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Reincarnated by DaughteroArtemis
Reincarnatedby DaughterofArtemis
Life isn't easy when you are reborn as the twin of Percy Jackson. Especially when you know his fate.
Son of Chaos (A PJO/HOO Fanfiction by musicMacK
Son of Chaos (A PJO/HOO Fanfictionby glitterygrunge
Percy Jackson has saved the world two times, from Gaea and from Kronos. He can finally relax. But when his half brother Kurt arrives, he's betrayed by everybody except h...
Greek mythology oneshots  (new remaster) by Arimotokimika
Greek mythology oneshots (new °Queen of Nerds°
This is my old oneshots that I renewed and I am writing non stop now. This will include every legend I can think of and I do requests enjoy 😋😉
Ask the Demigods by August_the_reader
Ask the Demigodsby August
Ask a question to the demigods (I'll take questions to Magnus Chase or the Kane Cronicals charecters as Well), and I'll make a fun paragraph of them answering. ...
Hades II by ISteinicke
Hades IIby ISteinicke
*SHORT CHAPTERS* Stella wakes up on Earth, unable to remember anything about her time in coma. Hades is miserable, blaming Persephone for interfering where she had no ri...
Falling Roses || Apollo [1] by UpWritingAllNight
Falling Roses || Apollo [1]by UpWritingAllNight
Apollo used to be a god. Now, as a punishment, he is turned into a mortal. He meets his first mortal companion, Meg McCaffrey, whom claims his servitude. When he first h...
God of the underworld by greenbeedrill888
God of the underworldby greenbeedrill
yes I'm doing the son of Hades story again but differently
Seeds: Hades and Persephone by rinathefabulous
Seeds: Hades and Persephoneby Rina
It was supposed to be Ares. She was supposed to fall in love with Ares, like her mother told her. But she never was very good at following her mother's rules, was she?
CATACLYSM || X-Men by hawkins-marauders
CATACLYSM || X-Menby lara
"Mutation is the key to our evolution. The process is slow, normally taking thousands of years. But every few hundred millennia, evolution leaps forward." &quo...
When Swords Meet Wands by Lightshadowkitty
When Swords Meet Wandsby Nandhini
This time, the demigods have to go to Hogwarts. NOT a quest, just to form an alliance. NOT a quest, mind you. But of course, there's a prophecy. There always is. Stories...
Betrayal never ends by Moon-Frost
Betrayal never endsby Nightmoon
What happens when Percy discovers that Zeus and Poseidon had more kids and that Annabeth only pretended to like him for power? Then Annabeth was cheating on him, turned...
Persephone's Kidnapping (on pause) by Teah09
Persephone's Kidnapping (on pause)by T.R
*Prequel to Hades and Persephone* The day that Persephone was born and was announced to all of Olympus as the Goddess of Spring, Hades attended, never expecting to ever...
The Olympian Trilogy  by thezestywalru
The Olympian Trilogy by Annaleise Clár
"The son of Poseidon was going to go to Olympus, swear his innocence to the gods, and pray that they didn't smite him. After all, he wasn't an idiot. And if they di...
Athena x your request by Athena_9909
Athena x your requestby Athena Soriano
Due to the overwhelming succes of 'Athena x Nike' I decided to ask you guys how you felt about the goddess and who you think she would date. There is only one rule to th...
Izuku Shimura: The Legacy of Nana by DramaKing753
Izuku Shimura: The Legacy of Nanaby King of the Stage.
Izuku Yagi was the son of All Might and the number 11 hero Green Vacume after being Misdiagnosed as quirkless he was forgoten and betrayed by everyone he knew from his...
Myths and Mortals (Greek Mythology) by kotosaka
Myths and Mortals (Greek Mythology)by ✨Libby ✨
Do you know your Artemis from your Aphrodite? Can you name the god of the Underworld, the sea, the sun? Which god rules them all, holding a thunderbolt in his hand, or c...
The Aphrodite Method by EMPG22HoPe
The Aphrodite Methodby maedelle ♡
Set after Heroes of Olympus: BoO. In order to prevent another horrid pact from spiraling, the three kings, along with their wives, consult Aphrodite for marriage counsel...
The Blood of Three by _EmilyClendenin_
The Blood of Threeby Emily Clendenin
**NOW PUBLISHED ON AMAZON** #1 in POWERS 5/30/19 #51 in ACTION 2/8/19 #1 in DEMIGODS 3/28/19 #2 in GODS 3/13/19 When Riley is told she is a demigod, her whole life chang...
Downfall of the Gods by desperador
Downfall of the Godsby d e s p e r a d o r
Mythology. Wildly popular around the world for stories that can neither be proven as fact nor debunked as fiction. Stories passed down, change over time, sometimes the t...