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Famiglia Su Tutto (Family Over Everything) by britbrat1980
Famiglia Su Tutto (Family Over Eve...by britbrat1980
Alessi Smith was kidnapped by her mother when she was 2 years old, and taken away from her Father and 6 loving older brothers. 11 Years later, Alessi witnessed the murde...
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Vampire Famiglia (KHR X VAMPIRE KNIGHT) by ariasawada
Vampire Famiglia (KHR X VAMPIRE KN...by ariasawada
Family bond is complete when whole family be Tsuna side. Continue from Vampire Pureblood -canaeris
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A Pair of Crooked Saints || An Every Made Man novel (Book Three) by BehindTheWardrobe
A Pair of Crooked Saints || An Eve...by BehindTheWardrobe
**BOOK THREE in the EVERY MADE MAN series** Giovanni Lucchese is dead. And whoever whacked the biggest mob boss in Italy has plans for Arturo whether he likes them or no...
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KHR: class 3-A by DanahBarce
KHR: class 3-Aby Angelknight
A/N: ok everyone, this is my first time making an anime fanfic but I have read some of the stories that are KHR from people or authors here at wattpad. Though, I am not...
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What It Takes (KHR Fanfic)  by samonescarlet
What It Takes (KHR Fanfic) by Kuroba
"Giotto-san...what does it mean..no, exactly what does it take to become a boss? Vongola's boss?" "..." "...Would you like me to teach you, Tsun...
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Acceptance by britbrat1980
Acceptanceby britbrat1980
Sequel to Famiglia su Tutto (Family Over Everything) Alessandra Mazzanti, 18, was promised to wed Vincenzo Bianchi, 25, while she was still forming in her mother's womb...
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A little something for you (Completed) by Mina95
A little something for you (Comple...by Felicia Sim
About Tsuna and how his Famiglia gets back at people who bullies their precious boss. Just read? I'm bad at summaries sorry Please don't copy this story thanks >< ...
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Aeonian (KHR Fanfiction) [ON HIATUS] by pakupocky
Aeonian (KHR Fanfiction) [ON HIATU...by pakupocky
What do you do when you get pulled into mafia battles? I didn't know that the time, but now I know how I feel. Disclaimer: Photo cover does not belong to me and all oth...
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Bright Sky by FemDeath1827
Bright Skyby FemDeath1827
Akari finds herself reborn into Katekyo Hitman Reborn after dying and not only that she later finds herself carrying a surprising burden. ----- Katekyo Hitman Reborn doe...
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Where I Truly Belong by etheriousEL
Where I Truly Belongby NATSUMI MOMOZONO
A girl died due to an experiment from an illegal experiment facility. She was given and raised from them, they never took care of her and if they did it's just for exper...
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Madara Sawada?! by Luna_Uchiha1
Madara Sawada?!by Luna Uchiha
What if Madara was reborn as Tsunayoshi Sawada. What chaos will the legendary Uchiha cause in the Mafia world? Read and find out!
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I am disappointed in you by sarahBling2
I am disappointed in youby sara me
Skull is known as lackey, weakest arcobaleno and the runner. He is never considered as a person with the need of human beings instead of being treated as a dirt. But i...
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Namimori: Reborn (KHR Fanfic) *Discontinued* by RandomlyGenerated_
Namimori: Reborn (KHR Fanfic) *Dis...by :-) H
A girl or rather woman despises the thought of the outside world along with the emotions and problems that go with it. When she meets her unfortunate demise, she gets re...
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bakudeku family &lt;3 by horselove97
bakudeku family &lt;3by horselove97
piccole storielle sulla bakudeku con sachi ed emi provenienti dalle mie storie "un piccolo grande miracolo" e "un piccolo grande problema", gag simpa...
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The dangerous Mafia lovers. 🖤 by Po1123
The dangerous Mafia lovers. 🖤by Po1123
Hey guys just read the first chapter and comment if you like me to update or comment if you like me to change the story line or vote and comment to support me 🦋♥️♥️ Bye...
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The New Pharoah by Luna_Uchiha1
The New Pharoahby Luna Uchiha
What if Tsuna was destined for more than Vongola Decimo? What if he has another troublesome line of family? Only this time they're direct royals!
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The First Hybrid // KLAUS MIKAELSON by ElenaDeTomasi
The First Hybrid // KLAUS MIKAELSONby Music Change Everything
Ambientata a Mistyc Falls. Emily è una ragazza spontanea, coraggiosa, che accetta tutti per ciò che sono. Non è difficile capire perchè tutti le siano amici e tengano co...
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New Life In Another Dimension!!  (KHR fanfiction) by KoreaUnicorn
New Life In Another Dimension!! (...by KoreaUnicorn
"Ok ...so my name is Sawada Iwatsumi my family kicked me out because i was useless to them at the age of 3 ,have one brother called Tsunayoshi, Iwatsumi got bully a...
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A New Family (KHR fanfiction, On Hiatus) by Teiko_Kiyoshi
A New Family (KHR fanfiction, On H...by Diaphanous Writer
Himitsu Kakusa is a silent and shy person who never talks to anyone, she has no friends at all. She hides in the shadow of her older sister Hiroko Kakusa. She on the oth...
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"Ajin" (KHR Fanfic) by -idxris
"Ajin" (KHR Fanfic)by - aris. ♡♡
"Everyone loves immortality. They love it so much, they fear it." Mysterious immortal humans known as "Ajin" first appeared 17 years ago in Africa. U...
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