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Mates by Goddess_Nova
Matesby Nova Hollow
(Ok so for people who have read the description I put up before, I'm just changing it a bit) This story mainly consists of Vegeta, I actually wanted to make a story abou...
  • whis
  • goten
  • gokuxvegeta
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Girl Power Technique (Female Goku Fanfic) by NuclearLioness
Girl Power Technique (Female Goku...by NuclearLioness
Having followed Goku's lead, Chi-Chi, Bulma, and Goku are now the strongest people on Earth. Yet, Bulma is a bit over protective of Goku, despite Goku being the stronges...
  • raditz
  • dbz
  • gokuxvegeta
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VegeKaka One-shots [ON HOLD] by Zenrock12
VegeKaka One-shots [ON HOLD]by ~•Doppelgängers•~
A book of one-shots I get ideas for from my Goku X Vegeta Photo Book! Sometimes if I feel like I can turn it into a one-shot, I have to look at the picture for a bit. I...
  • dragonballz
  • gokuxvegeta
  • dbz
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A Love Story (Goku x Vegeta) [DBZ WATTY AWARDS WINNER] by Zenrock12
A Love Story (Goku x Vegeta) [DBZ...by ~•Doppelgängers•~
When Chichi divorces Goku and he moves in with Vegeta, what chemistry will brew between the two? Unknown feelings perhaps? Who knows? You will if you read the book! DISC...
  • gokuxvegeta
  • completed
  • romance
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Scouters Are Red, Night Skies Are Blue [ Goku x Vegeta ] by FutureTrunks98
Scouters Are Red, Night Skies Are...by Chocolate & Pain
After his life being saved by Prince Vegeta, Goku struggles to tell his new master how he really feels and hopefully not take things too far without getting into trouble...
  • vegeta
  • boyxboyromance
  • gokuxvegeta
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Vegeta's Hidden Talent by supersaiyian18
Vegeta's Hidden Talentby supersaiyian18
Vegeta has an amazingly beautiful talent. No one knows about it, up until a certain optimistic saiyan stumbles upon Vegeta doing his thing. Goku starts to find out new t...
  • vegekaka
  • love
  • singing
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The Bet by Anime_Fanfic_Central
The Betby Fanfic_Central
When Goku loses a bet with Krillin, Krillin wishes Goku to be a girl. Vegeta and Bulma finally snapped and finally get a divorce. Goku had been hiding from Vegeta and is...
  • vegetaxgoku
  • dragonballz
  • chichi
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Between Two Saiyans (Goku x Vegeta. Sequel to A Love Story) by Zenrock12
Between Two Saiyans (Goku x Vegeta...by ~•Doppelgängers•~
Two years. Two years is how long it's been since Goku had moved in with Vegeta and the Saiyans had been in a relationship. But with an unexpected call from Chichi, will...
  • dbz
  • sequel
  • fanfiction
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Love For The Other Saiyan(GokuxVegeta) by _DBLOVE_
Love For The Other Saiyan(GokuxVeg...by _DBLOVE_
One day, Vegeta was at his locker when Zarbon and Nappa decided to mess wth him. Goku, who Vegeta has a crush on, saw what was happening and helped him. After that day...
  • yaoifanfic
  • ukevegeta
  • smutwarning
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Irrevocably  by vengeful_black
Irrevocably by vengeful_black
Kakavege fanfic (slightly out of character) slight Smut warning. Swearing.
  • smuttyfanfic
  • mxm
  • anime
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Ask the Fusions!! {DB Q/A} by Owl_Doodles
Ask the Fusions!! {DB Q/A}by KeoJay
Go ahead! Ask Zamasu, Gogeta, Gotenks, Vegito, Kelfa, and even others! Just make sure you guy call them out. I'll be drawing them of course.
  • dragonballsuper
  • goku
  • dbs
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Me + You (Goku and Vegeta)  by Jalenxx
Me + You (Goku and Vegeta) by Jalen
Goku and Vegeta one shots. I do take requests.
  • yaio
  • malepregnancy
  • dragonballsuper
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Beauty and the Beast (Goku x Vegeta) by Imma_Goku
Beauty and the Beast (Goku x Veget...by Shirah
Just a Kakavege story. Hope you guys enjoy! Cover made by me~☆
  • beast
  • bulma
  • ssj4
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GOKU X VEGETA :3by Vane Sayan
Esta historia contiene yaoi osea chico x chico , si no te gusta este genero puedes retirarte pero si si te gusta disfrutalo :3
  • gokuxvegeta
  • kakavege
  • yaoi
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Goku X Vegeta by iloveanimeandcookies
Goku X Vegetaby Ciel Phantomhive
If you really care about this ship please don't read this book ENJOY Y'ALL FUCKERS SEE MY MUTHER FUCKIN WARNING YOU STUPID PEICES OF SHIT DON'T FUCKING COME AT ME WITH...
  • imcool
  • kindadumb
  • gokuxvegeta
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Mysteriously Loving Soul by MiaJoestar
Mysteriously Loving Soulby Shallot Boi
As Vegeta grows up in a adult Vegeta become an office person in the police department and the first day in the job he see his Crush from high school who is Kakarot, Kaka...
  • gokuxvegeta
  • bara
  • yaoi
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The Secret Door 『 Goku × Vegeta』 by Oriana-Brief
The Secret Door 『 Goku × Vegeta』by 『KakaVege』
Dos chicos totalmente diferentes, dos mundos distintos y un camino, destinados a estar juntos, sin embargo no todo es perfecto, habrán dificultades por superar, pero el...
  • goku
  • realidad
  • mundos
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Princess Ashley Of All Saiyans by AshleyGarcia345
Princess Ashley Of All Saiyansby JARAD
This is my first story! unlike the rest this one will be interesting! I decided to Get my character (My own character I made up myself because why not?) Anyways you cann...
  • raditz
  • random
  • mẹ
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As It Seems (Traducida al español) by Ami-Chan-Shipper
As It Seems (Traducida al español)by Venezuela María
Este fanfic no es mío y está en ingles originalmente, su autora es Borath y la pueden encontrar en Fanfiction.net, solo me di el tiempo de traducirla, si un día saben dó...
  • chicoxchico
  • mpreg
  • gokuseme
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❤️ The Prince And The Warrior ❤️ by Yafavangelm
❤️ The Prince And The Warrior ❤️by L.W.A.G
//This is my first Time So Dont Judge , May Have Bad Grammer Or Misspellings// Goku A Third Class Warrior Falls In Love with Vegeta The prince of all sayain , will goku...
  • vegetaxgoku
  • dbz
  • gokuxvegeta
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