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Lovely War by pufferfishhhyy
Lovely Warby Pufferfish
This is just a scarian story I made cause I was bored. Also, there are not enough stories of the two, so yeah. This is a hero world based story where Grian, aka The Watc...
He Was Only Meant To Watch- A Scarian Fanfic by Seth189
He Was Only Meant To Watch- A Seth J. Robins
The Southlands was ruled by watchers. No one ever really knew what they looked like as they never really walked out of their castle. If someone saw them, they were to te...
I Don't Mind Being His Second Choice // Scarian // Scar x Grian by XxAlex_petxX
I Don't Mind Being His Second Alex
I Dont Mind Being His Second Choice - IDMBHSC The Brunette that like the dirty blonde, but knew he could never have a chance with him as long as the dirty blonde was clo...
|Scarian| Ink is our connection  by That_Violet_Witch
|Scarian| Ink is our connection by That_Violet_Witch
Soulmate AU were if you draw on yourself it will also appear on your soulmate, if you wash/rub it of it will come off. I do not ship any irl people just minecraft charac...
Fighting The Past | Hermitcraft Hero/Super Powers Au 1/2| by WhiteCatW
Fighting The Past | Hermitcraft WhiteCatW
In a broken world , controlled by the Watchers. Where everyone gets powers after they 10. Group of friends had a great normal afternoon... Till one day something tragic...
What Happened? Desert Duo by Seth189
What Happened? Desert Duoby Seth J. Robins
WARNING: This is the second fanfic I have ever written so it may be bad. This is a short story about the Desert Duo in Double Life. I left out some parts, but I got most...
Loyalties | A Hermitcraft Story by XShadowCasterX
Loyalties | A Hermitcraft Storyby XShadowCasterX
Scar has always had a strong sense of loyalty. To his home, to his few friends, and especially to his king, King Ren. Since boyhood, Scar has served him faithfully as on...
|| Passing notes || Scarian || by Treebucket
|| Passing notes || Scarian ||by
Grian and Scar have all the same classes in school, but they never spoke. One day, Scar receives a note, and they don't stop coming. He passes notes back. Could this be...
Never Meant To Be: yet another Scarian fic by Seth189
Never Meant To Be: yet another Seth J. Robins
Scar, a popular senior at his high school, has two very close friends. Mumbo and Martyn. They hang out a lot and they often crack themselves up. Mumbo is the nerd of the...
a pair of aces and eights (DESERT DUO) by cringemyson
a pair of aces and eights ( cringejum and ihatemyson
"Triple-Seven." Grian looks up. The silence seems to go on forever. "Yes." His superior leans forward, a rare and amused glint in his eyes. "Let...
~Scarian one/smutshots~(Ongoing) by Mushroom_GOD345
~Scarian one/smutshots~(Ongoing)by Axel
more info about requests and the book on the first chapter
Scarian smutshots <3 by Akari3108
Scarian smutshots <3by ~☆◇♡Myocari♡◇☆~
holy hell will this be a Rollercoaster of events. if you're new and aren't into smut, I have another book on my page with mainly fluff with a few bits of angst here and...
Hogwarts: A Flower Husbands Fanfic by Seth189
Hogwarts: A Flower Husbands Fanficby Seth J. Robins
Flower husbands but at Hogwarts. Just so you know Harry Potter isn't a thing. I mean, he's there but like his parents weren't killed and stuff. Dumbledore and Snape are...
Hermitcraft, Empires Smp & Life Series One-shots by AnnieLesbean
Hermitcraft, Empires Smp & Life 𝔸𝕟𝕟𝕒𝕓𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕒
Just some oneshots I wrote for Hermitcraft, Empires, and the life series. Hope you enjoy! !This is only shipping of the characters/minesonas not the creaters themselves...
Soulbreak - A MCYT 3rd/Last/Double Life FanFiction by WiseWing77
Soulbreak - A MCYT 3rd/Last/ WiseWing77
They've all suffered... they've all lost loved ones to the watchers. But it's over now... and Mojang has defeated the watchers. But at what cost? And 19-year-old profess...
| Before | - Desert Duo/Scarian - by Reccespuffs
| Before | - Desert Duo/Scarian -by Snacknap
Hello! This is a desert duo main story, as you can see by the title and picture. This occurs school. High school timeline. My first fic, I hope you like! Will update des...
I had a dream! (Scarian) by RyeIsBritish
I had a dream! (Scarian)by Rye<3
grian, a caring Boy broken by the world and not wanting to hurt anyone Scar, a dramatic, Sweet, person who would do anything to make grian happy. Yet, the universe lik...
Tokyo soul in Canada by XxAlex_petxX
Tokyo soul in Canadaby Alex
Scar transfers schools and meets the troublemakers that have ruled over the high school for 2 years, they had no mercy over any student there. The avian however saw some...
Servers Collide 3rd Life AU by Izray175
Servers Collide 3rd Life AUby
Two worlds of the same thing, but opposites end up colliding together. No one knows how, but they try to find a way to stop it. Unfortunately, that means finishing the L...
Star crossed lovers  by _nikkita_
Star crossed lovers by _nikkita_
When a ship Docs at hermit island while giran was exploring he come a cross tow humans one of them his scar and when they first meet sparks fly but later in there relati...