The Bloody Promise by zerolover713
The Bloody Promiseby zerolover713
One day, a girl named Rose Belcourt enters Cross Academy and assumes the role of a guardian with Yuki and Zero. Although she may seem normal, there is something mysterio...
  • vampire
  • zero
  • romance
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Vampires and Ghouls (On Hiatus And Rewrite) by Atlas_Maker
Vampires and Ghouls (On Hiatus Atlas_Maker
Kell Kaneki, the sister of Ken Kaneki. Had transferred from Tokyo to Cross Academy. She had been given orders from the CCG that she will be going there doing an investig...
  • vampireknight
  • tokyoghoul
  • yuki
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Zero X Reader by ZeroZatannaSoul0981
Zero X Readerby Sydney Hunter
You found a school because you never fit in at any other. You have secrets and a bad past. Will it kill you in the end or will Zero save you?
  • fanfiction
  • vampire
  • zero
Cʀᴇᴇᴘʏᴘᴀꜱᴛᴀ Zᴏᴅɪᴀᴄ Sɪɢɴꜱ by authorgeuk
Cʀᴇᴇᴘʏᴘᴀꜱᴛᴀ Zᴏᴅɪᴀᴄ Sɪɢɴꜱby ashhole
☆~The Title Says Everything~☆
  • pinkamena
  • judgeangels
  • ticcitoby
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Z.E.R.O (Wattys 2016) by KateeSmurfette
Z.E.R.O (Wattys 2016)by Katlego 'Katee' Moncho
"Xander, you can't sit here and tell us that this doesn't look the least bit suspicious to you," Mordecai told me. "I'm pretty sure I know my own girlfrie...
  • organization
  • adventure
  • jealousy
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Element by KateeSmurfette
Elementby Katlego 'Katee' Moncho
I turned around the corner of the building, testing to see if they would follow me, and they did. I headed all the way up to my room. The twins had just walked in, leavi...
  • nick
  • dragons
  • agent
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Lost and Broken (A Vampire Knight Fanfiction) by LightofNightingale
Lost and Broken (A Vampire Yoru-san
Isolation. Depression. Rejection. Born with the eyes of her uncle, she was instantly rejected by her parents. With only Kaname who seems to be the only one to acknowledg...
  • vampireknight
  • zero
  • kuran
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Don't Tell Me Goodbye by SleepyBunBunny
Don't Tell Me Goodbyeby SleeplessBunny
The Tsukumo family was a powerful and kind pureblood family. The two parents had a daughter, who inherited a great amount of power, that was sealed inside the daughter's...
  • zero
  • pureblood
  • vampire
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Call Me Zero [Completed] by laurenskii-
Call Me Zero [Completed]by laurens
"What are you doing?" -Seventh "Eating a bowl of soul."-Zero ".........Well then." -Seventh "I meant SOUP. A BOWL OF SOUP." -Zero...
  • featured
  • friendship
  • angelica
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☠Stolen Humanity☠ (Vampire Knight): *BEING REWRITTEN* by NatashaNixie
☠Stolen Humanity☠ (Vampire Knight) 💋Natasha
Cover Artist: @PrincessRoxxx ♡ Check her out, she writes amazing fanfiction! Rose Yuna, a bright and lively girl destined to be a heroic vampire hunter, had her life cu...
  • zero
  • teen
  • romance
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Zeref's daughter Zero by MissyMTHEGREAT
Zeref's daughter Zeroby MissyMTHEGREAT
Zero was always hunted down. Either it being the Magic Council, or guilds, she has never belonged anywhere because of her father. They share the want of death. But Zero'...
  • grayfullbuster
  • lucy
  • wendy
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The Forgotten Vampire by SleepyBunBunny
The Forgotten Vampireby SleeplessBunny
Royal Kuran is a pureblood vampire. She is the younger sister of Kaname, by 1 year, and the older sister of Yuki. She was cursed by Rido; every time she used her powers...
  • yuki
  • crossacademy
  • zerokiryu
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Code Geass x Reader by RosesandSundragons16
Code Geass x Readerby RubyRose16
One shots where you can finally be with the male Code Geass character of you dreams. • Lelouch Lamperouge/vi Britannia • Zero • Suzaku Kururugi • Rolo Lamperouge • Gino...
  • zero
  • lelouch
  • suzaku
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The Forgotten Princess (Hiatus) by OhMyJimin0-0
The Forgotten Princess (Hiatus)by Jimin_Is_Bae❤❤
It is my first story so sorry about my writing or spelling. Hope you like this story and please do not judge me. Sorry if you do not like it.
  • crossover
  • diaboliklovers
  • vampireknight
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Her Knight, His Princess *Zero Kiryu* by Ayahime0
Her Knight, His Princess *Zero Nancy Lo
This story involves two lovers, Mizuki Kuran and Zero Kiryu, who are from different races who has fall in love. No one knows about their relationship, but Kaname knows...
  • mizuki
  • vampireknight
  • zero
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Borderlands X Reader Scenarios by JinxCurseblood
Borderlands X Reader Scenariosby Curseblood17
I haven't found any of these. I just LOVE Borderlands. I can't even explain my love. I do aplogize for the bad writing.
  • lilith
  • dr
  • zer0
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The Pureblood...Demon?! by Luna_Knight_13
The Pureblood...Demon?!by Skylar Knight
(Vampire Knight X Black Butler) (Reverse Harem) (The animes Vampire Knight and Black Butler do NOT belong to me. The pictures also do NOT belong to...
  • vampire
  • sebastianmichaelis
  • zero
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I Wanted To Be Free Vampire Knight Fanfiction by MinsuHaruka
I Wanted To Be Free Vampire MinsuHaruka
800 years ago before the death of the Hooded woman Kaname had a pureblood fiancee named Lily who he loved very much , but she did not love him back for he was abusive to...
  • zero
  • knight
  • vampire
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Why would a dead girl Lie?  Nanbaka X Reader by xXMeko_MailXx
Why would a dead girl Lie? M3K0
*WARNING HAS SWEARING* A girl named (F/n) who was the sister of Hajime and Hitoshi Sugoroku. She was energetic and sweet, until she died. Hajime and Hitoshi were broken...
  • romance
  • xreader
  • jail
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Leave the future in the past (Gilgamesh x Reader) by datboitresh
Leave the future in the past ( datboitresh
One day you find youself in the middle of the Fourth Holy Grail War. Being the (un)lucky person you are, you manage to summon Gilgamesh, one of the strongest Legendary S...
  • zero
  • fate
  • reader
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