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Nobody Knows Where I Come From [The Endless War REWRITE 2] by The_Smiling_Paradox
Nobody Knows Where I Come From [Th...by Shado
After being freed from his demise, Grian has a chance to join The Council and help his new siblings protect the servers from a creature that is a threat to everything. A...
Grian Oneshots!! by ELemonsssss
Grian Oneshots!!by GrainOfBread
This is a set of oneshots written by me! They may not all be Grian-centric, but most will be. As of now, I will take requests (I write angst, fluff, hurt, comfort, etc...
Long Lost- a tale about Grian- a Dsmp x Hermitcraft story (A Sbi story as well) by Master-225
Long Lost- a tale about Grian- a D...by Master221
Grian spotted something floating above his base. As he flys closer to it he realizes it's a portal! Accidentally getting to close he gets sucked in! In another world Phi...
What Is Hidden From View (AU) (Watcher/Admin Grian) by Master-225
What Is Hidden From View (AU) (Wat...by Master221
Xisuma and Exavier were thrown out of their parents house when they were little. After years of being on their own they learn they both have the potential of being admin...
Xelqua Rising || The Lost One AU by SparklingWonderQueen
Xelqua Rising || The Lost One AUby Ruby
Grian is cursed, or at least, that's what it seems. Trapped against his will to play a cruel game and sacrificing himself for his friends, Grian knows little of happines...
The Endless War  by The_Smiling_Paradox
The Endless War by Shado
The admins and The Watchers have been fighting a creature called "Error" for a while. Once again Error has been defeated temporarily. A young Watcher called Xe...
A Blessing and a Curse || A Hermitcraft/Watcher AU by Xanthicat
A Blessing and a Curse || A Hermit...by Xanthicat
'Watchers, often regarded as evil "Masters of Manipulation", are a small but infinitely powerful species. They have been feared and hated for generations becau...
The Hidden Gateway || The Lost One AU by SparklingWonderQueen
The Hidden Gateway || The Lost One...by Ruby
After being a Watcher for over two centuries, Grian has decided to flee from them in favor of being human again. A secret portal turns out to be his saving grace, though...
A Change In The Horizon || The Lost One AU by SparklingWonderQueen
A Change In The Horizon || The Los...by Ruby
WARNING: This book is part 2 of a series. Please read Xelqua Rising first before reading this description as it contains spoilers. Finally settling into his new life as...
My brain, body, and bones are true by Justarandomissue
My brain, body, and bones are trueby En
Empires S2 fic woo! Jimmy focused because yes. This will have angst, fluff and some other stuff which if I deem in need of a warning I will alert you as the reader so tr...
Power of Myths by EarthIsAnOctagon
Power of Mythsby Some Human
December 31st. The cursed day. While most families were still enjoying the cheers of christmas, 30 kids, no more, no less would be taken from their homes. They would be...
de-aged kid by Grain-Keieep7785
de-aged kidby Grain-Keieep7785
deaged kid- Grian parents- X & K
The Lost Watcher  by XShadowCasterX
The Lost Watcher by XShadowCasterX
Watchers. Mythical beings of immense power, their original purpose having been to guide and protect the balance of Servers. But now, their purpose has been forgotten, th...
A Past Of Secrets (APOS) [Being Rewritten] by Red_Karma_
A Past Of Secrets (APOS) [Being Re...by Red_Karma_
Grian always was good at hiding his past. But when a glitch is found in the code of hermitcraft, everyone is forced to say only the truth when asked about the past. Of c...
The Highest || A Short Hermitcraft/Watcher AU by Xanthicat
The Highest || A Short Hermitcraft...by Xanthicat
There wasn't much of a hierarchy for the Watchers, their small population and overall sense of unity allowed for that, but there was one thing; The Highest. She was the...
My love HC, Yhs & Evo by Keisha-Sleep
My love HC, Yhs & Evoby Keisha ørgaard
"' He who was the leader of Evo came on the 6th and left on the 9th ' who could that be ? " - Bdubs heard again 'no one should have left you alone Taurtis.' b...
GRIAN: Lore, Fanon, Canon & More. by SullyThePony
GRIAN: Lore, Fanon, Canon & More.by Sully
Simply a guide to Grian's canon lore, not-so-canon lore, fanon and everything else you might encounter as a new member of Hermitpad! (note : this is mostly so no one els...
Martyn in the Chamber of Echoes by SparklingWonderQueen
Martyn in the Chamber of Echoesby Ruby
After the events of Evolution SMP, Martyn Littlewood was tossed in the Void, frozen in time for centuries. Freed now, he is driven by two desires: to free his dear frien...
Wings and redstone by Casuallyafraid
Wings and redstoneby Wolfie!
[posted to AO3 aswell] A hermitcraft Au The watchers have been missing for a while, no one knows why. though Pearl and Grian are suddenly hybrids? somethings off..
{ON HOLD}Meant to Watch || Last Life SMP by kmsmeow10
{ON HOLD}Meant to Watch || Last Li...by •Lonely•
INCOMPLETE JUST MARKING IT COMPLETED SO WATTPAD STOPS TELLING ME HOW I NEED TO UPDATE😭 "Why were you so set on Grian?" "HE wasn't meant to be there, he w...