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Dear God by welkinist
Dear Godby welkinist
To the world, I've seen you in distress. I've seen you trample over sands. I've seen you aim missiles. So when my cuts needed healing, I chose God over you instead. - ...
An Anthology Of Short Stories by riyaguha95
An Anthology Of Short Storiesby Riya
Oh, well, the title says it all 😉😉😉😉. Delve into this book to find some sweet, cute and even heartbreaking short stories that one might relate to as well 😇😇😇😇. A...
Love Birds | ✓ by LadyMeringue
Love Birds | ✓by LadyMeringue
YA2 || ❝To finding love in your arms everyone morning as I wake up, your eyes meeting my own in a pool of never ending depth. A depth I was willing to test in this life...
Mixed Feelings! by PreethiVenugopal
Mixed Feelings!by Preethi Venugopal
When you are too much into something, you start getting influenced by it. Kathir Mullai is an emotion. So Yes..My love for KM has made me to take a plunge into writing...
The Sound of Thoughts by alin958
The Sound of Thoughtsby Hareem Riaz
There are 24 hours in a day and in all that time we think about a million different things. This journal will list a compilation of the best and most helpful of those t...
The Deep End Of Ecstasy by Shinchan655
The Deep End Of Ecstasyby Idiotic_nohara
Circumstances lead Ajey to meet not only new but a strange personality, Sam. She isn't depressed. Perhaps she lost the excitement of living while she was dodging the sto...
The Inscribed Letters (Poetry, Letters And More) by utsavsingh10
The Inscribed Letters (Poetry, Utsav Singh
Plethora of emotions in a little words. Highest Ranks- 8- #poetrybook 13 - #Musings 10- #poet 27- #feminist 33- #feminism 35- #poesia 50- #Tale 86- #p...
Diaphanous | poetry ✓ by travist_
Diaphanous | poetry ✓by ˗ˏˋαҡαɳҡรɦα´ˎ˗
❝ let the light pass through you ❞ ── where she put her finger on her lips and let her thoughts wove into apathetic words 【 a poet...
QUOTES AND THOUGHTS ❤️ by rupalijindal1
Hi everyone! I hope you all are doing well! I can't explain how amazing I feel to share my quotes and thoughts with you guys. I will try to post a new quote every day. ...
i'll never be a poet by bathtubbrain
i'll never be a poetby nobodi
and here's the pretentious proof an ongoing anthology of the poetry of nobodi.
stream of consciousness by dreamsuckle
stream of consciousnessby ✿ dahlia 。・:*˚:✧。
"scouring my notes app in search of forlorn fraying fragments one could consider 'poetry' if one had partaken in reality-altering substances. these fragments may ap...
AnuPre ~ Drabbles on Life by Iv_Roo
AnuPre ~ Drabbles on Lifeby Aafrah
This series will be containing my pack of OS(s) on AnuPre - each different, each unique - there is no story as such, but my musings on AnuPre The larger theme is their s...
Inner Monologues [√] by _rmal98
Inner Monologues [√]by RMAL
Stars, Moon And Love by aditicshah
Stars, Moon And Loveby Aditi Shah
Lets Discuss about the secret stories of the Universe and explore the poems it sings. Some sweet musings which will help you find the magic✨
Alation by orion623
Alationby Zoya
Highest Ranking in Poetry: #7 "The elegy of silence, The wailing of fate, The panache of death, The din of rage. Will quieten itself, Soon enough, someday."
Pieces of Hope:  A Collection by BamBam707
Pieces of Hope: A Collectionby Shorty and Abby
Won 2nd place in the WalkByFaith Awards! This is my collection of flash fiction pieces, some fiction, some non-fiction, some with a Christian focus, some without. Thi...
Elegies & Epiphanies by Aishallnotsleep
Elegies & Epiphaniesby A. Loiteria
Scribbles of random muses and late night thoughts.
Midnight Musings by bizarrebumbleB
Midnight Musingsby Prapti
Lying awake in bed, as a teen, is... hard. Specially when you care nothing about high school drama, or crushes, or other stuff that you're supposed to care about. When y...
paracosm | ✓ by greekyoghurtss
paracosm | ✓by 𝐦𝐢𝐚
── but you see, there is a graveyard in my mouth, filled with words that have died on my lips. © 2020 mia ruby jane | all rights reserved [ a poetry collection...