Name Translation: Ice Devil/ Demon
Reason for Name: Ice, my body temperature is always freezing no matter the temperature outside; Devil/ Demon, it's the opposite meaning of my real name which means Angel.
Categorized: Bookworm
Superhero: Batman
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I'm known simply as Koori and hardly called my full name as Koori Akuma. Simple things to know about me is that I love getting comments on my stories because they make me write chapters faster. I had the Edward Elric syndrome, which just means you better not call me short unless you want me to bite your arm off. The last thing you must know about me is that I'm one of those people you walk up to that will tell you about the Zombie Apocalypse, but that's because I love those horrible monsters.

I've clarified that I am a Bookworm and to make things even more clear, I am not a Nerd. I'm a BOOKWORM. I'm a bibliophile, an individual who loves books. A bookworm is someone who loves books for their content, or who otherwise loves reading. Doesn't necessarily mean we're intellectual, that just comes with what we love to do and we welcome it gladly. A thing that doesn't allow me to be a nerd is the fact that I hate studying. I can't stand it! Yet I'm still considered a smart person because I love to read. See how that works?

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Coincidental Destiny

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