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W e a k n e s s [Peterick  AU] - #Wattys2016 by Dreammaker_222
W e a k n e s s [Peterick AU] - #...by ⠀
An excellent serial killer, who has never failed any of his missions. Nobody can soften his cold heart... Except one. Highest ranking so far: #2 in Peterick & #1 in Fall...
Fall Out Boy Imagines 4 by FallOutBarnes
Fall Out Boy Imagines 4by Mrs. Barnes
What else can I say? Fourth book for our four favorite boys.
Fall Out Boy Imagines 2 by FallOutBarnes
Fall Out Boy Imagines 2by Mrs. Barnes
All the cuteness, all the drama, all the laughter, and all the sadness. It just couldn't all fit in the last book.
Kik Me Sometime? (Peterick) by angeleyes-demonsoul
Kik Me Sometime? (Peterick)by Skittles
They met on the subway. The only thing exchanged between them were not so subtle looks, until on his way out, the blond boy slips a paper to the brown haired boy. Kik me...
unholy pictures of pete wentz by notwentz
unholy pictures of pete wentzby Pete x
inspired by unholy pictures of josh dun lowercase intended
Face Down ✓ | Patrick Stump by MrBendezedrine
Face Down ✓ | Patrick Stumpby MrBendezedrine
Skye was close with her dad. He was not only her father, but her best friend and her second half. When her father is diagnosed with cancer, Skye's life begins to crumble...
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Snow on the Roads (adopted by twenty one pilots SEQUEL) by goodnightmoony
Snow on the Roads (adopted by twen...by Dakota Moon
Laney Madison Joseph, once Roberts, has made it this far. She's pushed through running away and drowning in all of her demons to find her true family with Tyler and Josh...
Fall Out Boy Imagines 3: Return of The Feels by FallOutBarnes
Fall Out Boy Imagines 3: Return of...by Mrs. Barnes
3rd times a charm I guess. Your four favorite boys are back and guess what! They brought the feels with them...
A Perfect Mistake (Book One in the Peterick Mpreg Series) by BangTheDoldrums21
A Perfect Mistake (Book One in the...by Jo⋆
Pete is your typical "bad boy" in college, but one day, Patrick comes along. Much to Pete's surprise, his world is turned upside down. Pete reacts quickly to h...
The Phoenix • {Dallon Weekes} by SaveRockFromRoll
The Phoenix • {Dallon Weekes}by livley styles
Phoenix Wentz. Fresh out of college, a musician in the works, a single 24 year old. Dallon Weekes. Fresh out of a divorce, a bassist of one of the biggest alternative ba...
Revolving Doors ↪ Pete Wentz by xleenajax
Revolving Doors ↪ Pete Wentzby xleenajax
"No Jay. What i really wanna do is go to the top of a hill and scream 'i love you' from the top of my lungs." He pauses. "But i can't do that because I'm...
I'm Going Nowhere Fast (Peterick) by TashiJean
I'm Going Nowhere Fast (Peterick)by TashiJean
Patrick Stump is just a guy that enjoys to blend into the background with his two best friends, Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley. It's isn't until Pete Wentz wants Patrick's...
Friction [Book 2] by fxckflint
Friction [Book 2]by liam fray
BOOK 2 / 3 IN THE FALL OUT BOY SERIES Life changes in a blur for Ellianah Sullivan. Everything goes by so fast that she forgets how to live her own life. She can't handl...
You Saved Me by BangTheDoldrums21
You Saved Meby Jo⋆
This is a book that takes you through the life of Cassie. She has her battles, as any normal person does, but she always finds comfort in her favorite band - Fall Out Bo...
Sugarcane Chronicles Volume I: One and Lonely (ryden) by JulyBecameDecember
Sugarcane Chronicles Volume I: One...by Josh N. Murray
Ryan is cursed and Brendon is adorable. Others are featured and weirds things happen. (inspired by the anime and manga, 'Fruits Basket') **CONTAINS SPOILERS IN THE COMME...
Folie à Deux (Pete Wentz FanFic) by Fobatthedisco
Folie à Deux (Pete Wentz FanFic)by Hols
2013: Carmen meets Pete Wentz on a rainy evening. His kindness and mystery draw her in, and she begins to fall for him. He comes with a dark past and secrets but she's w...
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Fall Out Boy Imagines by FallOutBarnes
Fall Out Boy Imaginesby Mrs. Barnes
A collection of Fall Out Boy Imagines
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instagram // peterick by clevertyler
instagram // peterickby ✌🏻tyler✌🏻
just a bunch of instagram posts /peterick related
MEnAce (peterick) by wentz_bin
MEnAce (peterick)by visitation
"You... You're insane!" "I know! Isn't it great?" Young and Menace ; 12,000 words Disclaimer: Contains violence and strong language throughout, refe...