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Fate/Ultimate Antagonist by XElenea
Fate/Ultimate Antagonistby XElenea
Getting Isekai'd to another world is indeed awesome, especially embarking on an adventure as a hero to defeat the Demon King, who turns out to be a woman, and making her...
Servant in the Isles by Firestorm808
Servant in the Islesby Firestorm808
Luz summons a redheaded Hero of the Sword, beginning her journey to becoming a master Caster.
Fate/Shift by Inoyami
Fate/Shiftby Inuyami
it's about a guy reincarnated in dxd with Solomon and Gilgamesh's powers. should I finish this?
Arknights: Unyielding Blade by RexCelestial
Arknights: Unyielding Bladeby Raven
A man driven by his desire to create the ultimate blade, to cut down the mountains, to move the skies, to shift the heavens and to purge the damned souls of hell itself...
Tensura/GO: Across Stardust (Singularity 6) by SoulTse
Tensura/GO: Across Stardust ( Soruls
Veldanava, the god of all universes and creation, realized many human thoughts and minds after the loss of many lives by an attack of Ivarage on the mortal realm. That i...
Hero of Justice (Fate/Stay Night UBW x Shield Hero) by MikeisMike
Hero of Justice (Fate/Stay Night Mage-O-Karp
A year into the aftermath of the Holy Grail War, Shirou Emiya and Rin Tohsaka were now happily studying together in the Clocktower school for Maguses. This all changes a...
Master to Legends, but Hope for the Future by Tr0ller420
Master to Legends, but Hope for Tr0ller99
Izuku shall be the Hope for the world with his allies by his side. Izuku always had a fascination of being a hero, but not today's heroes. He's fascinated in being like...
the strongest Knight (Ado Edem x hi3rd) by R0mulus-quirinus
the strongest Knight (Ado Edem x Grand Lancer Romulus
the strongest among all the mortals has arrived in a new world (the characters and images are not mine)
The Master Dragon Emperor (FGOxHsDxD Fanfic) by A-Freakin-Monogamist
The Master Dragon Emperor ( A-Freakin-Monogamist
Zelretch being bored of always tossing multiple Shirous in different timelines or dimensions decided to switch to another person to "help" and it just so happe...
Save A World by KamenRenFuji
Save A Worldby RiderOfUtopia
Shinn Itsuka was a boy who had been looked down by the world over and over due to being seen as a weakling and a coward. And once a so called omni god named Yamoto came...
Temperance (OC X TOUHOU)  by Poker_Express
Temperance (OC X TOUHOU) by Mr. Slowpoke
A story about a 25-year-old man, who traveled around the world until he stumbled upon an Old Shrine in Japan. Until the whole world around him suddenly twisted out of re...
Fate/Lapsed by VhilxNamedScoobyDoo
Fate/Lapsedby The Holy Snail
A fan made Holy Grail War based on the one that originates from Fate/Nasuverse! We fallow Keira Lewis and her rider class servant Astolfo as they make their way through...
Fate/Grand Order Smash or Pass by XavierAriasGonsalves
Fate/Grand Order Smash or Passby Xavier
I wanted to do all of the Nasuverse but the internet has failed me so I'm going to do all the female characters in Grand Order. Anyways same rules as all of my Smash or...
Roleplay book by KamenAegisWarrior
Roleplay bookby CrimsonRiderSaga
Come and Roleplay with me with anything that you like. Just be aware this is about anime, video games and cartoons. But mainly anime.
Kamen rider Revice: The Devil defied Fate! (Kamen rider Revice x Fate Series) by Doctmar123
Kamen rider Revice: The Devil Rider Anime Lover
It been 10 years during the infamous mystery disaster known as Great Fuyuki Fire, but... The Demons from the another realm called Deadman clan. Has been spreading out at...
The Shopkeeper by RexCelestial
The Shopkeeperby Raven
Y/N L/N was a run-off-the-mill boy, living a life of a completely normal kid that's forced to go to school and accept life as a reality while also keeping himself entert...
misaki shokuhou x Male Reader by TyrusYukuri
misaki shokuhou x Male Readerby Tyrus Sumaga
This story of (Y/N) (L/n) a borderline hikikomori sixteen year old level 0 who practically has no friends due to staying inside too much. He recently returned to Academy...
Marvelous Blade by Firestorm808
Marvelous Bladeby Firestorm808
When the Maximoff twins found an unconscious boy and brought him home, they would never realize the impact he would have on their lives and the world onward.
Fate grand order: ⭐The other promise🌟( Male reader x FGO girls) by EduardoAldarondoRam5
Fate grand order: ⭐The other Eduardo Aldarondo Ramos
Y/n, a boy who was victim of unknown explosion make him in coma through out the grand order and the lostbelts till he wakes up in chaldea well novum chaldea, there meets...
Fate/ Grand Legends (Dragon Ball Legends x Fate Grand Order) by Altered_R0ku
Fate/ Grand Legends (Dragon Ball Altered_R0ku
The Tournament of Time Continues as both Shallot and Giblet go and find new allies to join them againts there battle with Zahha, but the different characters from Fate G...