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The Alpha's Little Fawn by a_sarcastic_bookworm
The Alpha's Little Fawnby a_sarcastic_bookworm
Elena has known the evil in the world. She's been hunted by a family friend since she was a young girl. But after her mother was murdered by him, she has to take drastic...
Mr. CEO's Fiery Nanny by ankitawrites_Xx
Mr. CEO's Fiery Nannyby Misscoffeeholic
I beg to differ that.", I sassed and got out of his grip ready to move out of the room when he pulled me by my elbow and the next second I was pushed on the visitor...
What the heart wants by mahumwrites
What the heart wantsby 🌟MAHUM🌟
She is fiery, hot-headed and spontaneous. He is calm, composed and calculating. She is fire, burning every obstacle in her path. He is ice, numbing his enemies with a si...
Falling In Love with a Bad Boy ! by candy-phoenix-star
Falling In Love with a Bad Boy !by candy-phoenix-star
Annabeth was the epitome of perfect. Raised by a controlling mom who believed that looks defined everything she was suffocating on the inside. Moving to a new city and s...
My kinda guy by Debdon59
My kinda guyby Debdon59
Jimin had fallen for an idol when younger he worshipped him from afar,thinking how handsome and strong he was how more appealing he was after his military stint.So he'd...
The Prince's Wedding by Buttercup591
The Prince's Weddingby Amarachi Alexis Anoka
In the faraway Kingdom of NIRVANIA, in Crystal Island, King Russel lies on his sick bed, saying his last wishes to the Royal attorney to be effected after his death. Wor...
Poppin • jb by MsBiebz
Poppin • jbby Princess Emmy ✨
Boy her dm's poppin. - Book One of the POPPIN series. All Rights Reserved // © MsBiebz . - To read some of my chapters you must be following me. WARNING: Story contains...
When All is Lost by LauraPickWrites
When All is Lostby LauraPickWrites
Charlotte deCarteret is a traitor, spy, thief and oh yeah, she has magic in a magicless world. Stealing from the palace to help the rebel Fae, while forced to act as sec...
My Billionaire Guardian Angels by rutimabe
My Billionaire Guardian Angelsby rutimabe
A six year old girl on an adventure of a lifetime with her best friend and her best friends family, suddenly it all becomes a nightmare. One fatal car accident, one miss...
It's love not war by Debdon59
It's love not warby Debdon59
Independent sassy Park Jimin wants to prove his worth at Jeon advertising and won't let anyone including the boss Jeon Jungkook push him around
The man next door by Debdon59
The man next doorby Debdon59
Rich Jeon Jungkook is used to having his own way, so when he finds his perfect house he wants it but doesn't want a neighbour, so the obvious thing is to buy that proper...
Alpha  Ryan (Completed✔️) by Tealover0669
Alpha Ryan (Completed✔️)by Tealover
{Completed and editing} Little did she know that when she was moving away from her past she was running towards her future. Chloe He was a playboy. For him girls were j...
Tables turned by Debdon59
Tables turnedby Debdon59
Their parents were friends ,not their sonsthough,Jungkook was pleased when annoying wimpy Jimin upped and moved abroad, now Jimin was coming back and all hell will break...
Opposites attract by Debdon59
Opposites attractby Debdon59
Jeon jungkook an Alpha to his core, strong , handsome and local sex symbol always gets what he wants Park Jimin orphan omega determined not to be a plaything for an Alp...
Broken (Harry Styles Fanfiction) Sequel to 'Little Things' by CelestialWinter
Broken (Harry Styles Fanfiction) CelestialWinter
"I feel as if my body is broken into if ever since, I was dropped like a delicate beautiful vase and all of my pieces shattered against the cold hard fl...
Shut Up And Kiss Me by xXRoo21Xx
Shut Up And Kiss Meby xXRoo21Xx
Delilah is a shy girl. One of those girls who sit up the back and study quietly, one of those so called nobodies. She doesn't have many friends and doesn't intend to eit...
i hate you by just-a-star
i hate youby ˗ˏˋ christinaˎˊ˗
sylvie clément had all she's ever wanted. a loving boyfriend, an amazing job and the lifestyle she could only dream of. Except the man who's always trying to torment her...
Scored in Love (Wattys2015) by dmitrixyz
Scored in Love (Wattys2015)by .
CBY BOTW WINNER Feb 2015! What goes on inside our deepest fantasies can often scare us if we look too closely. Amelie is going to find out the hard way that appearances...
Malevolent Love by ashmercury
Malevolent Loveby Ash
On Total Drama All Stars, you unexpectedly fall for someone you never thought you would go for. You and Mal face many challenges together, but will your relationship fal...
Imprinted On By Four  by chloe_leann15
Imprinted On By Four by Chloe
Scarlett Uley is Sam's 16 year old little sister, she's been away from home since she was 13, what happens when she comes back because her parents mysteriously "...