RWBY: Watcher Of The Abyss (RWBY Dark Souls Crossover) by Theopm123
RWBY: Watcher Of The Abyss (RWBY Thesuperm123
First book probably going to be cringy. You are the last abyss watcher. You are basically the boss in Dark Souls 3.
  • rubyrose
  • yang
  • abysswatchers
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abyss watcher in the league by XanaShadow
abyss watcher in the leagueby Xana Shadow
an abyss watcher is sent to a world unknown with a cursed past will he learn to live in it or Will his past haunt him forever. and can this fox girl help him (I don't ow...
  • darksouls
  • annie
  • nidalee
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Dragon of Legend: A New Era (BK2) SAMPLE by voif1d
Dragon of Legend: A New Era (BK2) voif1d
A new challenge appears, a new battle begins. Once again the Rider of Legend must fight to save the lands, only this time she finds herself five hundred years in the fut...
  • strider
  • years
  • 500
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Earthrise: 2176 [Featured] by WillFlyForFood
Earthrise: 2176 [Featured]by J.C. Gunn
What if we were the first in our part of the galaxy to discover the secret of faster than light travel? What if this discovery was 10,000 years before it was supposed to...
  • ftl
  • spacetravel
  • aliens
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Sparks {#Wattys2018} ✔️ by NomadicNotions
Sparks {#Wattys2018} ✔️by NomadicNotions
"He struck me as vain and self-absorbed, the kind of man I could never tolerate being around, let alone want-yet I did, I wanted him more than I had ever wanted any...
  • sorcery
  • enchantors
  • wattys2018
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SARA'S BOOK  [ONGOING]  Book One: The Watcher Chronicles  by HM_Braverman
SARA'S BOOK [ONGOING] Book H.M. Braverman
Sara has never felt she fit in anywhere, or belonged to any group, her ancestry and childhood made sure of that. Now her dreams of finally having her own family where sh...
  • faith
  • cronicles
  • eden
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The Watchers (Yandere!Angel!Levi x SMReader) by ILoveYaoiYolo11
The Watchers (Yandere!Angel!Levi ILoveYaoiYolo11
Y/N is your typical everyday boy same routine, going and coming back from school but not popular (probably not yet 🙃) just good grades and great friends. SMReader means...
  • uke
  • ukelevi
  • watcher
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Incendiary by TASseDeTea
Incendiaryby تَسْنِيْم
ɪɴ·ᴄᴇɴ·ᴅɪ·ᴀʀ·ʏ inˈsendēˌerē adjective 1. Designed to cause fires. ●tending to stir up conflict. ●very exciting. For the most part, Elle's life was perfectly ordinary...
  • fairies
  • seventeen
  • watcher
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Broken - A Corey Haim Fanfiction by theeightiesprincess
Broken - A Corey Haim Fanfictionby theeightiesprincess
Veronica Matthews thought no one could ever love her and that she would never escape the madness called high school. There is one guy determined to change that. "I'...
  • 80s
  • feldman
  • fanfiction
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Elsword: Add x Rena- Stronger Than You by Dragonwindes
Elsword: Add x Rena- Stronger RavenWindes
Lunatic Psyker always gets his win one way or another, "Already giving in? Now isn't that entertaining, pathetic like the rest." A challenger finally come up...
  • game
  • lunatic
  • nightwatcher
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Dreams by AwesomeA4life
Dreamsby Awesome Ani😘
❣Rain Will Fall❣ 🔥The Fire within us will Not defeat us.🔥 ❌ ❌...
  • mystery
  • romance
  • teen
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The Witch and The Watcher by Rockout101
The Witch and The Watcherby Kimberley
Narcissa is a 17 yr old powerful witch with many abilities. What happens when she meets the Slayer and her Watcher. Will the Watcher and the Witch far in love? Or will t...
  • btvs
  • rupertgiles
  • witch
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Abyss Watcher Side Stories by Futuralist
Abyss Watcher Side Storiesby Futuralist
(Not a reader pairing book. But there may be some Male!Reader inserts.) Everyone knows I have an obsession with the Abyss Watchers of Dark Souls III. And now they have a...
  • crossover
  • random
  • ocs
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sucker  ⁱᵗ ᶜᵃˢᵗ ˣ ⁿᵉʳᵛᵉ by sxnkissed
sucker ⁱᵗ ᶜᵃˢᵗ ˣ ⁿᵉʳᵛᵉby ▹ 𝔞𝔲𝔯𝔬𝔯𝔞 ◃
❝ anything is possible if you've got enough nerve ❞ in which a band of kids makes a bet, whoever lasts the longest in the game wins the cash. but of course nothing can...
  • itcast
  • player
  • nerve2016
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The Descent of the Gods by JacobMooney3
The Descent of the Godsby Jacob Mooney
To save her, an angel forsook heaven. The world still rings with what came next. This tale has been preserved in our myths for millenia. But now, the story of the fall o...
  • fantasy
  • watchers
  • noah
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Keep Your Eyes On Me by 80sLucy
Keep Your Eyes On Meby l u c y
"Just stay behind me, do what I tell you, and keep your eyes on me, ok?"
  • corey
  • 80sfanfic
  • traviscornell
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Something Is Watching Me by Storyswithmeow
Something Is Watching Meby Lorelei Frederick
I'm Lorelei Frederick. I always feel like someone... Or something is watching me. My family and friends feel it too. It's only been happening for a year. Strange things...
  • horror
  • someoneiswatching
  • watcher
Deeper Into Yourself  by notitiashared
Deeper Into Yourself by Notitia.Shared
Subjectively formed perspectives one can try.
  • thought-provoking
  • mind
  • mentalhealth
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Take A Chance On Me (Pokémon) *Tracey/OC* by risemboolranger
Take A Chance On Me (Pokémon) * Toni Geens
"Wanted: travelling buddy. Preferably interested in Pokémon. Must be a good listener." Jay's kind of socially awkward - she hasn't been able to hold down a tra...
  • islands
  • journey
  • pokemon
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