abyss watcher in the league by XanaShadow
abyss watcher in the leagueby Xana Shadow
an abyss watcher is sent to a world unknown with a cursed past will he learn to live in it or Will his past haunt him forever. and can this fox girl help him (I don't ow...
  • watchers
  • darksouls
  • ezreal
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Earthrise: 2176 [Featured] by WillFlyForFood
Earthrise: 2176 [Featured]by J.C. Gunn
What if we were the first in our part of the galaxy to discover the secret of faster than light travel? What if this discovery was 10,000 years before it was supposed to...
  • discovery
  • engineer
  • starship
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Wolverine: Infinity War by TonyGarcia348
Wolverine: Infinity Warby Billy the Blue Beaver
Thanos has won. With all six Infinity Stones, the Mad Titan now has the power of an omnipotent god. And his first doing was wiping out half the population in the entire...
  • hughjackman
  • guardiansofthegalaxy
  • ironfist
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RWBY: Watcher Of The Abyss (RWBY Dark Souls Crossover) by Theopm123
RWBY: Watcher Of The Abyss (RWBY Thesuperm123
This is my first book. You are the last Abyss Watcher and is somehow transported to Remnant. Read to see what happens next. (Totally won't kill off all the characters)
  • abyss
  • yang
  • neutral
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Demon Hunters: Book 1 Faith-Organizing Chapters by ChayAvalerias
Demon Hunters: Book 1 Chay Avalerias
God has sent watchers, a powerful set of warrior angels, to earth to track down and kill the evil descendants of the Nephilim, who have managed to unleash demonic powers...
  • youngadult
  • faith
  • archangels
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Abyss Watcher Side Stories by Futuralist
Abyss Watcher Side Storiesby Furious Blade
(Not a reader pairing book. But there will be some Male!Reader inserts.) Everyone knows I have an obsession with the Abyss Watchers of Dark Souls III. And now they have...
  • fluff
  • crossover
  • angst
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The GANK (BTS F.F)  by Weirdoings
The team has seven talented, good looking men. Each of them has a role and speciality like a sniper, hacker, seducer and others. They are having improvements each time...
  • yoongi
  • bulletproofboyscouts
  • leader
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The Descent of the Gods by JacobMooney3
The Descent of the Godsby Jacob Mooney
To save her, an angel forsook heaven. The world still rings with what came next. This tale has been preserved in our myths for millenia. But now, the story of the fall o...
  • antediluvian
  • myth
  • nephilim
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burn // buffy by polkadotpotter
burn // buffyby gabi
In the Hellmouth, all things do is burn. Matt is afraid that one day, the flames will touch him too.
  • willowrosenberg
  • sunnydale
  • btvs
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The Angel Keeper: Donna's Saga by BbAustin
The Angel Keeper: Donna's Sagaby B.B. Austin
Donna thought that she had been blessed by God himself when she discovered she had a guardian angel. Little did she know that her blessing from God was actually a curse...
  • believer
  • watcher
  • satan
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The Inferno's Brethren (Second book of Seven Series) (wattys2018) by RissaleWriter
The Inferno's Brethren (Second Rissa, Rissy, Riss
I am fire. I am pain. I am misery. I kill what I want. Who I want. When I want No one can tame me, like the fire I am. Try to and you get burned. I was born in the infer...
  • wattys2018
  • watcher
  • life
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Pyre - A Novelette Featuring the Avebury Witches by lhansenauthor
Pyre - A Novelette Featuring the Lina Hanson
WATTPAD FEATURED The year is 1601 and hate is burning high. Rosy Coldron is a witch. Bill Ignatius is a witch hunter. They are desperately in love. But what future can t...
  • historical
  • magic
  • wattys2017
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The Depictor by OrderOfTheWatchers
The Depictorby - Guiding Watcher -
- Human Help Needed - #3 in Watcher (August 7, 2018) #17 in Puzzle (August 11, 2018)
  • depiction
  • headwatcher
  • watcher
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The Sons Of God Came Down And Took Of Them Beautiful Daughters Of Men, And Entered Into Them. They Had Children Together. We Being Created A Genetically Perfect Creatio...
  • demons
  • sexual
  • ghost
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Elsword: Add x Rena- Stronger Than You by Dragonwindes
Elsword: Add x Rena- Stronger RavenWindes
Lunatic Psyker always gets his win one way or another, "Already giving in? Now isn't that entertaining, pathetic like the rest." A challenger finally come up...
  • lunaticpsyker
  • addxrena
  • adventure
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Watchers: Black Star by Accel-Phoenix
Watchers: Black Starby Accel-Phoenix
In a world where darkness slowly overcomes the light, a boy fights fire with fire and executes the tainted individuals in the world. But he must wonder, will his own dar...
  • fantasy
  • watchers
  • action
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Bottled Lightning by lightsaberkitten
Bottled Lightningby Morgan Jade
Ian wished there was some other way he could've met Vee... what if he was given that opportunity? When Ian sustains head injuries in a motorcycle accident, he loses some...
  • dare
  • playnerve
  • vee
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BLUEby Chenna_x
A long time ago people their souls had colors. That color represtented the strength, brightness and ability one's soul had. Suddenly the Prisma's, the ones with the str...
  • teen
  • blauw
  • fiction
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Rewriting Fate ~ Sdorica Sunset by Lixabie
Rewriting Fate ~ Sdorica Sunsetby crimson
"The Book of Bequeathers can display all realities, but the Book of Bequeathers can't decide all truths." That's the one thing Haru had to remember. Write down...
  • rayark
  • fanfic
  • rpg
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