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You belong to me (boyxboy) by AlessandraIND
You belong to me (boyxboy)by Alessandra
Matthew Graham was 17 when he realised he was being staked, it seemed that his stalker had been stalking for a while but he finally wanted Matthew to acknowledge him. Th...
Desired by a Lunatic by PandaManCx
Desired by a Lunaticby PandaManCx
Published: 24/12/17 Jaine Kimberley Austen is a 23 year old young woman married to the love of her life Walden York Austen. After being happily married to Walden, she de...
🍕follow for follow🍕  by downsized
🍕follow for follow🍕 by downsized
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Instagram || Harry Styles  by shallowedheart
Instagram || Harry Styles by Shallowed Heart
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One Wrong Turn (Loki Fanfiction) by villainousladyloki
One Wrong Turn (Loki Fanfiction)by villainousladyloki
Sometimes things are better off being kept as secrets. Rebecca is confused as to why no one else is interested in all the unusual activity happening around the world, b...
Read for Read by kaseymarilyn
Read for Readby kaseymarilyn
Advertise your stories here! Read for read, follow for follow, and comment for comment are all allowed! (I don't promote vote for vote because it's against Wattpad's t...
Instagram | Y.Ty | ✔ | by A_girl_of_dreams
Instagram | Y.Ty | ✔ |by ⚛ Ruhi Sharma ⚛
Banner Credits: @-rosydvn @yootaeyang started following you on Instagram "You know who I am?" I messaged him. "No.. No idea." Taeyang replied back. ...
Vishwas Wala Pyaar( Completed) by rinsadanish
Vishwas Wala Pyaar( Completed)by rinsadanish
Rikara story during shivika wedding... Only rikara rst are just supporters.
Teen Minds, and Peer-Pressured Hearts by taylorinwonderland
Teen Minds, and Peer-Pressured Taylor
A young teenager gets peer-pressured into doing drugs, drinking alcohol, going to parties, and sneaking out.
Shows that this generation won't remember by ChrisMcIean
Shows that this generation won't ❴.•♫•૮ɦ૨เร.•♬❵
I bet you won't remember these shows- ~~~~~ I do not own any of the characters, art, music, shows, edits,ECT all credit goes to their rightful owner.
twitter[Edited] by irisine
twitter[Edited]by JBlanco❤️
Jorge Blanco a famous guy, he is so much on twitter. He is going to follow one of is fans and her name is Martina Stoessel. Martina Stoessel is not a fan of him She jus...
Twitter ∞ Dan Howell by _nostalgicturtle_
Twitter ∞ Dan Howellby nostalgicturtle
❝ @danisnotonfire is now following you ❞ A story about a girl who stumbles into an internet friendship with a boy on the other side of the world.
b.p ✰ hes; major edits by recycles
b.p ✰ hes; major editsby ♺
the mafia has taken over, and he is taking over her. © all rights reserved 2015
FOLLOW FOR A FOLLOW (OPEN) by justabookclub
ROLL UP! ROLL UP! EVERYONE ROLL UP! If you want a follow back, you have come to the right place. Read on to see the rules, and GET NOTICED!
TMOL: Love of The Past (Ongoing) by Caelaydaaa
TMOL: Love of The Past (Ongoing)by Monica
[The Meaning of Love #2] Eleazar Quenzora is inlove with the girl name Anica. He will do anything to get her memories back but, Anica didn't know who is eleazar to her l...
Hunted by PippyLongstockings12
Huntedby Cassondra Hoffman
One of the few hybrids left on earth... One of the few who are different... One of the few who are running... ...
The Mute Girl. by KelseyKay420
The Mute Kelsey Kay
*This story is from when I was younger. This story is all over the place, not easy to read and very confusing at times. If you choose to still read this book I hope you...
Instagram || Jacksepticeye by _ash10_06
Instagram || Jacksepticeyeby Writer for life💕
Just read the book. No description here You. Must. Read. It. To. Find. Out. What. Happens.
Saving a Princess by 1DLovingWhale
Saving a Princessby 1DLovingWhale
One concert was all it took. Mullingar has always been Leah's home town. What happens when a boy she's never seen comes home? What happens when her past haunts her? Will...