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Grumbo oneshots by thathermitweirdo
Grumbo oneshotsby Weirdo
I only ship their Minecraft personas, NOT THE REAL HERMITS. And if Mumbo or Grian ever make a post about being uncomfortable with being shipped, this will be taken down.
Hermits: Apocalypse by OreoBoi191
Hermits: Apocalypseby Wither
A storm lashes out on the peaceful Hermitcraft server. Grian, along with Mumbo, Ren, and Doc, find themselves sucked into the eye of the storm... And transported to a po...
Under The Helmet || Hermitcraft AU by LillaPlayz
Under The Helmet || Hermitcraft AUby Lilla
After being challenged to what seems like an impossible Hermit Challenge by the one and only Mumbo Jumbo, Grian's life starts to fall apart. Can he succeed in the task a...
Grumbo + Scarian Oneshots by RatPrints
Grumbo + Scarian Oneshotsby {Bee/Onyx}
Requests always open. No 18+ I will try and write as much as I can. Please read my other stories ❤️
Grumbo One-Shots by FanicChronicles
Grumbo One-Shotsby Fanic!
*Cover Art Not Mine* ⚠️ I DO NOT SHIP REAL LIFE PEOPLE ⚠️ •' Just some oneshots for the grumbo lovers out there! I'm just using this to cure my boredom or maybe somethi...
Just me and him- autistic Tommy and big brother Tubbo, SBI adoption story by Thatdinowhoexists
Just me and him- autistic Tommy Thatdinowhoexists
For as long as he can remember, Tubbo has always looked after his younger (step) brother, Tommy. Just them two. He was just waiting for his 18th birthday, when finally t...
Secrets, Struggles, & Soulmates - Scarian by ElijahCries
Secrets, Struggles, & Hello Hello
⚠ Cover Art Isn't Mine ⚠(I wish it was though like, DAMN! talent!!! When Mumbo Jumbo died unexpectedly his best friend, Grian, never recovered. He'd locked himself in h...
Dreams, Dares, & Darkness - Scarian by ElijahCries
Dreams, Dares, & Darkness - Scarianby Hello Hello
Well hello there, if you're here then you've probably read Secrets, Struggles, & Soulmates! If not, this is a sequel of that book and you might not understand some of th...
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Smells Like Coffee ~ (Etho x Bdubs) by ThatOneWaterCat
Smells Like Coffee ~ (Etho x Bdubs)by ThatOneWaterCat
Hermitcraft Coffee Shop AU! Just some tired college students trying to swim through homework, take care of themselves, and maybe fall in love along the way? Etho x Bdubs...
Curtsy - SkepHalo by JAMS_AJ
Curtsy - SkepHaloby JAMS
A royal and a peasant. Doesn't seem to fit huh? But what if I told you, two people made it real? Two people made something absurd and unthinkable happen? Two people mad...
Redemption (A Hermitcraft AU) by NinjaKitty1928
Redemption (A Hermitcraft AU)by (basically on a writing hiatu...
||Story Name Was Previously "Watched"|| Grian was never trusted. Not by the Watchers. They hated him for his thoughts. Though he tried to prove them wrong, and...
Hermitcraft Shots by RaeTheStar
Hermitcraft Shotsby RaeTheStar
A compilation of Hermitcraft oneshots! I'll update whenever inspiration hits, so buckle up boys. All art (if there is any) is mine! Quick note, all of these stories are...
leave me be: Grian / Hermitcraft by Hollie_Potatoes
leave me be: Grian / Hermitcraftby Hollie
We're back with another story :D the whole theme is mental health and this Grian-centric in Hermitcraft. If anyone who is in this book expresses that they are uncomforta...
Repaired by V10l3t_wr1t3s
Repairedby V10l3t_wr1t3s
SBI gets transported to HermitCraft where they fix the broken bonds with the help of the hermits, but Dream has other plans. Dream plots to destroy Hermitcraft to ensure...
addeleworth [Scarian Royalty AU] by hi123bye_s
addeleworth [Scarian Royalty AU]by Ollie :]
Addleworth /add-ul-worth/ adj. Being unable to answer the question of if you're truly okay, and are a good person. Feeling unable to decipher the feelings you have abou...
~The First Step~ a Hermitcraft AU by EteTheWildsoul
~The First Step~ a Hermitcraft AUby Ete
Grian's found refuge and safety in Hermitcraft Season 6. However, his past is quickly catching up to him, resulting in trust breaking, pain, and hardship. As Grian tries...
Hermitcraft One-Shots by Ariyaquila
Hermitcraft One-Shotsby Quill
This is fanfiction. I do not own the Hermits nor do I write for them. I write about the characters they present to us on screen. (cover made on Desyner, but the pic was...
Purple Feathers by Ender_An
Purple Feathersby Ender_An
Another watcher au... WHY DO I HAVE SO MANY IDEAS?!?!? Read at your own risk!! May have triggers in it :) Have fun! #2 in taurtis 3-1-2023 #3 in yhs 3-1-2023 #3 in evo 8...
Fight or Flight (V1) by LunaStarSeeker
Fight or Flight (V1)by ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾Allycat☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
Something strange begins to happen to Grian, and he leaves the Island for information. But of course, his fellow Hermits have to come rescue him. He spends some time rec...
Hermitcraft Oneshots by Xanthicat
Hermitcraft Oneshotsby Xanthicat
Ships: Grian/Mumbo, Bdubs/Doc, Beef/Etho, Ren/Iskall, Cub/Scar Just a collection of hermitcraft oneshots and stories set at various different times in season seven and e...