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The Sun the Moon and Everything by socks12sox12
The Sun the Moon and Everythingby
She's mysterious and has many sides. What part will you fall in love with?
  • house
  • adventure
  • writing
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My Thug <3 [COMPLETE] by Msbrowniee
My Thug <3 [COMPLETE]by Msbrowniee
This story is about a girl called Shyla, who is in the last year of school. She ends up meeting a boy called Carlos and they both end up falling for each other. Shyla al...
  • love
  • dad
  • fiction
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The pianist and the karate kid by 22mermaid
The pianist and the karate kidby 22mermaid
A boy gets introduced to a girl by his friends.
  • girl
  • herself
  • introducing
The Girl Who Sold Herself on Ebay by Jessabellx
The Girl Who Sold Herself on Ebayby Jess
Would YOU trust someone who bought you off Ebay? Grace is sick of being labelled a snob because of her money. She's sick of her backstabbing friends and her mansion o...
  • fire
  • funny
  • post-it
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Saving The Boy Named Elliot by AsudeKumas
Saving The Boy Named Elliotby Asude Kumas
Elliot Locksmith. An 18 year-old boy who is known as the quarterback of the school. He runs fast at track, and tackles people at football. Well, he used to. After a year...
  • teen
  • elena
  • player
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"See For Yourself" [Charlie Puth X Reader] by KIzume_berrybun
"See For Yourself" [Charlie Puth X...by |MetaGay SHIPPER|
This is a Charlie Puth X Reader story. The reader will take the role as Amanda Greyson, the protagonist in this story. This story is somehow similar to my discontinued...
  • seeing
  • molly
  • puthinators
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A Sad Life by lovingGemstones
A Sad Lifeby Gem
Amelia smith had a happy life. Keyword: had Now this isn't the typical story, that the parents are abusive or dead, which makes her lonely. No This was her fault. The wa...
  • anxious
  • afraid
  • sad
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Deep by hogarthhartin94
Deepby hogarthhartin94
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  • data
  • general
  • purpose
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Owned By A Werewolf by phanie1996
Owned By A Werewolfby Squeaky
When she was 16, half werewolf/half human Arima lost her parents, who were murdered by another pack. So her father's pack took her in. But Alex, the new Alpha, had other...
  • pack
  • herself
  • allied
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Contradiction Herself | (BBC) Sherlock Holmes x Reader by xReaderFactory
Contradiction Herself | (BBC) Sher...by Roxanne Rūsu
She values nothing, not even the very air she breathed. She witnessed murder and did not shed a tear, but, how could she? They forbid it. She followed her orders, and he...
  • herself
  • disorder
  • sherlock
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Finding Myself by Luv_unicorn_just_me
Finding Myselfby Neida💗
'People say that finding love is the hardest thing in life.I think otherwise.Finding who you really are and why there are such certain people in your life, I would say i...
  • helpingothers
  • alltypes
  • selfdiscovery
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50 Shades of Grey by erudite12
50 Shades of Greyby erudite12
"If you're reading this... congratulations, you're alive and if that's not something to smile about, then I don't know what is." - Chad Sugg, Monsters Under Yo...
  • girl
  • bullied
  • herself
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Site by converygerber63
Siteby converygerber63
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  • financial
  • establish
  • realize
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I Am Going To Kill Myself by isabelleholler12345
I Am Going To Kill Myselfby Isabelle holler
A young 12 year old was brought into the life of drama. Her friends forget her and she becomes lonely. She sits alone at lunch and crushes on a boy that's irresistible...
  • killed
  • because
  • herself
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Ready by turmelramotar75
Readyby turmelramotar75
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  • herself
  • avoid
  • institution
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Behind by mcloughlinzerbini75
Behindby mcloughlinzerbini75
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  • left
  • feeling
  • early
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Special by amberlysalmaso27
Specialby amberlysalmaso27
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  • cause
  • glass
  • fear
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Interview by sidhubaino98
Interviewby sidhubaino98
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  • future
  • least
  • site
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Kitchen by rizikaeichkern51
Kitchenby rizikaeichkern51
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  • continue
  • appear
  • own
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Surface by stasnybedard72
Surfaceby stasnybedard72
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  • trip
  • herself
  • next
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