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Another  one? (SMG4 and SMG3 x male!reader) by AlexisKindness
Another one? (SMG4 and SMG3 x
So for this one you're a male. (Sorry to the ladies!) You're either gay. Also credit to the person who made the cover! More information will be in the info page! Also I...
Reincarnated In SMG4 As Mario by SUPERMANGO64
Reincarnated In SMG4 As Marioby SUPERMANGO64
This is the story of a 17 year old boy named Alex ferrer who dies in his birthday met a celestial angel name Metas then reincarnates in the retarded world of SMG4 who se...
"🧪Accidental poison💀" [SMG34 AU] by fl0werbl0ss0ms
"🧪Accidental poison💀" [SMG34 AU]by L3M0NIIx
SMG3 was sick of SMG4, and he had enough of him. SMG3 decided to pull a 'prank' on SMG4 by putting poison in his coffee to finally finish him off. But something else hap...
Melons and Meatballs (Mario x Melony Fanfic) by Yatorv
Melons and Meatballs (Mario x Yatorv
A story fully centered on the multiple non sense adventures from the unpopular SMG4 ship Mario x Melony! Follow Mario and Melony in their new relantionship and their fun...
Vivid Dreams (Are Made of This)- SMG4 Dreams AU by trapsanchez1
Vivid Dreams (Are Made of This)- Trap Sánchez
What would happen if the barrier between the Dream world and the Real world was uncovered? That's something no one wants to know the answer to but unfortunately for Drea...
SMG4 : A Melon Family by SmolMelony
SMG4 : A Melon Familyby SmolMelony
After the events of the Genesis Arc, the SMG4 crew were living normal days but not far from the Mushroom Kingdom, in a watermelon field, a new being will come into Melon...
Smg4: Faded Memories by Smg4Fan5
Smg4: Faded Memoriesby Smg_33.EXE
This story takes place sometime after the end of "IT'S GOTTA BE PERFECT"
4 invited 3 to a sleepover Edit:shit-i fr did not notice I spelt 'sleepover' wrong💀
The one exception by VeggiePicker
The one exceptionby Pick
Copper 9. Human extinction. Worker Drones, now with a conscience, live in colonies separated from the outside wasteland. They live, work, study, and try to stay alive fr...
Nemesis the Warlock: The Dragonfire Adept In The World of Memes and Badass by TheValkyrie13
Nemesis the Warlock: The thaqif talip
He has no idea what he is supposed to feel when he found himself waking up in a world that is just beyond his understanding... And he likewise tried to think that he kn...
The confusion (Smg34 fanfic) by ILikeFictionalMenn
The confusion (Smg34 fanfic)by ILikeFictionalMenn
SMG4 and the crew have gone camping. When SMG4 and SMG3 gone out for a walk, they found an old witch cabin that hasn't been used in years. But when they went in, a littl...
*~Unexpected Changes~* : An SMG3 x SMG4 Fanfic  by Hazza_P999
*~Unexpected Changes~* : An SMG3 Hazza_P999
Have you ever wondered what would happen if some magical wizard turned SMG3 into a girl? Well now you don't have to! You can read it all right here and also enjoy a slic...
The Legend of SMG5 - Season 3 - Linkin Parker by Dracunyan1987
The Legend of SMG5 - Season 3 - Neo Flippy/Fliqpy
[SEASON 3 - LINKIN PARKER AKA BOB IS AN ASSHOLE ARC] After Y/n aka SMG5 and his friends managed to defeat Waluigi and ended the T-Pose Virus forever as well as getting r...
The Legend of SMG5|Season 1: The Rise of Y/n L/n aka SMG5 by Dracunyan1987
The Legend of SMG5|Season 1: The Neo Flippy/Fliqpy
[SEASON 01 - The Rise of Y/n L/n] You arrive at the Mushroom Kingdom to search for Mario at Peach's Castle to help him find the man with the Power of Memes aka SMG4 and...
SMG4: Role swap  by Rose_Ikatis_
SMG4: Role swap by Rose_Brookstone
The meme guardians are busy training their powers, but when a spell goes wrong, 3 and 4 are brought into an alternative reality, full of surprises. ⚠️ DISCLAIMERS: The A...
‼️my sweet Angel! [SMG43] ‼️ by puzzlevisi0n
‼️my sweet Angel! [SMG43] ‼️by GAXY
ig this is one shots ig, this has marware and smg43 :3
[Up for Adoption] Smg4 Parent Scenarios by MoonBunny01
[Up for Adoption] Smg4 Parent EdgeLord Studios
What happens when one of the cast members of Smg4 gets a son. Please remember I do not own ANY of the characters used in here nor the art work.
SMG34 Oneshots 💙💜 by ashandal666
SMG34 Oneshots 💙💜by ashandal666
The place I write my GLORIOUS oneshots of the two husbandos and their fruity quirky behaviour 💙💜 (I LOVE THEM BTW) Also someplace I tend to go to a lot because I may b...
Creative Control|Fandom x Male!Mr. Puzzles!Reader by Dracunyan1987
Creative Control|Fandom x Male! Neo Flippy/Fliqpy
-Fandom x Male!Mr. Puzzles!Reader- Y/n was a normal kid with no friends and his own family don't have a care in the world for him either. All Y/n ever wanted is to fit i...