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The Witch's Pirate (Book one) by Darkphantomlight
The Witch's Pirate (Book one)by Mai
The story of fated love between the most feared pirate that navigated the seven seas and a humble, ordinary girl that gets entangled with his world. Fall in...
  • hunters
  • pg-13
  • advanture
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Klondike Bounty: Klondike Mail-Order Brides, #1 by vintage_mari
Klondike Bounty: Klondike Rose Andrews
The Klondike, Yukon Territory 1897 Arthur Sharp, bounty hunter, has received the wrong mail-order bride. Instead of the blonde he's been corresponding with for months, a...
  • arrangedmarriage
  • mailorderbrides
  • historical-
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Brotherly Love (Love Travels West, Book 2) by cradle_life
Brotherly Love (Love Travels Vladislava Mari
Let not the sun go down upon your wrath. Clayton Walkers, owner of the Cora Belle Ranch, has recently found himself fighting a never ending battle of wills with the wife...
  • bounty
  • arizona
  • historicalfiction
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Star Wars The Clone Wars: M.I.A. On a Lost Planet#Wattys2016 by ChristietheGhost
Star Wars The Clone Wars: M.I.A. Christie
Clone Sergeant Mako and his men end up crashed onto a planet the galaxy has forgotten about, until now. As they seek a way off this planet they must encounter danger, Se...
  • commanderhotshot
  • clone
  • dooku
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Life on the big island by morganandrachael2118
Life on the big islandby therealme2015
Parker's mom died. She was all she had left . Parker is sixteen and can't live on her own. Her mother requested she live with her mom closet friends. Beth and Duane chap...
  • dogthebountyhunter
  • dog
  • bethchampan
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Blackwell Bounty by MoonHowl
Blackwell Bountyby MoonHowl
When Edith Harris first encountered the mysterious Calvin McClain she never expected that her life would change so drastically simply because of their meeting. Edith is...
  • outlaw
  • bounty
  • lawman
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Living in Fear by e1m2m3a4BA
Living in Fearby Emma Barrow
He thought all humans were afraid... She proved him wrong... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Whatever he wanted, he got. To put it simply he wanted her... Not for looks o...
  • humanandgiant
  • giantandtiny
  • giantandhuman
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The Beginning of Forever: Part 2 by PhoenixFire87
The Beginning of Forever: Part 2by Jessi Anne
Takes place a few months after the ending of TBOF. There is a new enemy, one that Edd just can't seem to wrap his head around. What will it take for him to realize the t...
  • hitman
  • regkevedd
  • bounty
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Her Cold Revenge by ErinJohnsonAuthor
Her Cold Revengeby Erin Johnson
Grace Milton has only one goal: bring to justice the Guiltless Gang, the outlaws who slaughtered her family. Now she's making her living as one of the only female bount...
  • robbery
  • train
  • west
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The Rogue Slut by EmilyTequi413
The Rogue Slutby ceasar_salad
Beaten and bruised, Lenora finds herself traveling with one of the two people she hates most in the world. The first person broke her heart but not her spirit. The secon...
  • matebond
  • rogue
  • bountyhunter
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Rwby neglected and abused x male reader  mandalorian bounty hunter by Jacob-sat
Rwby neglected and abused x male Jacob-sat
Y/n rose was neglected and abused by his family until he ran away and was adopted by the house of vizsla will he protect remnant or will he destroy it.
  • rwby
  • öf
  • wars
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Young Jashinist [Naruto fan fiction] by Heichuu
Young Jashinist [Naruto fan Heichuu
Rin and Reki. Twins who lust for bloodshed and killing. Their mother always told them stories of their father and how he turned out to be a monster, and all he wanted wa...
  • training
  • water
  • lee
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Just a Taste (SAMPLE) by Sophia_Heart
Just a Taste (SAMPLE)by Sophia_Heart
April Mansten: nineteen years old, blonde, beautiful... and also daughter to Mario Mansten, a renowned bounty hunter, and as badass as they come in the bounty hunting wo...
  • fear
  • bounty
  • friend
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The Bounty and the Briefcase (Cattlepunk) [WIP] by TheSMERSMER
The Bounty and the Briefcase ( SMERSMER
So, this is my novel for NaNoWriMo 2018! Enjoy! ~~~ Ex-scientist's apprentice Martin Black has a relatively simple mission. Deliver the briefcase. Leave. Get paid. So do...
  • briefcase
  • scifi
  • bountyhunter
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Bound to the Beast by ItalianFever
Bound to the Beastby ItalianFever
Lara Anderson has kept her origin a secret from everyone, and no one knows what she is. That's the way she likes it. For a long time she has been greatly atoning for a p...
  • mystery
  • preternatural
  • werewolf
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Creed's Bounty by CaptainShipley726
Creed's Bountyby James Shipley
In the very distant future, humanity has entered a technologically advanced age, with cutting edge technology in the hands of everyday people. Space travel has expanded...
  • wattys2018
  • sciencefiction
  • future
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The Branded Hunters Trilogy: The Masked Musician (On Hold) by RubixCube89201
The Branded Hunters Trilogy: The Rubix
The Masked Musician is a famous bounty hunter who came out of the shadows. She is famed all over of Endeavia. But not much of anything about her is known, though there a...
  • branded
  • humor
  • powers
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Who's the Sixth? by Aquamarine_Igneous
Who's the Sixth?by D U N C E
"The First, The Second, The Third, The Fourth, and the Fifth is here...where's the Sixth?" Wu strokes his beard looking at the Five young boys that for the fut...
  • bounty
  • kailor
  • lloyd
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Bounty Hunter by ATTiger
Bounty Hunterby ASH
"Captain, please reconsider. There's no way I'll be able to work with her. She's reckless, she doesn't follow orders, and she's a danger to the operation. Bounty hu...
  • bountyhunter
  • alec
  • murder
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Ninjago Ninjas x Reader by Marvel_Obsessed_Girl
Ninjago Ninjas x Readerby Kalini the panini
(Y/n) has had her life take more than a couple turns for the worst. Finally she decides to runaway. After being on the run for several months now, she runs into trouble...
  • lloyd
  • xreader
  • fanfic
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