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Spencer Reid - One Shots by c_m_stuff
Spencer Reid - One Shotsby Maya (c_m_stuff)
These are just little stories, about our genius. Have fun, while reading it! Xx (Requests are welcome!) -Tumblr: c-m-stuff -TikTok: c_m_stuff
Girl Next Door // Carl Gallagher by baddie_maddie
Girl Next Door // Carl Gallagherby Madds
Breeana's life is... complicated. She moves every now and then because of her "job". But this time it was different. This time she's moving permanently to Chic...
_♡✦ ∂เɓµʝσร ѵɾɠαร ✦♡_ by Miyukxuu__
_♡✦ ∂เɓµʝσร ѵɾɠαร ✦♡_by 🕶
ɦσℓα! εɳ εรƭε ℓเɓɾσ ɦαɓɾά ρµεร....รσℓσ ∂เɓµʝσร ,, รεɾα cσµɳƭɾყɦµɱαɳร ყ εรαร ωεαร σ ƭαɱɓเεɳ ρµε∂εร รεɾ ∂เɓµʝσร ∂ε รεɾเεร¿ รเ εร φµε ɱε αɳเɱσ א∂ ρεɾσ ωεɳσ, ℓαร αcƭµαℓเƶαc...
Mason's Medical by _TheBestFanFictions_
Mason's Medicalby _TheBestFanFictions_
Join doctor Grace Mason at Seattle Grace as she meets old friends and new ones, deals with the interns and tries to keep her own interns from killing anyone. Originally...
Love in The Air ~🌧️BL🌪️~ by _MoonQueens_
Love in The Air ~🌧️BL🌪️~by Zey✨Ray
[ATTENTION!!! The story was taken from the Thai series (Love in the air) and rewritten it our way, with a few changes. Please read at your own risk!!!] Story of PAYU and...
Toxic Love  by KamilaMichelle4
Toxic Love by KamilaMichelle4
Do we really know the definition of love? Love, is the typical where a person meets another and they slowly start to have feelings for each other's. Go on dates and tell...
Shadowhunters texting  by demilh
Shadowhunters texting by demilh
Under Editing!!!! What if the characters from Shadowhunters send eachother texts. I don't own the characters. ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Hello everyone, My name is Demi, i'm from Hol...
+°|X Si supieras lo que siento X|°+(Paraguay x Todos) by Fabiola1305
+°|X Si supieras lo que siento X|° Fabiola Lezcano
Estaba leyendo los libros de la gente,y me dije :"No me quedare sin hacer nada >:v",además da gusto ukear a tu país ¿apoco no? :v,bueno,cambiando de tema...
Préférences Teen Wolf by Hanna-Davis
Préférences Teen Wolfby Morgane
Salut, je suis nouvelle. Ici vous trouverez des préférences Teen Wolf de Scott, Stiles, Derek, Jackson, Isaac, Liam, Aiden, Nolan, Théo et Parrish. Vous pouvez me comman...
L'appel du louveteau by Hal-Elm
L'appel du louveteauby Harlock W. Diego Holmes
[Fanfic écrite en 2015 sur] [Zorro Disney] Réécriture de l'arc de l'Aigle. Pour obliger Alejandro de la Vega à se soumettre, l'Aigle est prêt à tout : qui...
Hola amigos quisiera contar mi historia yo solo un chico normal reencarne en uno de los mejores spidermans que hay en el mundo y a partir de aqui mi vida cambio
EXPERIMENTO (Cutison) by cutisoneta
EXPERIMENTO (Cutison)by cutisoneta
Serie de historias experimentales (para quien escribe) sobre Cutison. Contenido maduro, algunos contienen escenas +18. OBSESIÓN: Un joven Heung Min conoce a un joven Cri...
Fireman Sam: The firefighter competition by Audreyly18
Fireman Sam: The firefighter Audreyly18
(Between season 11. and 12.) Fireman Sam lives in a small town, in Pontypandy. Sam and his colleagues spend their lives every day saving people. One day they get news of...
Vikings imagines by newtgotmelike
Vikings imaginesby newtgotmelike
{ REQUESTS ARE OPEN } Imagines / Requests / Preferences Will mainly be writing about the Ragnarssons, but feel free to request whoever you want. Enjoy!
El Fin by l3Ogn4rD_0101
El Finby l3Ogn4rD_0101
Un hombre acechado por una bestia dentro de la realidad y sus sueños.
Antoine et Florence - L'art du crime by pospuf
Antoine et Florence - L'art du pospuf
Des OS sur le couple Antoine Verlay et Florence Chassagne de la série française L'art du crime.
tom holland gif serie <3 {1} by yeahiwritefanfiction
tom holland gif serie <3 {1}by justagirlwhowritesfanfiction
Just read it if you like gifseries and tom holland 😻🙈
Mis dibujos  by niokodamian
Mis dibujos by Nioko Damián
Aquí pondré los dibujos que hago No soy el mejor dibujante pero hago el intento
The Ice Queen by Shedling49
The Ice Queenby Shedling49
This story is about a young woman from the 2000-century and somehow she went up into a sci-fiction apokalyps future and there her life change and thanks to a King who l...
Naavena:  Enchanted Forest by Paradith
Naavena: Enchanted Forestby Eliana R. B.
In a magical and hidden world, the elves have lived in harmony with nature for centuries, developing a prosperous society. Naavena, a young elf with an adventurous spiri...