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Alone (Ash X Gary Fanfic) by d3ssy12321
Alone (Ash X Gary Fanfic)by D3ssy
Ash suddenly gets separated from his friends in Alola. While searching to get out of the jungle he runs into one of his oldest rivals and maybe, his future love I DO NOT...
  • love
  • alola
  • palletshipping
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Rivalry-love (Gary Oak x Reader) {COMPLETED} by Calm_Espeon
Rivalry-love (Gary Oak x Reader) { Calm_Espeon
I'm so glad I got to do this story. I'm sorry it had to end but, I didn't know what to do next! But I'm glad a lot of you like the end result, I was even proud for mysel...
  • fanfiction
  • rivalylove
  • wattys2017
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Unexpected Boss by ElizabethA15
Unexpected Bossby Elizabeth Belgarde
Aria has had a tough couple of weeks with taking on a bigger position at work for Mr. Collins, Her boyfriend of 3 years cheated on her with one of her besties, and to to...
  • mom
  • sad
  • hot
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If The Pokémon Characters Had Facebook [Completed] by Sylveon12
If The Pokémon Characters Had Chloe
What would happen if the Pokémon characters had Facebook? Horrible things? Dramatic things? Weird things? Irrelevant things? Unnecessary things? The possibilities are en...
  • ash
  • pokemon
  • fanfictions
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Clover ☓ Eggsy Unwin by cutiestiles
Clover ☓ Eggsy Unwinby C l a r a
Clover Valford-Hart was the bubbly and even somewhat naïve girl who, after her parents' death, is put in the care of her Godfather, Harry Hart. As she grows older, she b...
  • eggsy
  • secret
  • hart
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Another Cinderella Story  by SerenaAmour
Another Cinderella Story by KAT
"Don't talk to me every again! I don't want to be friends with you anymore!" Through thick and thin a small mistake broke their friendship when they were young...
  • gary
  • wishful
  • misty
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Journey Through Alola!(AmourShipping)[On Hold] by Red_Hyoudou
Journey Through Alola!( Red
We found our heroes going back to Kanto after winning the Kalos League and won the Champions League Making it to be the New Kalos Champion after battling The Previous Ch...
  • ashxserena
  • serena
  • pokemonsunandmoon
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Garden of Eden || Canis Canem Edit / Bully [ #WATTYS2018 ] by mennori
Garden of Eden || Canis Canem @mennori
[ #WATTYS2018 - Longlist! ] "She's like the calm after the storm. You're the storm." Eden Milenko is the daughter of two nouveau riche parents, a serene and tr...
  • gaming
  • slice
  • romance
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Love at First Sight (Kim Jong Kook Fanfiction) by blobiblo
Love at First Sight (Kim Jong Jongkook Abs
A man named Kim Jong Kook fell in love with a new rising model named Jessica since their first meeting. And Jessica have the same feeling as Jongkook. Their relationship...
  • romance
  • runningman
  • kwangsoo
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Angela's OneShots by GingerAndy
Angela's OneShotsby poĸeѕнιppιng qυeen
This book will gather all my Pokemon OneShots. It will include many shippings. Enjoy reading! *3*
  • gary
  • palletshipping
  • paul
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Sponge bob smut by Geesus_is_my_dad
Sponge bob smutby Geesus Christ
Sponge bob sucks thicc gucci dick
  • patrickstar
  • karen
  • daddy
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SpartAce I: School Love Affair by mongji23
SpartAce I: School Love Affairby mongji23
While Jong Kook ventures the uncertain trails of scars and bruises, Ji Hyo endures the burdens of everyday spotlight and unwanted restrainment. Eventhough they are paci...
  • yoojaesuk
  • highschool
  • love
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Kingsman Imagines by BlackAndWhiteJoker
Kingsman Imaginesby (’へ’)
As what the title says it is.Requests are open. The writing that I do belongs to me. I do not own the movie nor do I own the pictures/gifs that were created. Have a love...
  • roxy
  • thesecretservice
  • eggsy
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Amour Academy by TexemonOfficial
Amour Academyby TexemonOfficial
*Highest Rank 144* The Kalos National Academy, the world's most prestigious high school, has always housed the best and brightest of students. That is, until a certain...
  • romance
  • royalty
  • ashxserena
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Spy Kids Gary Giggles Love Story by dreamergirl460
Spy Kids Gary Giggles Love Storyby dreamergirl460
All in the title.
  • sofia
  • gary
  • spy
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Bonded Yet Betrayed by NecrozmalordAZ
Bonded Yet Betrayedby The mysterious entity 1000
Hopeless, sad, sorrow, heart broken, misanthropic and lonely. That's what Ash felt now, however in every darkness there is a light, shinning bright. Join Ash as he jour...
  • legendarypokemon
  • profesor
  • gary
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Sometimes in Winter... {A Palletshipping Fanfic} by pk-nessquik
Sometimes in Winter... {A ava
Ash and Gary have been brought up as vicious rivals since they were kids, and that would never change, even when they must go on a research trip together. Or would it?
  • garyoak
  • palletshipping
  • kanto
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While I Was Planning- A Gary Smith Story by GreaserKings
While I Was Planning- A Gary Johnny Dean
I'm the king of Bullworth, as most of you should know, but I was put through some torture to get through. Especially when I was planning and Pete kept looking over my sh...
  • bullyscholarshipedition
  • petey
  • bullyscholarship
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Pokemon Harem by Firewolfships
Pokemon Haremby Firewolf
Y/n L/n lives in Pallet Town and he's ready to go out on a Pokemon Adventure with his four companions and to beat his Rival, R/n....but what will happen if you got a Pok...
  • action-adventure
  • harem
  • red
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Champion (Bluexreader) by MegaTrio
Champion (Bluexreader)by Lachlan
I do not own Pokemon. I do not own any pictures unless stated otherwise. I drew the cover picture. You are (f/n) (l/n). One of Blue's many fan girls. He inspired you to...
  • gary
  • blueoak
  • garyoak
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