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Her Cursed Monster (Mad Protector Series #1) by fearsome_hamster
Her Cursed Monster (Mad fearsome_hamster
She became a wicked monster's obsession. He was whispered to be the most cruel of them all. Cursed to roam the world without a soulmate, his insanity overtook and he was...
Freya Blossom  by Jess_6823
Freya Blossom by Jess_6823
Freya blossom. Clary, Simon and Freya have been friends since kindergarten. Best friends forever. The troublesome trio. When Clary, Simon and Freya, go to Pandemonium...
The House of Beardsley by flowersforleah
The House of Beardsleyby Leah
Ever since people could remember only men were allowed to enter the House of Beardsley, but for the first time four young girls with nothing in common have been hired to...
Forbidden Blood ✔ by MinSugasonly1
Forbidden Blood ✔by MinSugasonly1
Award ranking 🎖 #2 bangtansmut #3 vampiresmut #5 gothicromance What happens when you meet the perfect man. He's charming, sweet, romantic, and sexy. But there's one pro...
Red Interlude by exlibrisregina
Red Interludeby Regina Saint Claire
Introducing the new sequel to Red Masquerade, a paranormal werewolf romance thriller! Two years after fleeing Romania to escape the Volkov family's evil, Rowan and Axel...
Parlor Tricks by 0liviaRose436
Parlor Tricksby 0liviaRose436
Henry Carroll Jr., a once a prominent lawyer known for his honesty and empathy, is caught in a scandal when a woman is found dead and he is implicated. Unwilling to plac...
The Phantom's Guardian (the Phantom of the Opera fan fiction) by Myatnoe123
The Phantom's Guardian (the Myatnoe123
Is it fair to keep secrets from your loved one? Will you do anything to make your loved one happy? Is love "giving" or "taking, "forgiving" or...
goth angel sinner by peep_shawty
goth angel sinnerby shania
"princess?", they tell me. "daddy?", i respond. "come here before i spank you", he demands.
Your Aconitum by The3rdIN
Your Aconitumby Sinhain
A sweet story of an orphan boy who falls in love with a serial killer princess
Dib's New Neighbors of Doom! by CelestialDarkness666
Dib's New Neighbors of Doom!by CelestialDarkness666
Gaz Membrane develops a crush on the boy nextdoor...who just so happens to be the Antichrist! An Invader Zim and Squee! crossover: What happens when Pepito and Señor Di...
Lost and Found by CelestialDarkness666
Lost and Foundby CelestialDarkness666
A Zim and Gaz story. ZAGF or ZAGR? It started out with slaying blood pigs in video games. Then an unexpected visit, followed by an accidental, very personal discovery. S...
Ascelan in Wasteland 🥀 by GrimmInker
Ascelan in Wasteland 🥀by 🕷 𝔈𝔩𝔦 𝔊𝔯𝔢𝔤𝔬𝔯𝔶 🕷
This Gothic, Romantic take on Alice in Wonderland follows a young and excitable youth named Ascelan Keir. After following his best friend Alice down the wrong rabbit hol...
The Spirit Witch  | Bewitchment #1 by ACampbellAuthor
The Spirit Witch | Bewitchment #1by Aubrey
WATTPAD FEATURED STORY | WATTYS 2018 SHORT LIST | OPEN NOVELLA CONTEST 2018 FINALIST | On her wedding day, Charlotte de Winter carried a crossbow as she walked a lone di...
robbie x reader  by anime_yandere_girl
robbie x reader by anime yandere girl
you move to a new town fill of strange things and meet Robbie
Ghost Queen in the House of Love by flowerghostqueen
Ghost Queen in the House of Loveby flowerghostqueen
LGBT mythological fantasy with romance elements. Dark PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS + BEAUTY AND THE BEAST with a bit of A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE. Exclusive to Wattpad...
ETHERIA Book 2: The Lost Son Of Magus by khofi21
ETHERIA Book 2: The Lost Son Of khofi21
Iginala ni Miguel ang kanyang paningin na ngayon ay unti-unti ng nasasanay sa dilim, nang biglang mahagip ng kanyang mga mata ang isang magandang babae na ngayon ay nagk...
Magia Posthuma ✓ by inkmagpie
Magia Posthuma ✓by Ink
When the Empress appoints Irina's father as the new Governor of Transylvania, the young Duchess is swept away from her glamorous life at court in Vienna to the mysteriou...
Reflection of Fire by taralkariel
Reflection of Fireby taralkariel
After years of working at the school where her parents left her, Rey seizes an opportunity to be a governess for an influential family. But her new life is soon haunted...
Witchcrafts🔮 by _BlackkGirl_
Witchcrafts🔮by _BlackkGirl_
Witchcraft isn't like you imagine. Witchcraft is a life style, witchcraft is spiritual, witchcraft is pureness. Everyone thinks that witches are devils. Here you can fin...
🅻🅾🆅🅴 🅱🅻🅾🅾🅳 (🅸🆉*🅾🅽🅴 🆇 🆂🆅🆃) by ssamu_rawr
🅻🅾🆅🅴 🅱🅻🅾🅾🅳 (🅸🆉*🅾🅽🅴 � Anonymous Kim
BREAKING NEWS - 13 boy students of Pledis High School were found missing when their school organised a camp in a forest 50 miles from the school area. The police have s...