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His Royal Mate by keira__S
His Royal Mateby Keira
Lilly is 16 years old she is the alpha kings youngest daughter, her mother is a witch and she is the only one of her siblings that is a witch-werewolf hybrid and she ca...
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  • pregnancy
  • witches
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In Pieces || Riverdale by riverdolan
In Pieces || Riverdaleby Sami 🌟
Delta Jones is Jugheads twin sister. She and her brother are exactly alike, Delta has more of a rebellious side to her. After her dad got arrested she fell apart and doe...
  • serpent
  • jugheadsister
  • jughead
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Ssb x reader by weird_blueberry
Ssb x readerby Britt
Your new to Ssb and your a fighter.You are in a mansion full of characters and more you have friends and more.The mansion has a cafeteria,training rooms,fighting stage,a...
  • ssbxreader
  • ssb
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Payback (Myanmar Translation) by Htoo-6
Payback (Myanmar Translation)by Htoo-6
" ငါျပန္လာမွာ ေဝယြိ။ မင္း ဒီကေနေျပးလြတ္ႏိုင္မယ္ ထင္ရဲရင္ထင္ၾကည့္။" ____________________________ Original author.......Shellyrill All credit to her. Also credi...
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  • myanmar
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Married To Byun Baekhyun [COMPLETED] by Sweetunniee
Married To Byun Baekhyun [ Unnie
"What!!" "I am not gonna marry him" "Nor am I going to marry her" "Omma please my dream was to marry someone I love not him!!" Eu...
  • jungkook
  • exofanfic
  • love
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Vampires little secret by RossLyncsIsMine
Vampires little secretby 🖤♥️RÉKA♥️🖤
[WARNING]: this book contains strong language and adult humor. If you get triggered by it , don't read it "My life ended and started with two fangs piercing throug...
  • vampireromance
  • vampire
  • romanc
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Nje dashuri e pamundur[Completed] by lov3intheair
Nje dashuri e pamundur[Completed]by
Nje histori dashurie e kushtezuar nga mentaliteti. Dy njerez qe duhen por smund te jen bashk.A do tia dalin ata te dalin mbi te gjithe dhe mbi gjithcka ?
  • historidashurie
  • love
  • impossible
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The Red Fate Clock by Britishstudents
The Red Fate Clockby Britishstudents
Nathan Cruz lives in a world where everyone has a clock around their right wrist. This clock counts down to the moment they meet their soulmate. He sees people zero down...
  • highschoollife
  • highschool
  • boy
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The Art of Being Young by heygoodlookinnn
The Art of Being Youngby Jack Milton Montgomery
In 1958, a gang of misfit teens come of age while trying to overcome life's cruel sting.
  • adventure
  • gắng
  • teen
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Midnight Ball (Shiki x reader) (On Hold) by Mystic136
Midnight Ball (Shiki x reader) ( Kimi Saito
You are a new student at Shiko Academy, you arrive six weeks before the Winter's Ball one of the biggest party's in Shiko. Within your first week there all the girl's ig...
  • dwd
  • shiki
  • dancewithdevils
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Trying To Forget Marilyn (G-Eazy) by MamaGEazy
Trying To Forget Marilyn (G-Eazy)by G Eazy_Fanfic
Who was the first girl to break G Eazy's heart? Let's ask Marilyn....
  • fangirl
  • love
  • fanfiction
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Dashuri Bardh E Zi by lov3intheair
Dashuri Bardh E Ziby
Ti nuk e vendos dot ke do të dashurosh,edhe nese te duhet te dashurosh vajzen e rivalit tend! Nje dashuri e cila lindi nga urrejtja do të jetë aq e bukur por aq e trisht...
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Our Story by Eunjim27
Our Storyby Taehyung's Mine
"Nha," panggil Jungkook. "Hmm." Balas Eunha. "Bantu move on dong." Ujar Jungkook pelan. "Tadi katanya enggak mau aku cariin cewek.&quo...
  • rose
  • mingyu
  • 97line
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مُراهقـة ثلاثيـنيةٌ  by Amma466
مُراهقـة ثلاثيـنيةٌ by 엠마 ☕™❤"
مُكتملة ✅ سلوكيـا .. في أمسية حفل ميلادها الثلاثين انفصل عنها الرجل الوحيد في حياتها فتسعي أن تستردهُ لتخوض أغرب تجربة في الحياة !
  • mystery
  • lose
  • adventure
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The Fighter "H.S" by mahiijoonz
The Fighter "H.S"by Mahijoonz
[Sexual Content] تيتر خبر ها:" هري استايلز بوكسر معروف ٢٤ ساله بعد از تصادف وحشتناكي در حومه شهر لندن راهيه بيمارستان شد ..."
  • dirty
  • love
  • sexualcontent
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My Love by mamacita01
My Loveby cool gal
idk what to put in here just yet but enjoy :)
  • love
  • teen
  • homecoming
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The Founder of Diabolism by teshren
The Founder of Diabolismby تشرين
THE REAL NOVEL OF Mo Dao Zu Shi SUMMARY: As the grandmaster who founded the Demonic Sect, Wei WuXian roamed the world in his wanton ways, hated by millions for the chaos...
  • anime2018
  • bl
  • novel
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Djalli i veshur si engjell by Justme032
Djalli i veshur si engjellby justme
Kishte kohe qe qante ....krjet e vetme ....ashtu ndihej ...kishin ikur dhe ja kishin rrembyer zemren dhe buzeqeshjen...tani me ishte e ftoht si akullnaj..........askush...
  • revenge
  • possessive
  • badboy
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Kid in demand (carziger) by Angelwolf6
Kid in demand (carziger)by Voices ATC is my sweet surren...
Maxx moves from his uncle's house with his mom after his uncle starts to abuse him, his mom had had enough and moved them, while Maxx unpacks him mom goes to meet the ne...
  • otp
  • maxxxdanziger
  • romanc
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brothers conflict x Male!rockstar!oc by levi_senpai_030
brothers conflict x Male! levi
I'm not very good at descriptions sorry but I'll try so ema has an older brother who is famous for his voice he's on tour right now while Ema has to moves in with her n...
  • forbidden
  • boyxboy
  • romanc
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