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779 Miles Apart by Scrooge69
779 Miles Apartby Jade Albarn
I started this at 1am we'll see if it goes somewhere lmao it's a DNF fic that i'm trying to keep kind of realistic ish but we'll seeeeee anyways this is just for fun. en...
KAMPUNG BOYby inche pooh
Ini kisah tentang seorang budak lelaki 16 tahun bernama Firash Amirul. Budak kampung yang sering dicerca kerana kemiskinannya, namun ketampanannya sentiasa menjadi tarik...
Mairi Smut Shots by Mairi_4life
Mairi Smut Shotsby .•°○●Mairi●○°•.
Just some smut shots but there will just be some cute chapters that doesn't involve smut and I'll put a 🐻 so you know it's not a smut
Mairi smut shots by TrapHouseStories25
Mairi smut shotsby 🍆💦Janie🍆💦
Just some smut shots but there will just be some cute chapters that doesn't involve smut and I'll put a 🐻 so you know it's not a smut
His Death Awakened Me (BoyxBoy) by MrBriggs
His Death Awakened Me (BoyxBoy)by MrBriggs
How do you handle the loss of someone you care about? Jake has to deal with the unexpected as it turns his world upside down. Will he be able to accept himself? (Gay rom...
I'm not gay?           am i? by _xstarrynightskyx_
I'm not gay? am i?by 🎀nezuko🎀
jake is george not founds younger brother. he's almost as big as George on twitch and one day george finnaly convinces dream to let him on the smp. what happens when he...
Making Up For Lost Time - [James Barnes x Male OC] by user10392731
Making Up For Lost Time - [James starkinustriesintern
When Bucky comes to the Compound after Shuri successfully gets his mind out of Hydra's control, everyone- including Bucky- had thought that all his memories would come b...
HELP - Colby Brock story by saturns_skxes
HELP - Colby Brock storyby Tomlinson
Colby brock is needing help but will his bestest of friends be there for him through it all? or would they abandon him? Highest ranking #2 In Solby :) thanks you guys
Karlnapity is pog  by MICHAEL_OWTHATHURTS
Karlnapity is pog by Michael
Karlnapity kinda cute ngl Also this is fluff and angst(NOT SMUT) Will delete if cc are uncomfortable(plz tell me if they are) Also this is their characters from the smp...
Cupid's Pet Shop by DianaSparky
Cupid's Pet Shopby Yoko_Artemis
Mark goes into a pet shop expecting to adopt a pet for his little sister but comes home with a possible lover????
Loving a Heart  by Saturn_A_Wolf
Loving a Heart by GRACIE JANE
{Book 1 in Silver Heart series} Griffin Heart is the Alpha of Silver Heart. The strongest pack. Anthony Basso is an omega that ran away from his old pack the Heaven Mor...
"Our love will never be stopped" by nobodytoknow___
"Our love will never be stopped"by nobody
Since y'all liked the first story I made another one about love, now it will be angst. Two beautiful "soulmates" were in love for 1 whole years, until a old...
Teachers Pet // Mairi by Mairi_4life
Teachers Pet // Mairiby .•°○●Mairi●○°•.
"If I'm so special why am I a secret?" When Mattia doesn't tell any of his friends about Kairi and Kairi takes it the wrong way
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My Lover (sasunaru) by jimalugormon
My Lover (sasunaru)by jimalu gormon
This is a story of how two boys found love for the first time in one another and how it all came together. Complete story.
Love between worlds. (Dragon todoroki x deku) by lyric74374
Love between worlds. (Dragon izukulovestododeku
In this world, dragons exist. Most feared them and tried to stay away, others tried to kill them and their mates. Over the years dragons started going extinct and disapp...
BXB ONE SHOTS by Captain_Eva
BXB ONE SHOTSby Captain_Eva
B x B one shots, what else can I say?
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The Brighter Side (Ziall) by GhostieNialler
The Brighter Side (Ziall)by Ghostie
Zayn Malik, a teenager from the city, has no place to go when his mother passes. He has no family in the city, or anywhere else for that matter, but whom he does have is...
Housemates // DNF KARLNAP     by softswagbologna
Housemates // DNF KARLNAP by jonslae
George and Karl are brothers. They get kicked out shortly after graduating high school. They drive to a completely different state. They meet new people.
Our True Mates (Bakudeku)(Kirikami) by CuteLilBean20
Our True Mates (Bakudeku)(Kirikami)by 🤍Sugawara🤍
Hey! I'm back Author-Kun is back! I'm updating the description. I'm also changing alot of things from chapter 7 and so on. - Bakudeku ❤ - KiriKami ❤ -names: Katsuki & Ki...
The Pursuit Of Love by AlvinNavy777
The Pursuit Of Loveby Alvin Baskoro
This is Gay Love Story please go away if you hate something like this !!! Aldi seorang penulis lepas yang merasa tidak butuh komitmen akan "cinta" harus terjeb...