one could ever love her and that she would never escape the madness called high school. There is one guy determined to change that. "I'...
  • licensetodrive
  • broken
  • feldman
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Lost: Somewhere in Time by WillFlyForFood
Lost: Somewhere in Timeby J.C. Gunn
On the day of James Robert Scott's 19th birthday, a man with a stainless steel briefcase cabled to his wrist waited outside his classroom door. The letter contained in t...
  • sf
  • timetravel
  • timemachine
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Abyss Watcher Side Stories by Futuralist
Abyss Watcher Side Storiesby Furious Blade
(Not a reader pairing book. But there will be some Male!Reader inserts.) Everyone knows I have an obsession with the Abyss Watchers of Dark Souls III. And now they have...
  • abysswatcher
  • ocs
  • fluff
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The Descent of the Gods by JacobMooney3
The Descent of the Godsby Jacob Mooney
He left heaven to save her. But can she save him now? The Bible story you never heard in Sunday School, 'The Descent of the Gods' is based on real legends and stories fr...
  • wattys2018
  • epic
  • demons
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The Watchers (Yandere!Angel!Levi x SMReader) by ILoveYaoiYolo11
The Watchers (Yandere!Angel!Levi ILoveYaoiYolo11
Y/N is your typical everyday boy same routine, going and coming back from school but not popular (probably not yet 🙃) just good grades and great friends. SMReader means...
  • seme
  • ukelevi
  • fallenangles
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