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❦ 𝙇𝙖 𝙋𝙖𝙥𝙚𝙨𝙨𝙖 ❦ by CoffeeMotivatesMeh
❦ 𝙇𝙖 𝙋𝙖𝙥𝙚𝙨𝙨𝙖 ❦by 𝕱𝖚𝖌𝖉ē
𝙌𝙪𝙖𝙞𝙣𝙩𝙧𝙚𝙡𝙡𝙚. Noun. (plural quaintrelles) A woman who emphasizes a life of passion expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm, and cultivation...
The Hidden Twin Sister (Arcana Famiglia Fanfic)  by Amazedbybeauty03
The Hidden Twin Sister (Arcana Camille Joy Pulido
Power needs to be controlled, in order to use it, one must learn how to control it... Bonfilia Calandra, born with three arcana cards, the #3- the empress, the #15- the...
The Magician {La Arcana Famiglia Fanfiction} by BishounenYaoiCorner
The Magician {La Arcana Famiglia Blaze Lumeria Lamiroir
❝I'm here to find out these clues.❞ ㅡin which Sonia received a card out of nowhere and joins Arcana Famiglia to find out the clues his dead grandfather has been giving h...
La Storia di Filomena by tdgilbert8228
La Storia di Filomenaby Ama Kami-sama
Filomena is Mondo's oldest daughter and was sent away at a young age to live with Jolly. On his 59th birthday she was finally welcomed back but not the way she expected...
Damsel in Distress 2: The Secrets Within (Arcana Famiglia FF) by BalladPhoenix
Damsel in Distress 2: The 『 r a i 』
the devil (liberta X oc)  by XmidnightdemonX
the devil (liberta X oc) by XmidnightdemonX
Flaicitas twin reruns from over seas to be with her family after catching news of her papas illness, what will become of her
Jolly x Felicita Fanfiction by Midnight_Moon04
Jolly x Felicita Fanfictionby Midnight_Moon04
To think there would be an unthinkable twist in my fate? To think I would needed to be saved, me the princess . To think i would fall in love. How? Care to find out? *...
The New Arcana Famiglia: Valentine's Day Special by SeiryuuSuzaku
The New Arcana Famiglia: Seiryuu Suzaku
This is a Valentine's Day special story connected to my other novel 'The New Arcana Famiglia'. Read that book first to get to know the OC's better :) I'm releasing thi...
Adventures at Anime Academy [Indefinite Hiatus] by SakiOfTheRebellion
Adventures at Anime Academy [ Saki Hana
If a bunch of anime characters were to join together in one place, how quickly would they destroy the world? Warning: Random Ships Author's Note: I'll only use character...
Arcana Famiglia x Fairy Tail by artizmenammo
Arcana Famiglia x Fairy Tailby Famanime
Asuka is looking for her parents while she stumbles into Debito. She spends some time with the Famiglia and getting to know them. Will she be able to find Azlack and Bis...
Arcana Famiglia nova x oc and liberta x oc by animegirl1224
Arcana Famiglia nova x oc and animegirl1224
I'm not really to sure what's going to happen in my story but all I know is that it's going to badass and lovey dovey and funny story ps this is my 1st so plz tell me wh...
Partners In Crime by Donut1010
Partners In Crimeby Donut1010
"I'm going to win this and take the tittle of Papà.", Libertà said. Is it what he really mean it? After the Arcana Duel, Felicità will find a partner she wil...
100 Days of Love by Nekomimi-chan
100 Days of Loveby Nekomimi-chan
Once upon a time a girl named Miku made a wish and her wish was granted... But it was no ordinary wish... Her wish was to find her love in the anime realm!! And as they...
Random Anime oneshots by TheWorldBoresMe
Random Anime oneshotsby Demons don't swim.
I TAKE REQUESTS!! So basically ...... ONESHOTS I guess. Arcana Famiglia Bungou stray dogs Fairytail JoJo's bizarre adventure Attack on titan Tokyo Ghoul Full Metal Alc...
Paying the Piper [La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia fanfiction] by SeiryuuSuzaku
Paying the Piper [La Storia Seiryuu Suzaku
When members of the family begin to fall into a mysterious sleep one by one it is up to Jolly to figure out what is going on... whether he likes it or not. Will Jolly fi...
The New Arcana Famiglia  [A La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia fanfiction] by SeiryuuSuzaku
The New Arcana Famiglia [A La Seiryuu Suzaku
To save Papa and keep the balance of all the Arcanas, the family has to unite all the arcana hosts, from all over the world together. Finding them all is one thing but...
Twin of the princess by Senpai_Cutie
Twin of the princessby Garen Gwynette
Akemi thats her name and she is the unknown twin of felicita... Power of mind Power of elements Power of swiftness One day she stumbled onto felicita's squad while patro...