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Secrets Of The Mute by Bism33
Secrets Of The Muteby Emmett Razz
All they know about her is that she was getting heavily abused. They don't know how old she is. Or even her name. She simply won't speak. What'll happen along the wa...
I'VE GOT YOU; Emily Prentiss by justanothergirl512
I'VE GOT YOU; Emily Prentissby justanothergirl512
Trust wasn't something that came easy to the teenage girl who was currently sitting in a police precinct, surrounded by FBI agents. Ruby had been by herself for most of...
Unwanted by musicalfan27
Unwantedby musicalfan27
Kian is a twelve year old who has been thrown around the foster system since he was three years old. He has been in eighteen foster homes and is going on his nineteenth...
A Home For Zoe by karana21
A Home For Zoeby ReaderWalker
Completed!!!!!!! She starting over, again... Fourteen-year-old, Zoe Whitman has been bouncing around the foster care system for half her life. When she is kicked out of...
Do You Realize? |l.s.| by UnknownKevin
Do You Realize? |l.s.|by KevinThePigeon
Louis' brother has a best friend, and he may or may not be the hottest guy Louis has ever seen. But no, Harry barely knows Louis exists. Louis who is bullied, who is gay...
Last Hope - (Sarah Paulson & Holland Taylor) by gabbyshott
Last Hope - (Sarah Paulson & gabrielle paulson
Trigger Warnings : Abuse, PTSD, Anxiety... Sarah and Holland wanted to take care of someone in need, and that's when they met Lizzie. (Don't hesitate to give me ideas an...
The Bad Boy's Brothers by uhoh132
The Bad Boy's Brothersby uhoh132
After being in the foster care system for 14 years, 16-year-old Will learns that he has 5 older brothers and a father he never knew about. He's moved to live with them a...
Finding Sam (Featured) by MorrighansMuse
Finding Sam (Featured)by Liz
For single mother Sam Martin, her life is broken, derailed by a history of abuse, broken dreams, and an ex-husband who refuses to take no for an answer. But all that cha...
Unwanted  by jjsbabyx
Unwanted by Niki x
Alexis also known as Lexi, has had it rough to say the least. Her mother died when Lexi was only six years old, and her father kept her trapped in the house and abused h...
Everything has Changed  by wannatalkaboutLarry
Everything has Changed by They did that
Zayn and Liam have been married for 4 years, and been dating for longer. They each have a job they love and they have each other but something is missing, or someone in...
Shine Bright Shirley by jenchaejisa
Shine Bright Shirleyby Louise
One year Only one year left until I'm out of the foster care system and all on my own... the way it should be. Follow Grace Shirley Smith as she tries to find her place...
Lance Sweets Horrible Past by foreverliberty
Lance Sweets Horrible Pastby Cerrina Helene Hope Foster
Lance sweets is twenty two, and working for the FBI and with the Jeffersonian. He has left behind a horrid past, for the most part, at least. That is, until both a man h...
Ohana by wannatalkaboutLarry
Ohanaby They did that
Summary: Niall Horan had never actually had a family before, at least not the healthy kind. He firmly believed that he'd done something wrong and that was why no one lo...
Hidden Away by NovaTheBookWorm02
Hidden Awayby Loverofreading
Emery West is a normal, shy, and innocent- to innocent- 16 year old girl, besides for the fact that she is in a group home for children. She has been in the system for a...
Broken (Winchester Sister Story) by LORD_ROADKILL
Broken (Winchester Sister Story)by Destiny Canough
When she was born she was put up for adoption due to the fact that her mom died of child birth, and nobody knew who her father was. Sixteen years later, and she will fin...
From Abuse To Foster Care //Dadvid Au Fanfic// by Grumpy_Camper
From Abuse To Foster Care // Andyyy
Art in the cover is by cya-kia on deviant art Disclaimer! I don't own camp camp and this is based purely on a personal headcanon. Enjoy! //Will contain small bits of abu...
It's Safe Here by pizzaisluscious
It's Safe Hereby Idiotic Fangirl
Peter's been in and out of foster homes all his life. How will this one be different? He doesn't even bother packing half of his clothes, he figures someone else in the...
Quiet | Kaylor by lov3lettersonly
Quiet | Kaylorby ☆
{A Kaylor Family Fic} "I wonder if inside my head I'm not just a bit different from some of my friends" Josefina has always been that being different is bad...
Lonely Hearts 2 by darkcharisma
Lonely Hearts 2by darkcharisma
Lincoln may have been taken back to the children's home, but that doesn't mean he's going to give up. Thrown into a foster home and told it's his final chance, he isn't...
Together Forever - (Station 19 fanfic) by gabbyshott
Together Forever - (Station 19 gabrielle paulson
Trigger Warnings : Depression, Self-Harm, PTSD, Anxiety, Illnesses... Bianca is a 12 years old girl who lives happily with her family, when a big storm is going to chang...