Out of Time ♤ Kai Parker by WinchesterFamliy
Out of Time ♤ Kai Parkerby WinchesterFamliy
Runner up in the CW fanfic awards "Even the purest hearts fall, and that is exactly what happened to me. I am out of time, there is no redemption for what I have d...
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awake {Klaus Mikaelson} by tvd_wolf
awake {Klaus Mikaelson}by Charliiiiiiiii
Esther is just another person in one of Klaus' coffins. The person in the locked coffin, well that's me. I'm not a weapon like everyone thinks I am, I'm the complete opp...
  • love
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  • romance
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The Vampire Diaries (A Salvatore Sister Story) by calmthestorm
The Vampire Diaries (A Salvatore S...by calmthestorm
Alexandria Salvatore. Damon and Stefan's Little Sister. She's 15, she's beautiful, and she's of course a Salvatore. Her brothers thought she was dead and gone for good...
  • salvatorepurva
  • ştefan
  • 1864
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Elena's Twin Sister [1] {Elijah Mikaelson} by thesupernaturalTeen
Elena's Twin Sister [1] {Elijah Mi...by the supernatural Teenwolf Mer...
Elena is not the only Gilbert doppelgänger. Elena has a sister twin. Jennifer. "I'm scared to live but I'm scared to die" "Ha I always loved that song see...
  • doppelganger
  • mikealsons
  • klaus
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Little Gilbert by Sommer0813
Little Gilbertby 😆Bubblegum girl😆
Let me take you back 1000 years ago. A family of seven. Youngest was a girl. A little one. Who everyone adored. Loved by all. In her little light pink dress. But all goo...
  • damonsalvatore
  • elijahmikaelson
  • elenagilbert
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Where Are You Darling? ~Kol Mikaelson Fan Fiction~ by RosettaDarling
Where Are You Darling? ~Kol Mikael...by Rose Daniels
"What do you want with me?" "Love." Kol Mikaelson is dead. The majority of the supernatural community knows that much, and once you're dead you can't...
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The Vampire Diaries Preferences & Imagines by Gerlithequeen
The Vampire Diaries Preferences...by Gerli
Damon Stefan Klaus Kol Elijah Jeremy Kai I don't own TVD or the pics i'll put in
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Mystreet/PHD/MCD Aphmau Lemons/Boyfriend Preferences by AshBakaSan
Mystreet/PHD/MCD Aphmau Lemons/Boy...by Kermit-Chan
It is what it is, dudes and dudettes. These are some lemons I make, with x Reader or sometimes I'll do my OC with a character! Yayy... idk what this is supposed to say...
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  • garroth
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Damon's Daughter//Completed  by hannahxjayne
Damon's Daughter//Completed by hannahxjayne
Salem Salvatore the daughter of Damon Salvatore and a woman who Damon loved but didn't know she was a witch. Salem is a Hybrid and everyone wants to meet her once the wo...
  • klaus
  • salem
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Sinful |Klaus Mikaelson|| by livymichelle
Sinful |Klaus Mikaelson||by Liv
One thing Audrey Gilbert was told when vampires started showing up in Mystic Falls was to stay away from them. Elena has made it perfectly clear that she doesn't want he...
  • salvatore
  • damon
  • ştefan
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Immortals [Klaus Mikaelson] by catching_raindrops
Immortals [Klaus Mikaelson]by Mae
Five hundred years ago, an immortal witch fell in love with a temperamental hybrid. It was an unconditional love, one that was intended to last forever. But, Mikael, the...
  • stefansalvatore
  • elena
  • stefan
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Alexa Gilbert (the vampire diaries) by sincerely-louis
Alexa Gilbert (the vampire diaries)by pink
"You really gonna do this Alexa?" Elena snarls at her, and she chuckles, "You started this Elena. Don't try and act like the victim." Alexa snaps bac...
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  • forgottensister
  • lovetriangle
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Grace - Elijah Mikaelson - by Nanuri
Grace - Elijah Mikaelson -by Nanuri
Why is the oldest Gilbert never part of the story? Grace fled Mystic Falls after her parents died in an accident because she couldn't cope with the horrible grief. When...
  • vampirediaries
  • love
  • romance
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Centuries // [klaus mikaelson] by turntan-
Centuries // [klaus mikaelson]by han
In 1114 I met him. My Niklaus. I wasn't supposed to love him, but I did. I was supposed to love my betrothed- not Niklaus. When I was eighteen I met a vampire and fell i...
  • mikaelson
  • jenner
  • kolmikaelson
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Always {A Vampire Diaries/Supernatural crossover story} by Destifer666
Always {A Vampire Diaries/Supernat...by Destifer666
"A world full of supernatural creatures, and you guys had to pick the one place some of the most powerful ones called home. Great work, boys. Super." The three...
  • vampirediaries
  • damon
  • castiel
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Crush // Ian Somerhalder by LondonaLozzy
Crush // Ian Somerhalderby Loz
Model turned actress Skye Parker has had an amazing career. It's been one full of success, notoriety and fame. There is one huge thing missing though, someone to share i...
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Always (Laurence x Reader) by delaney_fanfics
Always (Laurence x Reader)by 💕Delaney💕
(Y/n) Ro'meave has had an interesting life. She's never met her brothers because one of them died before she was born and the other two went missing when she was just f...
  • laurence
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The Big bad Wolf  by Lonely-writer-girl
The Big bad Wolf by Lonely-writer-girl
Ok basically Klaus got someone else (not Hayley) pregnant with his baby, so this follows my original character Peyton Matthews who is a werewolf who has been in and out...
  • hayleymarshall
  • originalcharacter
  • thevampirediaries
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The Vampire Diaries Preferences And Imagines by Abnormal2weird
The Vampire Diaries Preferences An...by Abnormal 2 Weird
It's Mystic Falls, nothing bad ever happens here. Imagines and Preferences for the men of The Vampire Diaries. REQUESTS ARE CLOSED!!! Highest Rank #17 in FanFiction - 19...
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auction || klaus mikaelson by feministic
auction || klaus mikaelsonby feministic
pain. love. suffering. BEING REWRITTEN AS OF 04/02/18 - 05/14/18
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