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SMG4 Group Chat by SuperNovabyte
SMG4 Group Chatby Nova
Hehehe Here's a group chat with the SMGs Warning: Swearing Spoilers Gay shit Ships such as SMG34 and SMG12 Highest Rankings: #3 - messaging (Mar. 29 2023) #1 - smg4xsmg...
SMG4 Girls X Male Reader (Harem) by Chomper384
SMG4 Girls X Male Reader (Harem)by Chomper 384
Another Harem guys. thanks for 300 followers.
UniVersus - Episode 1: SMG4 vs. Helluva Boss (SMG4 x Helluva Boss) by SikeAir
UniVersus - Episode 1: SMG4 vs. 🧢
After Bob pulls a prank on a goomba named Lance, which intentionally kills him, the latter is reborn in Hell as a demon. Lance eventually hires an assassination group kn...
Pesky Plumber In DxD ( Smg4 Mario X Highschool DxD ) by PolskiDeadnaut0710
Pesky Plumber In DxD ( Smg4 PolskiDeadnaut0710
This is my new Shit post story , this time i use lovable force of nature Mario from Smg4 universe and see how the world of supernatural deal with the most dangerous and...
The Nightmare Shapeshifter Smg4 X Male Reader by Darkcooler78
The Nightmare Shapeshifter Smg4 Darkcooler78
This story is about a very evil Nightmare monster that go's into people's dreams and turn his self into nightmarish Monsters in the dream and the real world. until he ha...
Tari x Reader by Timewarp321
Tari x Readerby Timewarp321
When a stereotype backfired on you, you have to find a way to get a paranoid blue haired Aussie back to her world without any of the technology that got her into your wo...
SMG4 X Red Vs Blue X Male OC Insert "Memory is the key" by zeroprime000
SMG4 X Red Vs Blue X Male OC zeroprime000
(Season 6 - 10) After all the crazy shits in Blood Gulch, a new person -familiar to Colorado and Nevada/Tex and SMG4 gang- comes to join the Reds and Blues, Agent Washin...
Sonic And The Murder Drones (Modern Sonic)  by SonicGamer459
Sonic And The Murder Drones ( Sonic The Hedgehog
After Defeating The End Sonic gets Seperated From his Friends Again from Cyber Space but gets teleported to a Different Planet with Talking Robots not Made by Eggman a D...
A new Smg34 story at late night hour..Smg4 Finds Smg3 at a hill, and the rest will be in the story..
The Red String || A SMG34 fanfic by Caramella314
The Red String || A SMG34 fanficby - CARA -
When the ruler of the Internet Graveyard noticed a new Trend messing with the Memes, he knew that he had to step in and do something. What he didn't expect was the effe...
SMG3 x SMG4 (COMPLETED)  by ChicaFazbear32
SMG3 x SMG4 (COMPLETED) by RandomFanficWriter
So I Wanted To Do A Fanfic Of My Most Favorite Ship: SMG3 x SMG4. Also This Story Is A Lot Different Then SMG4's Videos, So Don't Yell Saying "This Happened Before...
SMG4 Fanfic: The Swap by DS123Products
SMG4 Fanfic: The Swapby DS123 // DS123 Productions
After being struck by lightning, the two couples magically swapped bodies. (MODERATE LANGUAGE)
SMG4 Fanfic: The Gender Swap by DS123Products
SMG4 Fanfic: The Gender Swapby DS123 // DS123 Productions
E. Gadd has created a machine that can swap genders! But, what would Mario and Meggy look like with the opposite genders?
Meggy x Reader by InfiniteLeJackal
Meggy x Readerby InfiniteLeJackal
One day, you are sitting in the castle minding your own business when Mario introduces you to his inkling friend known as Meggy. Over time, you start to develop feelings...
SMG4 Fanfic: The Alarm System by DS123Products
SMG4 Fanfic: The Alarm Systemby DS123 // DS123 Productions
After the Castle got robbed... SMG4 decides to take action and fit in an alarm system.
Smg4: New Members More Adventures (Remake) by So483ksmg4
Smg4: New Members More Slender Man is here.
It's time for my boy Smg5 to come out of his safe it's time to go back to Smg4: New Members More Adventures! Featuring New Characters, New Fan Episodes and more Here we...
Fused Together by AmzingCharlie
Fused Togetherby Amzing Charlie Backup
When SMG4 and SMG3 head out into the woods to get some fresh air, they are surprised to see what happens between them.
SMG34 but better by MushiCatWriter
SMG34 but betterby MushiCatWriter
SO... I'm just doing this story for fun and uh I wanted to make a SMG34 story. I've read most SMG34 stories and they are pretty cool, so I thought why not make one mysel...
Bonds of Light... for the future (OC Ultraman Nexus X SMG4) by zeroprime000
Bonds of Light... for the future ( zeroprime000
Story: A long time ago, Ultraman Noa was first being over 350,000 years where he fought Dark Zagi throughout various universes and countless alien worlds as he is the tr...
The Genomix Deal (Kamen Rider Demons X SMG4 X Crossover) by zeroprime000
The Genomix Deal (Kamen Rider zeroprime000
Episode 1 to 39: "A long time ago, there was once a spider demon fought against a group of entities known as Deviant Shade as spider demons fought with the differen...