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I became the Daughter of the Tyrant Vampire King (Hiatus) by amey78
I became the Daughter of the Amayarelis
When I died, I woke up into a coffin which I thought it was the one of my funeral but it wasn't. I soon realized that I was reborn into different world. I got reincarnat...
𝐂𝐚𝐫𝐩𝐞 𝐍𝐨𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐦 by MarCafeWrites
𝐂𝐚𝐫𝐩𝐞 𝐍𝐨𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐦by Mar Café
☆ 2022 ᴡᴀᴛᴛʏꜱ ᴡɪɴɴᴇʀ!! ☆ "Hell is empty and all the devils are here." On the cusp of the 20th century, blue blood heiress Lucy Penn has lost everything: her be...
Vampyre Bride ✔️ by JeanineCroft
Vampyre Bride ✔️by Jeanine 🇿🇦 Croft
When Emma Lucas meets devilishly handsome Markus Winterly, she has no idea that he only wears the mask of human aristocracy. And behind that mask a very ancient and powe...
Her Fated Haunting (Mad Protector Series #2) by fearsome_hamster
Her Fated Haunting (Mad fearsome_hamster
Story completely independent of 'Her Cursed Monster' She was a demon's sacrifice, but to him she became more. Born with a limp and stuck in the orphanage, Elyse is more...
Side Show by Glassgalaxi
Side Showby Hayden
Psychic/fortune teller Dani has a weird feeling when an odd new family moves to Silverwick. When she gets herself caught up with the middle son she's whisked away to the...
Black and White by meeshapatricia
Black and Whiteby ☾ Mind Of Meesha ☽
Maisie Milan has always tried to be an optimistic, confident person, determined to make her sixth-form years positive despite a recent family issue. But when the mysteri...
The Berning Wind by -redgoth-
The Berning Windby redgoth
A curious pho of Bern Switzerland, Mithica, calls the wind of the ancient city to hear her wishes. Has the wind listened to her prayers? Will the wind comply and guide h...
★Gilded Serpents★ by daveyjonsies
★Gilded Serpents★by daveyjonsies
★°*"There is a dance between you and Fate, Mira. Only you know what the future holds."*°★ When Mira is not chosen by any of the four Guardians as disciple, her...
Coalesce In Darkness ♡ Frerard by vampirexchild
Coalesce In Darkness ♡ Frerardby -ˏˋ ♡ ˊˎ-
At a young age, Frank Iero is exposed to the hidden world of vampires. After never finding or seeing the man who saved his life one night again, Frank is on a desperate...
Nosferatu [N.A.E] by TateCsernis
Nosferatu [N.A.E]by T.Csernis
• 1 • [13x Featured] {Ambys 2022 winner} ~ | No Accent Edition | ~ Alucard has always been a reclusive man. But when ordered to work with Zalith, a bold, promiscuous dem...
Haunted Hearts by BritCYancey
Haunted Heartsby BC Yancey
After losing three fiancés in tragic accidents over the past six years, Lady Elphi Matson knows three things for certain: heartache only maims its victim when it should...
❃~The gambler and her risky enemies~❃ by Th3_h0p3l3ss_Wr1t3r
❃~The gambler and her risky Th3_h0p3l3ss_Wr1t3r
After a woman and her husband fall out of love and right into a divorce she gains an interest in gambling, she had enemies there who went by the names Suki Nanami,Aki Ya...
The Masquerade by victorian-lunar-crow
The Masqueradeby victorian-angel
The Masquerade only had two rules: You had to be invited to order to attend, and you must dress in the outfit assigned to you. This was my first year being invited to th...
Nosferatu by TateCsernis
Nosferatuby T.Csernis
• 1 • [13x Featured] {Ambys 2022 winner} ~ | Original Edition | ~ Alucard has always been a reclusive man. But when ordered to work with Zalith, a bold, promiscuous demo...
paintings on the walls (just dance story) by cherryblurs
paintings on the walls (just xx
a mysterious nightmare about a drowning leads a young religious woman to an art museum for a field trip, in which she uncovers something lurking behind the museum's wall...
The girl from the screen  by ripklara
The girl from the screen by ripklara
Watch this poor boy fall in love in a fictional character from his own tv - Wednesday Addams
RED ARDOUR | JJK by Roxequ
When emotionally drained Jungkook encounters a mysterious woman in a bar, he doesn't know what a transformation she would take him through. With her irregular fits of p...
SANGRE by livingmulto
the curse of the black castle by toooodd
the curse of the black castleby gella💍
- შენ ჩემი ხარ და სხვა არავისი! - სწრაფად ამბობს წითური და ჭორფლიანს უყურებს. - როდიდან გავხდი შენი? - იმ დღიდან როცა ამ დაწყევლი ადგილას ფეხი შემოდგი.
Batman: The Promise by SamuraiSevenTwo
Batman: The Promiseby SamuraiSevenTwo
What's left for Batman when he's finished all that's needed to be done? During the waning days of Batman's crusade, Bruce shares a tender moment with Harley Quinn, and i...