Cupid and Psyche |Lesbian Version| by Svetaivanova
Cupid and Psyche |Lesbian Version|by S V E T A
Once there was a king and a queen with three lovely daughters. The youngest, Psyche, was so beautiful, so fair of face and form that she was revered throughout the land...
  • goddess
  • venus
  • mythology
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Tsugaru & Psyche by Sgniwie
Tsugaru & Psycheby Sgniwie
This is a story about Tsugaru & Psyche exploring the night sky as they enjoying their adventures together through the good and bad. Since they became friends, they share...
  • shizuo
  • tsugaru
  • izaya
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C.186 by PanosIoannou
C.186by Panagiotis Ioannou
"Es ist leicht, seinen Erzfeind in die Irre zu führen. Aber was ist mit uns? Können wir uns selber hinters Licht führen? Sind wir wirklich schlau genug, um zu Idiot...
  • stadt
  • student
  • zynismus
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Psyche and Eros (Retold) by eggypan
Psyche and Eros (Retold)by josie
This is a retelling of the Greek myth Eros and Psyche. I did a project about it in class and since I like it a lot, I decided to retell it in more detail. Enjoy! P.S. If...
  • mythology
  • eros
  • greek
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Between the Stars by AssassinPsyche
Between the Starsby AssassinPsyche
If you loved someone, truly loved them, wouldn't it be better they hate you but are safe then them to like you but in danger? To die killing those who would ever try to...
  • romance
  • scifi
  • betweenthestars
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Dark days by Ikimasu-Nick
Dark daysby Ikimasu-Nick
Für alle, die in miesen Zeiten stecken. Mehr gibt es da nicht zu sagen.
  • depressionen
  • selbstmordgedanken
  • trauer
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Godly Desires by BlinkToTheDamn182
Godly Desiresby BlinkToTheDamn182
"Hello, Miss Hudson. My name is Eros, but you mortals know me best as Cupid. I'm here to help you find your other half." "I'm sorry.....what?" Have y...
  • psyche
  • wmbw
  • fantasy
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The Fall of Aphrodite ⤳ Original by kmbell92
The Fall of Aphrodite ⤳ Originalby FLEAMONT "Sleekeazy" POTTER
❝ Worlds change when eyes meet❞ It was to be with someone who was as destructive and violent as herself that led Aphrodite to stray from her marriage. Her beauty was thr...
  • greekgods
  • psyche
  • hephaestus
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Love's Arrow by DarkNight_Shade
Love's Arrowby Dark
Psyche was one of three princesses in a greek kingdom, but she was considered to be the most beautiful. Men would admire her beauty all around the world and worship her...
  • aphrodite
  • boyxgirl
  • romance
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Love will mend a broken heart (Shizaya) [ON HIATUS] by Artistic_shipper
Love will mend a broken heart ( Artistic_shipper
It has been four years since Izaya left Japan, his son is now four years old and looks like Izaya in almost every way. However, that doesn't mean he doesn't have the per...
  • psyche
  • shinra
  • shizuo
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" Love Untitled " ~ The Road Home ~ BOOK SIX by iamQVEEN
" Love Untitled " ~ The Road ♕ Q ¥ € € I\| ♕
Should've bought you flowers And held your hand Should've gave you all my hours When I had the chance Take you to every party Cause all you wanted to do was dance Now my...
  • psyche
  • richardarmani
" Love Untitled " ~ The Road To Your Heart ~ BOOK FIVE by iamQVEEN
" Love Untitled " ~ The Road To ♕ Q ¥ € € I\| ♕
Psyche Alexis Amandi-ernestine Saavedra hungered for great revenge and she saw him as the best ticket to plot her longtime desire to ruin a life. Unprepared though, she...
  • castro
  • richardarmani
  • psyche
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❝the 𝙂𝙍𝙀𝘼𝙏𝙀𝙎𝙏 thing you'll ever learn, is just to 𝙇𝙊𝙑𝙀 and 𝘽𝙀 𝙇𝙊𝙑𝙀𝘿 in 𝙍𝙀𝙏𝙐𝙍𝙉.❞ ━ oc x oc post spider-man homecoming au ©julia kim, 2018.
  • acceptance
  • nedleeds
  • self-love
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Das Leben-ein auf und ab by LeaEulentrop
Das Leben-ein auf und abby Lea Eulentrop
Heii, ich wollte hier mal ein bisschen etwas über mein Leben erzählen und wie es mir und in letzter Zeit ergangen ist :) Das ist jetzt auch erst meine erste Geschichte...
  • depressionen
  • leben
  • psyche
She's A Cupid by daiseukiii
She's A Cupidby 先輩
❝ in which zyrille montereal became a cupid after her boyfriend dumped her ❞ - ➸ not an epistolary ➸ park jimin x kim jennie "She's a Cupid" wr...
  • shesacupid
  • joshuahong
  • bitter
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|| Durarara Fanfiction (Izaya x Shizuo/IZUO) || Second Chance by nachuu558
|| Durarara Fanfiction (Izaya x A Certain Fujoshi
Izaya left Shizuo not without breaking the blond's heart into pieces and left something important for the both of them. (Story cover not mine. Credits to the artist)
  • drrr
  • drama
  • celtysturluson
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psy · cho · sis by Telesy
psy · cho · sisby ✞ bored - hmu ✞
A woman with no definition of reality meets a man that studies the insane--but no one can truly understand the deranged by staying sane.
  • killer
  • mentalhealth
  • emotions
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Curse Of Destiny by Warbone27
Curse Of Destinyby Zyeor Henrel
"In between" Sa gitna ng buhay at kamatayan Pag ibig ang magiging sandalan Imahinasyon na mapanlinlang Kasakiman sa pera at pamamahala sa ariarian... Kaya mo...
  • action
  • romance
  • cupid
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The Voice by Reynacmpjptr
The Voiceby Fluffyspacepidgeon
Emily is still learning to get used to changes, but it's a lot harder when on top of it all there is a constant voice that won't leave her alone. Not even her dreams hav...
  • cupid
  • psyche
  • alexis
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W I N G S | Psyche x Eros | Greek Mythology by iWabbyi
W I N G S | Psyche x Eros | W.A.B.B.Y.
Even as a kid- I was told that I was beautiful. I had portraits of myself as a kid, smiling and waving at the painter and sometimes the sculpture and maybe my two older...
  • wings
  • erosxpsyche
  • greek
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