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Totally In Love With an Anime Lover by BlazyLazy16
Totally In Love With an Anime Loverby Amaranthine_
"Never make fun of someone's passion because that's the thing that saves them from the world." Psyche Cantiveros is not an anime lover. Not at all. Paano naman...
  • sliceoflife
  • teenageromance
  • animelover
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Psyche and Cupid(Complete) by Jeanleyy
Psyche and Cupid(Complete)by JeanLeyy
Cupid and Psyche is a famous Ancient Greco-Roman myth. Although the characters of Cupid and Psyche can be found in Greek art as early as the 4th century BC, the earliest...
  • traitor
  • aphrodite
  • venus
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The GOD that Sleeps Within by AutodidacticApe
The GOD that Sleeps Withinby AutodidacticApe
Leo is spirited away to depths of his mind where one becomes a god.
  • lovepower
  • innerstrength
  • psyche
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Letters From The Dead by spilt_paint
Letters From The Deadby Morgan
It's junior year and Halley's has started off less than perfect. Her best friend has just committed suicide after a long battle with depression and Halley doesn't feel...
  • fighting
  • breakfast
  • mental
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The cat by Mememaster10
The catby Mememaster10
A long horror story about two friends feeding a seemingly normal cat that lives outside of an abandoned psyche ward. Adventuring to find the cat inside the old building...
  • escape
  • psyche
  • horror
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At The Light of Dawn by selenophile101
At The Light of Dawnby Ieann Al
The heartless beast-prince, Ethan, was supposed to kill Calissa. His mother had ordered him to do so, since their warriors have always come home with their tails tucked...
  • fantasy
  • kingdom
  • curiosity
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I wish you were here by Dark_princessOfHell
I wish you were hereby Psyche_Mackenzie
When "Jewel Psyche Mackenzie" meet "Angelo Blake Mendoza"
  • angelo
  • psyche
Wie ich sie fand.... by Redwriter900
Wie ich sie Redwriter900
Dies ist eine Geschichte über einen Traum den ich hatte, ich werde ihn weiter ausführen und daraus eine Geschichte machen also viel Spaß beim lesen
  • verloren
  • ritzen
  • freundschaft
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Guardians' Heiress by Csquared024
Guardians' Heiressby Csquared024
"Tiffany Claude--who refused to take her place--was assigned to help her brother into a mission in order to gain what she--her brother--wants. If they fail this que...
  • angels
  • demons
  • god
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The Ikebukuro Family by EmoWolf19
The Ikebukuro Familyby EmoWolf19
Izaya and Shizuo have a little child together name Psyche. Izaya is pregnant with their 2nd child, this story just shows how their life runs in a normal day.
  • cute
  • psyche
  • izaya
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Times I've Predicted The Future by Livelox15
Times I've Predicted The Futureby Livelox15
These are events in my life that have happened rarely
  • whatishappeninginmyhead
  • strange
  • confused
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ensnared psyche by icysiren
ensnared psycheby Azure
the story of a girl who couldn't even find solace in her own thoughts. let alone the world around her. i've been told her story makes you think. i hope it does. because...
  • anger
  • rebel
  • confusion
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Into the Grey by Remus_x_Sirius
Into the Greyby Ghostie
A chilly, autumn night. A full moon. A rainstorm brewing whilst thunder rumbles in the distance. A sea of clouds clogging the midnight-blue sky. An unlocked house. A fam...
  • psyche
  • horror
  • generalfiction
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Mix and Matched by woefullyjuliet
Mix and Matchedby woefullyjuliet
Book 1: A Valentines Day Special Rankings #18 - psyche #253 - greek #457 - valentinesday
  • gods
  • psyche
  • valentinesday
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U n | R e a l by pranavats
U n | R e a lby Pranav Vats
Something lurks in his psyche, lying beyond his understanding of things. Beyond his limits of consciousness. Avinash, a 17 year old high school guy, hears voices inside...
  • anomaly
  • psyche
  • mind
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Mi Amour (Mb's) by OfficialCupid
Mi Amour (Mb's)by ᑕᑌᑭiᗪ
Anything and everything about love
  • eros
  • psyche
  • mbs
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