The Ignorant Prince  by Pfunzo18
The Ignorant Prince by Comicallymade
'You have to try, Xavier.' How many times have I heard those words? I could hear it a thousand times more and it still wouldn't change how feel about the idea. The last...
  • royalty
  • shy
  • holy
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Septiplier/Tythan Smut Oneshots by Wowieguy
Septiplier/Tythan Smut Oneshotsby Yami Akuma
Mark and Jack oneshots. Smut warning, and I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty DAMN detailed.😂 💙 👊Read at your own risk👊 I KNOW THEY HAVE GIRLFRIENDS!!!😂 MARK & JACK IF Y...
  • septiplier
  • tyler
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A note from your local priest.  by TheOfficialPriest
A note from your local priest. by TheOfficialPriest
Stay holy
  • water
  • priest
  • church
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HOT GUYS by fanficwriter509
HOT GUYSby fanficwriter509
This is a book full of hot guys according to me you're welcome
  • hotdudes
  • moly
  • holy
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Plague Doctor by Euphonics
Plague Doctorby Euphie
Humanity is a plague. It is the paradigm of debauchery, of sin. They defiled God, dragged the Lord's name through the mud. If they are a plague, I will be a plague doct...
  • serialkiller
  • action
  • betrayal
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[Series] Chúc mừng tiểu thư rước được hồ ly về phủ (恭喜千金喜提狐妖回府) by Mommin96
[Series] Chúc mừng tiểu thư rước đ...by Min
[Series]Chúc mừng tiểu thư rước được hồ ly về phủ Tên: 恭喜千金喜提狐妖回府 Tạm dịch: Chúc mừng tiểu thư rước được hồ ly về phủ Nội dung: 1 em gái trốn nhà đi chơi, không may say...
  • truyentranh
  • bh
  • holy
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Unexpected Encounter (HJ) by bbyshuna
Unexpected Encounter (HJ)by issa mazzaleeni
#430 in Spiritual // 4.2.18 #344 in Spiritual // 6.2.18 #229 in Spiritual // 7.2.18 K, an ordinary hijabi, is at the Shisha lounge to help her family out with work. Litt...
  • muslim
  • harrisj
  • islam
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Witness by zuhmyruh
Witnessby Z
"Okay let's make a deal." He says while walking closer to me. "Let's see if you can break down the bad boy's walls and get him to become as holy as you.&q...
  • apostolic
  • teen
  • multiplesclerosis
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Gilthunder's Sister (Seven Deadly Sins fanfic) by coolio0220
Gilthunder's Sister (Seven Deadly...by Cool Person 02
Seven Deadly Sin's is a manga that was turned into a Netflix-original anime. I highly suggest checking it out if you have Netflix. It's a very enjoyable anime. Anyways...
  • ban
  • knights
  • holy
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LEAP OF FAITH by evesholy
LEAP OF FAITHby 𝖆𝖉𝖆𝖒 𝖆𝖓𝖉
❛ her voice is honey. ❜
  • faith
  • holy
  • rp
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Guardian of Light(Fate/Zero Fanfic) by Jeanandfennekin8
Guardian of Light(Fate/Zero Fanfic)by Jean Cortex
Have you ever wondered what would happen if Tokiomi Tohsaka had an older daughter? Well that would be me, I'm Jean Tohsaka the oldest daughter of Tokiomi and Aoi Tohsaka...
  • assassin
  • saber
  • archer
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nobody fucking cares by salsaslut
nobody fucking caresby salsaslut
get your fuckin pussy ready for some hot moist action
  • bean
  • pure
  • love
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Trách nhiệm by KingloveDrarry
Trách nhiệmby Khánh Hạ Nguyễn Đình
Song tính, NP, HE, ngọt không ngược, H nặng. Sắm vai play, đủ loại play tình thú. Khoái xuyên, sinh tử, sản nhũ. CẢNH BÁO NHỮNG THÀNH PHẦN KHÔNG THÍCH H TỤC CHỚ CL...
  • khoáixuyên
  • danmeih
  • holy
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Holy: Book 4 by lowefantasy1
Holy: Book 4by LoweFantasy
Sequel to Cumin, Plain, Gang, but can be read on its own. Mai is preoccupied with building relationships with her soon-to-be in-laws, but SPR's ultra ritzy, high profile...
  • ghosthuntanime
  • maitaniyama
  • holy
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100 Green Day Memes  by melancholeh
100 Green Day Memes by Space boi
So this is another meme book!! My first one was Gerard Way Tweets! Memes Included so definitely go check that out if you haven't already ;) Enjoy le book!
  • gd
  • day
  • billiejoearmstrong
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The Last Angel (Meliodas x Reader) by Chrissie_Vampire
The Last Angel (Meliodas x Reader)by Chrissie_Vampire
Eradicated... Erased... Destroyed... Forgotten... Lost... That's what happened to the Heavenly Angels. They were slayed for power because of the demons. You heard right...
  • holy
  • meliodas
  • gowther
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Rubbish  by KraytDragon
Rubbish by KraytDragon
All of my beautiful smut
  • mentallyunstable
  • freddieprinzejr
  • jimin
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The book at the end of the rainbow. by Alteosimple
The book at the end of the rainbow.by TEO♏
Hello there! This is my first piece of art. It contains only phoems and phoetries. Hopefully you will like them. Let me know your opinions and thoughts in the comments b...
  • pain
  • poetry
  • horns
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My life story by Kimon-
My life storyby ♧
Everyone blogging
  • gucci
  • coly
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New poems. 5 every Monday and 5 every Tuesday. From D.B. Snow. Celebrating the Nature Writing traditions of Merton, Lao Tzu, Bassho, Mi Fu, Sappho, Rexroth. . . .Short...
  • nature
  • soul
  • faith
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