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Wings and Horns  by Moshaaaaaa
Wings and Horns by Moshaaaaaa
The infamous Mothman's protege finally steps foot in Monster's University's campus. Gaining everyones attention with his prideful stance and terrifying aura. Will he be...
A Nightingale's Love Story (MU!Johnny Worthington X Hybrid Night Fury!Reader) by Umai_Rose833
A Nightingale's Love Story (MU! variousfanficslol
(Name) Nightingale is a hybrid Night Fury, she looks part human with black wings, small Night Fury tale and a few midnight black scales decorated and spotted her skin he...
Monsters University - Truth behind the ROR frat by Scholastic-dragon
Monsters University - Truth Scholastic-dragon
1 year has passed since Monsters University, the ROR's are trying to build their reputation back up, when a new freshman enters the picture. Josephine Kingsley, or Joey...
You Are My Scarer~( MU Johnny Worthington X Human! Phoenix! Reader) by FnafGirl092407
You Are My Scarer~( MU Johnny 𝐀𝕊𝔥/ᗩŜℍⒺʳ
Highest Rankings: #4-monstersuniversity #7-johnnyworthington Imagine going to the best college to become a scarer. You would think it would kind of be not that good. It...
Monster University | Johnny Worthington X Amy | My OC  by ivankac171
Monster University | Johnny 💙 💎 Gina Glamrock 💎 💙
Amy is a Half Yokai and Half Demon. Her Parents abandoned her at the alley when she was a baby. They learn she's emotionless and we're disgusted by her birthmark. When s...
(EARLY VERSION ) Monsters University (Johnny Worthington x reader) by WolfieVictorious
(EARLY VERSION ) Monsters WolfieVictorious
Disclaimer 🛑 this book is now an early version of a remastered fanfic that is in the works. It's discontinued, but I would highly recommend checking out the new Johnny...
you're my type of scary johnny worthington x reader by kittbun
you're my type of scary johnny astroid <3
she arrived to a college with her small goblin like friend, Micheal Wawzowski. you meet lots of people but the one person who stands out is.. johnny worthington, he was...
☆ᴄʜᴇᴇʀʟᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ☆ (Hiatus)  by GothicPudding
☆ᴄʜᴇᴇʀʟᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ☆ (Hiatus) by GothicPudding
Bella, a 19-year-old moth monster is now an official Monsters University scare student. After reuniting with her cousin, Javier Rios, a certain monster from her cousin's...
my nightmare| johnny worthington x oc by the_mysterious_wolf
my nightmare| johnny worthington mysterious wolf
a story about my oc and johnny worthington i own nothing but my oc all rights go to pixar
Mike's Best Friend by MontyShae
Mike's Best Friendby Monty
Brooklyn Redwing is the childhood friend of Mike Wazowski. They do everything together since they have known each other since they were in diapers. When they go to Monst...
We are actual Jerks Johnny Worthington x OC by Genshingirlypop
We are actual Jerks Johnny A+G=❤️
Izzy Vampirington is the daughter of Louis Vampirington ( her dad) and everybody knows all about her and her father later on Izzy realizes that she has feelings for John...
nightmares | oc insert by the_mysterious_wolf
nightmares | oc insertby mysterious wolf
this is pretty much a sequel to my my little nightmare book, jf you haven't read that i suggest you go do it now to get a better understanding of this story. anyways eve...
Life in Roar Omega Roar(Male Reader insert)  by GMLWriter
Life in Roar Omega Roar(Male GML
(Y/N) is a (Scale color) dragon monster, who enters college life, His shy, introverted personality and higher grades along with an intimidating scare factor somehow got...
(Old version) Monsters University - Roar (OC) by Asia1exe
(Old version) Monsters ARSENE
While our favorite monsters, Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan, are joining Monsters University to become great scarers, another monster is arriving at the academy at...
Johnny's Little Sister | Monster's University  by ShadowBlaze447
Johnny's Little Sister | Monster' <333
Katilynn is the younger sister of Johnny Worthington. They never had the proper relationship and they hate talking about each other. They don't hate each other but it's...
(ON HOLD) Monsters Inc.- Laughter(OC) Sequel to Monsters University-Roar by Asia1exe
(ON HOLD) Monsters Inc.- Laughter( ARSENE
Ten years have passed. April Slyther has worked, since graduated from Monsters University, to Monsters Incorporated, finding back our beloved Mike Wazowski and James P...
Johnny worthington fanfic  by maramystery
Johnny worthington fanfic by Mariah
Our monster will be based off of toothless from httyd and a monster high mix. It will be twila the boogeyman's daughter and our monster form with be toothless. This is...
Mike and Sulley, two monsters, join Monsters University in order to graduate as the scariest monsters on the planet. While they are arch-rivals, gradually, they become b...
Monsters University Various Oneshots by GMLWriter
Monsters University Various GML
This is my first Monsters University Oneshots book and I just write random things in here. (I suck at writing description)