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Beauty and the Beast (Goku x Vegeta) by Imma_Goku
Beauty and the Beast (Goku x Veget...by That one dumbass writer
Just a Kakavege story. Hope you guys enjoy! Cover made by me~☆
The Saiyans Offspring [Goku & Vegeta X Daughter Reader] by aishavity
The Saiyans Offspring [Goku & Vege...by 𝐆𝐋𝐈𝐓𝐂𝐇𝐓𝐑𝐀𝐏
A Goku & Vegeta x Daughter Reader. This story is about Goku and Vegeta being together, the famous ship in Dragon Ball series. What would happen when a new member join t...
P.O.P.U.L.A.R. by FutureTrunks98
P.O.P.U.L.A.R.by Chocolate & Pain
~BEWARE -- HIGH SCHOOL GAY DRAMA!~ Vegeta has just landed on Earth with his family and is new to "Cali Lions High School". Everything is going fine until he me...
Me + You (Goku and Vegeta)  by Jalenxx
Me + You (Goku and Vegeta) by Jalen
Goku and Vegeta one shots. I do take requests.
Goku x vegeta My Mate by Anime_Weeb769
Goku x vegeta My Mateby Anime_ Weeb76
A few days ago Chichi manipulated Goku into thinking her cheating on him is just experimenting and goku started to lose feelings for her a little while later. While bul...
Princess Ashley Of All Saiyans by Ash_ley345
Princess Ashley Of All Saiyansby JARAD
This is my first story! unlike the rest this one will be interesting! I decided to Get my character (My own character I made up myself because why not?) Anyways you cann...
how did this happen (vegetaxgoku) by vanillaice14
how did this happen (vegetaxgoku)by Gabby
plant vageta never exploded in this book _ _ vegeta & goku was bestfriends when they was little but goku kidnapped when he was 5 no one was able to find him it's been 20...
The Challenge For Vegeta's Heart!! (Completed) by veggiebunny2
The Challenge For Vegeta's Heart...by veggie bunny2
The gang gets bored of their daily lives so the all made a challenge on who can win Vegeta's heart. Who will it be? read and find out! (boyx boy) (girlxgirl) (yaoi) don'...
kakavege!! by kokun321
kakavege!!by kukun_uke
imágenes yaoi de Goku y Vegeta <3
Mysteriously Loving Soul by MiaJoestar
Mysteriously Loving Soulby YummyReathos
As Vegeta grows up in a adult Vegeta become an office person in the police department and the first day in the job he see his Crush from high school who is Kakarot, Kaka...
GokuxVegeta They Have A Daughter?! by ilikereadingalott
GokuxVegeta They Have A Daughter?!by ilikereadingalott
hey guys I know this story is already made on a different account but I'm the one who wrote it. I got locked out of my account so I made a new one and I'm going to writ...
Saiyan Labyrinth by VannahSwag
Saiyan Labyrinthby Sashra Ravomben
Saiyan Labyrinth is a DBZ crossover of one of my favorite movies, Labyrinth. This is a yaoi (malexmale) Goku(Kaka) x Vegeta fanfic, if you don't like, don't read!!! Some...
Irrevocably  by vengeful_black
Irrevocably by Black
Kakavege fanfic. slightly out of character. Smut warning. Swearing.
I Had To Do It by CringeyCringeAHh
I Had To Do Itby CringeyCringeAHh
A sad DBZ One Shot between Goku and Majin Vegeta
The Bet by Anime_Fanfic_Central
The Betby BakaFanfictions©
When Goku loses a bet with Krillin, Krillin wishes Goku to be a girl. Vegeta and Bulma finally snapped and finally get a divorce. Goku had been hiding from Vegeta and is...
The Prince's Saiyan (Sub Goku x Alpha Vegeta) by Aquietgamer
The Prince's Saiyan (Sub Goku x Al...by Son Kakarot
Goku is a male submissive Saiyan on planet vegeta surprisingly strong for his class and vegeta the prince of all the Saiyan's a super elite what happens when their lives...
Goku power of the angels. (Vegekaka) by Aquietgamer
Goku power of the angels. (Vegekak...by Son Kakarot
Goku the Saiyan missing for years gone it seemed like he was gone from the plane of existence until one day everyone felt his ki reborn a new...
Kakavege? by Thoughts_at3am
Kakavege?by Anime_ Weeb769 New account
What happens when the wives of the two strongest saiyan idiots find out about kakavege? Well you'll know when the time comes. BUT. Let me tell you this. Bulma and Chichi...
Saiyans In Love? ~ Goku x Vegeta (Kakavege Love Story) by mdx05_
Saiyans In Love? ~ Goku x Vegeta (...by Mdx05_
4 months after the Tournament of Power: Goku and Vegeta are back to training and the tension increases. Something has changed in Goku and Vegeta will be the first to exp...
Kakavege One-shots  by Thoughts_at3am
Kakavege One-shots by Anime_ Weeb769 New account
Yep. Just some ideas I don't feel think turning into books. Yet. Maybe. Depends. As you can tell I've been really out of it when it comes to posting, sorry. Anyways, hop...