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male wednesday addams x  female oc oneshots by SpookyDolly
male wednesday addams x female SpookyLoli
multiple male wednesday addams x female oc oneshots. Movie related and tv show ralated. Gonna be a mix of both the new and old wednesday. i do not own anything but the...
Belle Morte (Book 1, the Belle Morte Series) by Bella_Higgin
Belle Morte (Book 1, the Belle Bella_Higgin
Belle Morte is now published as a Wattpad Book! As a Wattpad reader, you can access both the Wattpad Original Edition and the Wattpad Books Published Edition upon purcha...
The Night the Vampires Came by KateLorraine
The Night the Vampires Cameby Althea Liu
Ailith has had a secret crush on popular girl Holly since high school. When vampires kill everyone they ever knew, will Ailith finally get a chance to tell Holly how she...
A King's Seduction ✔️ by Midika
A King's Seduction ✔️by Midika
*Mature Content* Forced to flee from their home, King Taius and Akara are fighting to survive while rebels strive to hunt them down. But not just any rebel - a Hunter...
Curse Of Blood: Gods & Monsters by JeanineCroft
Curse Of Blood: Gods & Monstersby Jeanine 🇿🇦 Croft
It never bodes well when a prince of Asgard takes an interest in a mortal. Not for Aila. Not when that god is Loki, the infamous father of monsters. To love such a god i...
The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by HumbertoJCarter
The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll H. J. Carter
DISCLAIMER: I do not own and did not write this story. It is a copy of Original Book by Robert Louis Stevenson that I have uploaded here because it was way better to rea...
Angel by Nyhterides
Angelby Mumma Vamp
* Highest ranking: #1 Vampire #1 Dracula #1 BoyxBoy #2 Cinderella * Abused terribly since he was a boy, Kylo dreams of freedom. When his wicked stepsisters get invited...
Rosalind  - Amby Awards 2023 TOP PICK by Nyhterides
Rosalind - Amby Awards 2023 TOP Mumma Vamp
Beauty and the Beast meets Dracula. Highest ranking #1 Gothic, #1 Dracula, #1 Dark Romance, #2 Horror, #1 ONEMILLIONPROJECT. Amby Awards 2023 TOP PICK in Paranormal. I...
Black Avatare by SuVida777
Black Avatareby Su Vida
𝟭𝟵𝘅 𝗙𝗘𝗔𝗧𝗨𝗥𝗘𝗗 · CREATORS PROGRAM · A spooky re-imagining of the Black Prince from Sri Lankan folklore | A teen ghosthunter must defeat the alluring demon Black...
The Demon's Bride by mata0eve
The Demon's Brideby Mata
*Slow Burn Historical Fantasy Novel* Elise had about to change into the dress that was lying on the corner of her bed when she heard a knock lightly calling from her do...
Testimony of Children (Alice Gray Book 2) by TabbyGoddard
Testimony of Children (Alice TabbyGoddard
Catch up with your favourite Vamps and Witches, and discover what else is lurking in the shadows of London! This is the second part of Alice Gray's adventure and things...
The Last Necromancer by CjArcher
The Last Necromancerby C.J. Archer
TO LISTEN TO THE AUDIOBOOK OF THE LAST NECROMANCER FOR FREE check out my YouTube channel: For five years, Charlotte (Charlie) Hol...
Chosen Love | Daniela Dimitrescu x Male Reader by DEXBTHO
Chosen Love | Daniela Dimitrescu DEXBTHO
His unassuming demeanor belies the extraordinary role he is destined to fulfill.
Elysian House: The Bitten Elixir [Remake] (1) by Northshard
Elysian House: The Bitten Elixir [ northshard
Riley Jackson, a seventeen-year-old female who's pretty average in her daily life. Her parents are divorced, she's got decent grades and she's a vegetarian. She's pretty...
a new beginning, wavier by flowersandlight
a new beginning, wavierby s 🫶🏼
xavier x wednesday. nevermore is out of session after the chaotic events that occurred in episode 8 and wednesday and xavier's friendship is given a new beginning. how w...
Dangerous Diabolical: Book 1 (Iridescent) ✔️ by TheTravellersloft
Dangerous Diabolical: Book 1 ( TheTravellersloft
In a world where creatures of myth and legend walk amongst mortals, Celandine navigates the precarious balance between the mundane and the magical. Amidst the bustling s...
The Mysteries of Bran House || Fleckney Gothic Mystery by kkolmakov
The Mysteries of Bran House || Katya Kolmakov
Peggy Brown, a former Carmelite nun, is faced with a series of inexplicable events taking place in Bran House, a dilapidated manor that she agreed to help to restore to...
LOVED BY AN ANGEL by nikkihershell
He's here, he's always here. Watching me, protecting me. Even if I can't see him I know he's here. I can sense him. You know those moment's you get cold chills or you s...
REWRITTEN|| The Triumphant Night by NadineMcgee
REWRITTEN|| The Triumphant Nightby NadineMcgee
Being a vampire was exactly how Crow Clawdon expected it to be. His life was full of torment, guilt, and anger. That was until one of his meals comes back with a biting...
Witching Tree (Alice Gray Book 1) by TabbyGoddard
Witching Tree (Alice Gray Book 1)by TabbyGoddard
New job, new city, fresh start. If she could only ignore the magic, strange creatures and weird family history that plague her every step, Alice Gray 'might' have a chan...