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Angel by AlienatedPopulation
Angelby •dysfunctional•
She had a side, so dark and cold, even ten thousand fires wouldn't be able to warm it, but perhaps he could. *** "You knew! You knew that he was soulmate and you m...
Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epochby Ian D. Ghrist
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
Wendy and Kevin by Emayuku
Wendy and Kevinby Elizabeth Mayuku
When Kevin McCallister falls in love with a new girl named Wendy Wu, a rival shopkeeper's missing daughter he encounters in the evil scientist's mansion, the last thing...
Sweet Suffering  by Anika_Knight
Sweet Suffering by Anika_Knight
Previously known as : Tales of a broken heart "It's often difficult to put into words, the tales of a broken heart." A scattered collection of poems, snippets...
Forbidden tentation by Unetouchedamour16
Forbidden tentationby Lola
Il y a ce garçon Derreck, auquel je n'arrête pas de penser. À chaque fois que j'entends son prénom, mon coeur se consume intérieurement. Il est ma plus grande faiblesse...
⌁ F A S C I N A T I O N ⌁ by nishinoya_lim
⌁ F A S C I N A T I O N ⌁by 노야。>ㅅ<。
P E R T H S A I N T ╏ P I N S O N Fanfiction . Drama and Romance Both Zawgyi and Unicode are available.✔️ Plz read with your own risk . ❌DO NOT ALLOW REVIEWS OR REUPLOAD...
Attraction (Tentation fanfiction) by emymcguire
Attraction (Tentation fanfiction)by Emy Mc Guire
Edward Cullen se sent terriblement coupable pour tout ce qu'il peut y avoir de malheureux dans la vie de Bella Swan, sa copine de plusieurs mois. Après un accident pour...
Love Letters to Nature by lovingearthling
Love Letters to Natureby Sunny
A series of One-shots written in ode of the unappreciated beauty of Nature.
OoN: out of nowhere by napagpagurang_p
OoN: out of nowhereby poopingers
a futuristic house with very realistic habitat virtualizations. a different version of the afterlife. a usual day turned unusual in seconds. That's a few. What else ca...
Synesthésie by Beetlejuice06600
Synesthésieby Beetlejuice
Synesthésie, nom féminin : Expérience subjective dans laquelle des perceptions relevant d'une modalité sensorielle sont régulièrement accompagnées de sensations relevant...
La magie de la réalité by Razhade
La magie de la réalitéby Razhade
Notre monde est une fiction. Si j'admets volontiers avoir un certain dégoûts pour notre société et l'emprunte de l'homme sur cette univers, je contemple aussi pour passe...
A World of Despair(Book One) by Kaisa-Chan
A World of Despair(Book One)by Kaisa-Chan
In this world huge radiation tanks had burst causing all of the humans to flee to somewhere beyond it. Only Emilia Staark remains. She was there when the radiation tanks...
Life is a Wiggle by EarbudsForEliza
Life is a Wiggleby Eliza and October
Fortune cookies can be right, no matter how wrong they sound. October and I (Eliza) found this to be humoring upon many occasions—like when she managed to pull a nearly...
Twisted Fascination by OldSkoolGamer
Twisted Fascinationby OldSkoolGamer
Its messed up but I love it, this little twisted fascination will leave you hanging in anticipation.
Confounded by vlairre
Confoundedby Veighnna Lairre
Is this the feeling of liking somebody? Yeah...it feels great but it's also....confusing... I reckon, I'm confounded.
Fascination At A Distance by EricCarrRulez
Fascination At A Distanceby BCJ
She was fascinated, and it happened at a distance. // Based on life experience.
Book Series You'll Love by clichelover05
Book Series You'll Loveby clichelover05
These are the book series that got me hooked and addicted, enough for me to read the sequels. Hope you like them! Feel free to suggest your own personal favorites! ;-) 0...