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The Betrayed Hero by JeshuaClv
The Betrayed Heroby JeshuaClv
After being framed of attacking Professor Oak, Ash had no one to help him but only Lillie and all of his pokemon, as the entire world has turned against him, even the ch...
Rise of the Pokemon Master by JeshuaClv
Rise of the Pokemon Masterby JeshuaClv
Ash returns from his adventure in the Galar region but what he didn't expect was all of his old traveling friends to betray him even his own mother, however only a few s...
The Quest To Catch Them All by Loserhighway
The Quest To Catch Them Allby Hello there
I got bored and decided to make a pokemon story. As usual the art isn't mine. This story is about a 17 year old who has started his journey of becoming a pokemon master...
Legendary Trainer by UltimateTrainer
Legendary Trainerby charles matthew sto domingo
In the outskirts of the Kanto Region,a ancient village in the top of a mountain just got raided by a mysterious evil organization and started to capturing every villager...
WE WILL RISE by BadassRayquaza
WE WILL RISEby Golden Rayquaza
Disclaimer: I do not own the pictures nor the Pokemon. They belong to their respectful owners. Ash Ketchum an ordinary boy from Pallet Town. He got betrayed by his frien...
A Centuries Redemption (Continue from Fanfiction.net) by RagingRayquaza
A Centuries Redemption (Continue f...by Rage Phoenix
Ash is dead. At least that is what everyone thinks. What happens when a certain Sinnoh Champion finds him and personally invites him to the Centuries Cup? How will his o...
Arcmew by PkmmMew2
Arcmewby Soheil Mu
Ash was betrayed by his friends, nearly killed and has returned as his true form.
my hero academia: gogo sentai boukenger 2nd gen by Deltarex2000
my hero academia: gogo sentai bouk...by Saul Sanchez
izuku midorya, a young boy want to be hero. Sadly his dream are crush by all might. worst, hero scold midorya, for being reckless for save bakgou. But certain family mem...
Code Red by SaylorS0
Code Redby Sava
Savannah Rivers, a seemingly regular girl, grabs the attention of all the Rangers when she suddenly joins them in battle. Up to this point, something about her felt diff...
The Super Saiyan Hero (!Male Saiyan Reader x MHA Harem) by The_World_Ender
The Super Saiyan Hero (!Male Saiya...by The_World_Ender
A Saiyan who was sent to earth from his planet's devastation landed in a forest near a park. A pro hero found him and took the child with her back to her house with the...
Voltron One Shots by FallenKen
Voltron One Shotsby GalraKen
Just read the title you bench Cover made by the lovely @Aliyagaming
Voltron's Mechanic (Keith x OC) by vonsphinx
Voltron's Mechanic (Keith x OC)by Angel of Death
Voltron Legendary Defender Fanfic She arrived on the planet - the one she was named after - as a prisoner, but she left as someone who would help save the universe. Aris...
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Agent Blue by emotionalfangirl123
Agent Blueby Kaz Nori
Lance isn't what he seems, and years of training made him pretty good at hiding himself. That all goes down the drain when he and Pidge come across a base that's said to...
What do Legendaries get up to? by EdibleSnek
What do Legendaries get up to?by Mmmmmmmm
This is like all the roleplays me and my sister have done I swear Anyways what do legendaries and mythicals get up to? Trust me you don't wanna know UPDATE: {ULTRA BEAST...
Cleytara Academy [Completed] by Quintaxxeyy
Cleytara Academy [Completed]by Asheya
Marami siyang matutuklasan, mapagdaraanan, malalaman at hindi niya alam, na siya ang tatapos sa kasamaan. But in order to get rid of darkness, what are you going to do...
Blossom (Ash x Chloe) by Supernova121
Blossom (Ash x Chloe)by Supernova121
This is a Chloe x Ash story and for the sake of the story there will be no Serena sorry Serena and amour fans but that shit is way to overrated if you don't like it then...
Fate's Blacksmith by GASTLY42957
Fate's Blacksmithby Rhogar
The reader is a Castor class, who is also a blacksmith. He is immortal and has a sort of clairvoyance that he calls his "Foresight". He doesn't know what will...
The Queen and Champion (Ash x Aria) by Supernova121
The Queen and Champion (Ash x Aria)by Supernova121
This is a story of Ash x Aria and some of you guys has been bugging me of doing one of those 2, so we decided to just do it me and my cousin will be working on this book...
Poisonous - Shidge by lladynoir
Poisonous - Shidgeby Author Chan
The Galra want to take over Voltron, the only option they have is to take the black lion but in order to do that they must take the most precious thing away from the Bla...
[OLD] Luna Mew Light Johto Journey by EleftheriaYuyaCielo
[OLD] Luna Mew Light Johto Journeyby εїз ❀ ʟɪɴɑ ❀ εїз
Xx BOOK 2: Sequel to 'Luna Mew Light Kanto Journey' Xx Xх Second FanFiction Story! хX Luna Mew Light is a young girl who dreamed of becoming a Pokémon Master, when she w...