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Xelqua Rising || The Lost One AU by SparklingWonderQueen
Xelqua Rising || The Lost One AUby Ruby
Grian is cursed, or at least, that's what it seems. Trapped against his will to play a cruel game and sacrificing himself for his friends, Grian knows little of happines...
Cursed Feathers by Jokes_Have_Meaning
Cursed Feathersby Not_A_Joke
Grian had tried to forget his past, but secrets never hold for long. What will the Hermits think? Will the Watchers find him? ...Or will he be the main threat? (No...
Hermitcraft One shots And AUs!  by ze1gh0st
Hermitcraft One shots And AUs! by zei
I have a lots of cool ideas but no motivation to write! :D , mostly about Grian being a Watcher but i don't know how to write! - -more info in first chapter!
Long Lost- a tale about Grian- a Dsmp x Hermitcraft story (A Sbi story as well) by Master-225
Long Lost- a tale about Grian- a D...by Master221
Grian spotted something floating above his base. As he flys closer to it he realizes it's a portal! Accidentally getting to close he gets sucked in! In another world Phi...
You Don't Understand ~ A Scarian Fanfic by Dedoodoo155
You Don't Understand ~ A Scarian F...by ~•| Sculk |•~
Grian has just joined Hermitcraft, a minecraft smp. He makes friends along the way slowly easing into his new life, knowing he can't tell them about his secret. In the 3...
What Is Hidden From View (AU) (Watcher/Admin Grian) by Master-225
What Is Hidden From View (AU) (Wat...by Master221
Xisuma and Exavier were thrown out of their parents house when they were little. After years of being on their own they learn they both have the potential of being admin...
Grian Oneshots!! by ELemonsssss
Grian Oneshots!!by GrainOfBread
This is a set of oneshots written by me! They may not all be Grian-centric, but most will be. As of now, I will take requests (I write angst, fluff, hurt, comfort, etc...
What Are You?//Listener Jimmy au//Flower Husbands by The_Trans_Mushroom
What Are You?//Listener Jimmy au...by Shroom K.
What happens when the people of Empires smp find out what the sheriff actually is? /////////////////////////// -This is in the process of being rewritten!!! -Completely...
The Wings I Was Forced To Have. [DISCONTINUED] by echo_star__
The Wings I Was Forced To Have. [D...by Echo
A once free and happy minecraft player, who had finally overcome his disaster of a past, finds himself trapped in a place he'd never imagined he'd see again. Was he fin...
The Hidden Gateway || The Lost One AU by SparklingWonderQueen
The Hidden Gateway || The Lost One...by Ruby
After being a Watcher for over two centuries, Grian has decided to flee from them in favor of being human again. A secret portal turns out to be his saving grace, though...
The Watcher || A Grian fanfiction by Rosa_2406
The Watcher || A Grian fanfictionby Rossii_the_Bee
Grian Watcher AU. When Grian first escaped the watchers and landed on an unknown server he first thought he was safe, and for the first couple months he was. Then weird...
A Change In The Horizon || The Lost One AU by SparklingWonderQueen
A Change In The Horizon || The Los...by Ruby
WARNING: This book is part 2 of a series. Please read Xelqua Rising first before reading this description as it contains spoilers. Finally settling into his new life as...
My love HC, Yhs & Evo by Keisha-Sleep
My love HC, Yhs & Evoby Keisha ørgaard
"' He who was the leader of Evo came on the 6th and left on the 9th ' who could that be ? " - Bdubs heard again 'no one should have left you alone Taurtis.' b...
Watcher grian oneshots by non-binarybanana
Watcher grian oneshotsby Ollie
This is just a bunch of ideas I got from some tiktok videos about watcher grian. galactic will be in English just in a diffrent format !¡! NO ART IS MINE!¡! !¡! slow up...
in another timeline - scarian.  by gaygrain
in another timeline - scarian. by Asher
A story about Xelqua, a watcher, a immortal. his endless cycle of life and death, like a myth he's only discovered by those who want to know. In 1924 he was summoned int...
wings clipped, blood ran cold by Haldrachen
wings clipped, blood ran coldby internal conundrum
In a world in where 0.1% of the mortal human player population has suprabilities, we follow Grian Dreamslayer (who is admittedly none of that), as he juggles the life of...
Martyn in the Chamber of Echoes by SparklingWonderQueen
Martyn in the Chamber of Echoesby Ruby
After the events of Evolution SMP, Martyn Littlewood was tossed in the Void, frozen in time for centuries. Freed now, he is driven by two desires: to free his dear frien...
[DISCONTINUED/REWRITTEN] Differentiate Our Ways - A Hermitcraft AU fanfic by RachelGreenery
[THIS BOOK IS NO LONGER RECIVING UPDATES, A REWRITE IS OUT] "Wait- EX please listen-" "NO! I'VE HAD ENOUGH, I'M LEAVING!" *+*+/|\+*+*×*+*+/|\+*+* It'...
MCYT One-Shots by nicolesaidhellooo
MCYT One-Shotsby someone
cover found on google what the title says. theres no shipping in this btw (Empires, Hermitcraft, Pirates SMP, Rats SMP, Outsiders SMP, Life series, Evo SMP)
Affection : Scarian by skillycat
Affection : Scarianby Aj
Scar and Grian have been close friends for some time now, ever since Grian moved to Hermitvill right before freshman year ended. The end of Junior year School trip is ha...