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Quiet On Set (GirlxGirl)  by cold_french_fry
Quiet On Set (GirlxGirl) by Sarah♥
"Dumbass" "Blind bitch" "Shut up and kiss me"
Daughter of Lucifer 2 || Sequel (GirlxGirl) by cold_french_fry
Daughter of Lucifer 2 || Sequel (G...by Sarah♥
"Do you honestly think I'm gonna just throw my entire life away because you came back?" -----------Warning, Sexual content--------- Please read book 1 or you'l...
Academy Of Sins (GirlxGirl)  by cold_french_fry
Academy Of Sins (GirlxGirl) by Sarah♥
Hayden knew when she came out, eveything would change she didn't expect to be pinned against the wall with someone's lips on hers in a conversion camp -----------read d...
Til Death (MXM) by MissBonnett
Til Death (MXM)by Miss Bonnett
A 500 year old curse dictates that Blake and Daniel must get married before the end of the year or their families will suffer the grave consequences. However, the couple...
A Walk In The Park (GirlxGirl)  by cold_french_fry
A Walk In The Park (GirlxGirl) by Sarah♥
"I didn't expect for this to happen" "Yet it was so worth it" "It was" "....i guess you could say-" "No, don'-" "I...
A Series of Mondays (girlxgirl / wlw) by blackandwhiteshadows
A Series of Mondays (girlxgirl / w...by b&ws
It's their last year of high school. Helen is convinced that her year will be perfect with her perfect grades, her perfect boyfriend, and the perfect plan for her futur...
Letting Him In by _darkaesthetic_
Letting Him Inby _darkaesthetic_
Many people think that the hardships faced in one's childhood can make you stronger. Elijah thinks that's complete crap. After a childhood that consisted of regular tri...
Between The Vows  by rachannewrites
Between The Vows by Rachel Benefield
Nora James has spent her entire life taking care of her sisters. After her parent's messy divorce and her mother's desire to pursue her own dreams away from her children...
Ms Parks (teacherxstudent) (girlxgirl) by sassygirlstories
Ms Parks (teacherxstudent) (girlxg...by supergirlstories
(Teacherxstudent) (girlxgirl) Alaina Brace, 17 years old, senior in high school falls for her English teacher that she's known for years. When Alaina was 6 she had a ba...
Books | 2Seok by Alex-Wrye
Books | 2Seokby ◇ Alex Wrye ◇
Hoseok has a very aesthetic Instagram where he posts pictures of his books 1 - 2 updates a day Started: May 7 2022 Finished: Ongoing https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3b...
Daughter of Dracula (GirlxGirl)  by cold_french_fry
Daughter of Dracula (GirlxGirl) by Sarah♥
"Kiss me" she whispered "I can't do that" "Why not" she asked, her brows furrowed as she looked at me. I could almost laugh at how cute sh...
When You Fall In Love by bangtanedsone
When You Fall In Loveby katrina 심
❝My whole world becomes silent, when i'm with you. It started when I fall in love with you.❞ -Bryce said while he hugged me tightly. Sienna. A college student that she...
Father's Obsession : Incest Book 1 by Ms_yeoninxx
Father's Obsession : Incest Book 1by Pierre de Fuego
After his mother died, Tony has been so introverted. He have developed sarcasm and changed from an obedient and gleeful child into a slightly stubborn kid. It's not his...
The Consequences of Falling In Love by Fizaxbieber
The Consequences of Falling In Loveby fiza
"That's like inviting death with open arms. Why would you do that?" "Was hoping to be saved by someone." In which two sworn enemies bear the conseque...
21 Is Back by WindyRose2016
21 Is Backby WindyRose2016
What if team 7 found out a secret about Naruto that only the third and Naruto himself knew? Who would things change? How would things turn out?" In this story Sasu...
Best gay/lgbtq/bxb/mxm/etc..books by boogiepoogie69
Best gay/lgbtq/bxb/mxm/etc..booksby boogiepoogie69
These are my favourite malexmale books and trust me I know these r what ur looking for. I'm one of you, and I GUARANTEE that these will be your favs too! I will be updat...
Ned Gets Stood Up by ASMorrow
Ned Gets Stood Upby Auburn
(bxb) (gxg) Ned gets stood up the day before Christmas Eve and is forced to reconsider every horrible life choice he's has ever made. This includes never telling his chi...
Rebound: Allison Argent✓ by WildFireHeartx
Rebound: Allison Argent✓by Mz.Hyde
"Let's be clear. There is no feelings behind this." GirlxGirl Season 3a Lone Book in the Sage Beaumont series Plot by: @AdoptedWinchester Started: February 20t...
- my pretty boss 🤍 (𝘄𝗹𝘄) by mellybk
- my pretty boss 🤍 (𝘄𝗹𝘄)by yo
[EDITING] - "We need to talk about what happened." - "Their is nothing to talk about I'm your boss, nothing else."
Don't Let Go - Supergirl x Reader (f) - COMPLETED - by simpingscar
Don't Let Go - Supergirl x Reader...by Scar
You've always felt the urge to save people, but unlike Supergirl, you're only human or are you.... When secrets unfold about your past and present, all you can do is bri...