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Two Different Worlds (Re-Write) - A Hermitcraft Mermaid AU by starlit_voids
Two Different Worlds (Re-Write) Star/Xan ☆
A pirate who doesn't believe in merpeople. A half-merman who isn't allowed anywhere near humans. Not exactly the kind of people you'd expect to meet, let alone fall in l...
addeleworth [Scarian Royalty AU] by hi123bye_s
addeleworth [Scarian Royalty AU]by Ollie :]
Addleworth /add-ul-worth/ adj. Being unable to answer the question of if you're truly okay, and are a good person. Feeling unable to decipher the feelings you have abou...
Grian's Definitely-Not-His-Fault Problem by Smallpatcha
Grian's Definitely-Not-His-Fault Smallpatcha
Grian stupidly let's Scar into his nest and now he's got to deal with the aftermath. The first part of the first chapter is kinda cringe so please don't pay much attenti...
- Just Friends? -  by LaylarsOasis
- Just Friends? - by Laylar !
desert duo fanfic :D - Scarian - This is my first project so it might not be the best! #8th in Jizzie - 05.04.2024 #1st in desertduo - 17.04.2024 #2nd in Grian - 24.05...
You Mocha Me Crazy ~ Scarian by MasqIsCool
You Mocha Me Crazy ~ Scarianby gambling hearts <3
"Just like coffee, you keep me up at night" Scarian college/coffee shop au inspired by "Smells Like Coffee" and "Tastes Like Coffee" by @Th...
Scarian high school au by ivytheratdragon
Scarian high school auby Quinn
Scar is new to this school, he quickly falls head over heels for his new best friend but does Grian feel the same? In this the empires musical is a real play. grian is...
You Don't Understand ~ A Scarian Fanfic by Dedoodoo155
You Don't Understand ~ A Scarian ~•| Sculk |•~
Grian has just joined Hermitcraft, a minecraft smp. He makes friends along the way slowly easing into his new life, knowing he can't tell them about his secret. In the 3...
The Parrot Next Door // Scarian by aNamelessBread
The Parrot Next Door // Scarianby Bread
(Scarian) Friends to Lovers (Personally my favorite) TW> Panic attack, Strong language, Sexual harassment, Attempted murder. Notes to Self: Started writing: 09/11/22 ...
Recovery- a scarian story by PurpleEnoki
Recovery- a scarian storyby PurpleEnoki
The setting is set in season 7. A prank goes wrong, and many people get injured, but Grian gets the most out of it. Scar helps him recover, and realizes he has feelings...
lovers intwined (Scarian) by Noahthedumbbell
lovers intwined (Scarian)by Noah Rosa-harrison
after and unfortunate turn of events for scar and grian in double life they are sent back to hermitcraft. now they must work together to face the challenges that stand i...
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Oneshots Scarian by Bryanzora
Oneshots Scarianby Bryanzora
First story prompt Scar tries to preen Grian's wings but his wings are sensitive. !Characters not mine I only ship the personas!
I've got my eyes on you~ Scarian by ItzCrazyJai
I've got my eyes on you~ Scarianby POTATO💀
Grian has been keeping a secret for way too long, thinking he can't hold on to it any longer now. His childhood haunted him and he needed some help. When one of his clos...
.:Some Hermitcraft Chaos:. [Scarian] by Aespin_
.:Some Hermitcraft Chaos:. [ Aespin
I do not ship these players in IRL! I only ship their minesonas ------------------- Ships:. Scar x Grian (Romantic) Mumbo x Iskall (Romantic) Scott x Timmy (Romantic) Ta...
Silence and pining - Scarian by How_The_Time_Flies
Silence and pining - Scarianby Mr Lemon Man.
A story based back in season six, around mid way through the demise game as this was when I started writing it (I've only decided I may as well submit it here now). It d...
Empires Smp High School Group Chat by MythicalSausage
Empires Smp High School Group Chatby Sausage
A silly little group chat series! And they are all fruity as fuck
(Discontinued) scarian oneshots by DixzKizz
(Discontinued) scarian oneshotsby Aust
*honestly this was to stop myself to fill the other story with scarian-* - no nsfw. - I can do request (only if I want to do it.) - tws mentions will be used if needed...
Literally just an CuteGuy×HotGuy oneshot by _iNena_
Literally just an CuteGuy×HotGuy ThatStupidName
read the title! also, this comes from jas's fanart (on Tumblr "isjasz"). Hope you enjoy and check her art, she's amazing ;)
Sharks and fishes | hermitcraft / scarian by Glivzee
Sharks and fishes | Cause yeah ive met jared
In a world of the sea sharks eat fish but what it one can't what if he loved him?
Hermitcraft Oneshots by japaneseTOFU
Hermitcraft Oneshotsby ._.its._.l1am._.
This is going to be a whole bunch of random one shots, I am sorry if I get anything wrong, I will also be writing about the other seasons as well. There may also be smut...
Grumbo + Scarian Oneshots by RatPrints
Grumbo + Scarian Oneshotsby {Onyx/Rat}
Requests always open. No 18+ I will try and write as much as I can. Please read my other stories ❤️