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The Archivist of Gotham (The Magnus Archive × Batman Fanfic) by Gilthur
The Archivist of Gotham (The Reinhart
When he woke up, he was missing most of his memories and identity. He knows that he wasn't supposed to be in a 12-year-old stranger's body and his name isn't Jonas Cane...
a dance of doves & crows ( jonathan crane ) by teethtetch
a dance of doves & crows ( teethtetch
Julia "Jules" Lovecraft, a woman with little left to lose, throws everything she has into a revenge plot filled with fire, eldritch gods, and homicide. After l...
Is This Love? by Bat_Jokes
Is This Love?by Brallon Multishipper
Hello! This is a story about The Joker's life, there are several love stories, conflicts, etc. ships are: Joker X Harley, Joker X Penguin, Joker X Riddler/Ed, and Joker...
Gotham City: Rise of the Nerds by JessicatheJester
Gotham City: Rise of the Nerdsby Jessica The Jester
Jonathan Crane, Jervis Tetch, and Edward Nygma move in together. They share a small apartment just outside the narrows.
Arkham by sorryitsharley
Arkhamby harls
A suicidal teen that's new to Gotham seeks treatment at Arkham Asylum. She finds some unexpected friends in the form of some of Gotham's worst criminally insane.
Arkham High School AU by The-feral-pan
Arkham High School AUby Nightshade
Keep in mind that these are my personal interpretations of these characters, and that my versions in this AU may not perfectly line up with canon or your personal interp...
#ONLY IN GOTHAM  ➤ DC by uncannykarloff
#ONLY IN GOTHAM ➤ DCby ˗ˏˋ taylor ann ˎˊ˗
"I got paid $700 to bring a nondescript suitcase to a shady looking guy in a green and purple beanie the other side of the city. Didn't know what was in it. Didn't...
Turns Out One Quiet Day Was Infact Too Much To Ask by Doreagf
Turns Out One Quiet Day Was Doreagf
Bruce got stuck in a less than ideal situation and decided he was going to gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss his way out. That's it, that's the summary.
Born in blood by HorrorcoreKillerV2
Born in bloodby HorrorcoreKillerV2
This will be a story about my Gotham rogue OCs, it will also feature some of the main rogues so uh enjoy
Tales of Arkham by Pigolian
Tales of Arkhamby Eli
A collection of oneshots from multiple Batman universes featuring the Gotham rogues. Planning to not make it all shippy but ships include-Harlivy and more to be added.
Tomorrow by w1ntersch1ld
Tomorrowby Dixie
set at the end of Gotham, about Ed and Oswald and what happens to them 'tomorrow'. Cute oneshots of them moving in together, trying to take down batman etc. 💜💚 open to...
Professor Fear (Jonathan Crane x OC) by CrimsonTea
Professor Fear (Jonathan Crane x CrimsonTea
Jonathan Crane decides to use his best student as a tester of his toxins. She proves herself smarter than he wants and unable to contain words in her mouth. Though as h...