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Bandaged Hand by JorieDS
Bandaged Handby JorieDS
Time-Travel. Tsuna is thrown into a time he's unfamiliar with, in a country he can barely speak the language of. But it's his choice, so with only determination and his...
  • arcobaleno27
  • verde27
  • tsuna
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Until Death Do Us Part {KHR} (ON HIATUS) by _parkbell_
Until Death Do Us Part {KHR} (ON aye lads its a mess
In a world where summons and humans make contracts with one another, not many humans had the gift. The gift was the ability to make pacts with summons and travel through...
  • s27
  • r27
  • vongola
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Lackey's Little Secret (KHR X Danny Phantom) 《The Re-write Is Up!》 by Fos1106
Lackey's Little Secret (KHR X Juniper W. Darklight
Who would've knows that Skull has so many secrets. What will happen when each of his secret started to reveal. How will this effect him and his friends. ...
  • dannyfenton
  • takeshi
  • multiverse
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Hidden Away [R27] by GeekyWolf101
Hidden Away [R27]by FANDOMS
[R27(main)/Arcobaleno27] {BxB} "I'm intrigued. So I'm going to stick around. Try not to bore me to much." He said with the silent feeling of teasing in the und...
  • katekyohitmanreborn
  • khr
  • iemitsu
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Lightning Genius(KHR and Xiaolin Showdown) by Zero-1307
Lightning Genius(KHR and Xiaolin Zero-1307
After another humiliating defeat by the monks Jack was done with it all and decided that he is useless at being either evil or good so he decided to take an offer from s...
  • flames
  • khr
  • jack
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Nebunie?! [5 Seconds of summer:Luke.] by logitechm
Nebunie?! [5 Seconds of logitechm
-Ce dracu faci? -Nimic blondi! -Lasa-ma! -Nu nebuno! -De ce? -Vreau sa rup patul cu tine! -Obsedat tacanit! -Stiu ca ma adori! -Hai mai taci!
  • pisicuta
  • nebunie
  • verde
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KHR: A Trip To Italy by xXShinreiXx
KHR: A Trip To Italyby Rei-rei
After the "spartan tutor from hell" came knocking to the doorstep of Tsunayoshi Sawada, a lot of things have changed. From a 'Dame-Tsuna', he become a boy capa...
  • tenthgen
  • verde
  • fon
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Rainbow's Missing Cloud by -Enkidu-
Rainbow's Missing Cloudby BadAss Glutton
After the future that never was Arcobaleno's find themselves missing someone. With the knowledge of their future selves..They simply couldn't let Skull go. For all his l...
  • skull
  • arcobaleno
  • fanfiction
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Side Effects of Growing Up by ijuinpurples
Side Effects of Growing Upby ijuinpurples
Verde has created pills that will allow all the ex-arcobaleno (except Yuni and Lal) to grow into their original age within a month's time. What they didn't know is that...
  • reborn
  • fluff
  • arcobaleno
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L'Educazione Sentimentale, Bellamort by EcateC
L'Educazione Sentimentale, EcateC
Un narratore d'eccezione racconterà questa storia con vecchi ricordi e avvenimenti presenti. Il professor Gaunt, stimato insegnante di Difesa contro le Arti Oscure a Hog...
  • horcrux
  • hogwarts
  • serpeverde
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The Story Of an Unamused Mary Sue by JustHere4AGoodTime
The Story Of an Unamused Mary Sueby Not A Long Time
In which she didn't want a second life and she sure as hell didn't want everyone to flock toward her and everything to seem easy. Word Count: 13,147 Disclaimer: I don't...
  • acrobaleno
  • kawahira
  • secondlife
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Il Cielo Arcobaleno by Mr_Rogers_Stark
Il Cielo Arcobalenoby Mr. Rogers-Stark
Como Arcobaleno, estaban obligados a proteger a su Cielo, era algo instintivo, con lo que era imposible luchar. Pero cuando se reunieron, cuando fueron elegidos por aque...
  • tsunaarcobaleno
  • r27
  • adultskull
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Selfmachine by JorieDS
Selfmachineby JorieDS
There's a name on his lips, accompanied with a number on top of white, soft mittens. Due, Sette. Familiar, even if not in the right language. And even then, it took him...
  • arcobaleno
  • sawadatsunayoshi
  • viper
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Skull x Arcobaleno Shorts!!! by Cherep-01307
Skull x Arcobaleno Shorts!!!by Cherep-01307
I got this idea from a few authors from "Archive of Our Own Works" and also for a warning this is my first time writing LEMON about Skull and the Arcobaleno so...
  • colonnello
  • skull
  • verde
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Lackey's Little Secret (KHR X DP) 《Re-written》 by Fos1106
Lackey's Little Secret (KHR X DP) Juniper W. Darklight
Skull de Mort, the World's Greates Stuntman. The weakest among the arcobaleno. He has many secret, his past is unknow. They know nothing about his life or why he was cho...
  • reborn
  • skull
  • fenton
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Dibujos más randoms que una patata Verde by -honeymonne___
Dibujos más randoms que una Narumi Monne
Eh... lo de la portada ¿no?
  • verde
  • patata
  • randoms
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From the bottom of my heart by InfaroyyaAlKarimah
From the bottom of my heartby Royal-Chan
It should be just another ordinary day for our dear Tsuna. However something on this day felt different. the mansion is quiet... It's way too quiet... Tsuna who curious...
  • tsuna
  • skull
  • verde
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The Forgotten Sky by Shira-senpai
The Forgotten Skyby Fei-chan!
Byakuran Gesso finally did it. He finally helped Tsuna! He transferred him to another parallel world randomly just to save him when the young Vongola Boss was about to d...
  • hayato
  • guardians
  • verde
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Heroic Knights [castle crashers] by Roberts-27
Heroic Knights [castle crashers]by Roberts-27
Un gran juego... Y me encantaria crear una historia con el... Pero... Desde el punto de vista de los caballeros coloridos...
  • destruccion
  • leyendas
  • mistico
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Henry Jesus Camino: Reciclaje, planeta verde y conciencia ciudadana by HenryJesusCamino
Henry Jesus Camino: Reciclaje, Henry Jesús Camino Muñoz
Porque debemos conservar y proteger el medio que nos rodea, Henry Jesus Camino te invita a conocer más sobre el recliclaje, tips y consejos para el cuidado del medio amb...
  • venezuela
  • medioambiente
  • verde
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