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A collection of a bunch of random ideas I have! There will mostly be angst and the upload schedule will be all over the place. If there is a ship included in any of the...
Grian oneshots by TheMysterious_Taria
Grian oneshotsby Mysterious_taria
The title says it all. There will be a heavy amount of angst with Trigger Warnings (TW) before every chapter. Ships included. No smut! Cover by me >:) Enjoy!
Grian Angst One-shots by Moonsong2003
Grian Angst One-shotsby Moonsong2003
Do you like Grian? Do you like Angst? Well, then you're in the right place because in this book is dedicated entirely to Grian Angst One-Shots, as you can probably alrea...
Hello! This is my second Grianangst book. Some fans wanted me to continue writing, so here I am !!
Present to the Past by NatMya
Present to the Pastby JustAnAverageBeing
Xisuma finds an unknown portal in the center of the shopping district. Every hermit is invited to enter together. Grian had preferred to stay behind to work on his base...
GRIAN ONE SHOTS by hugz4grian
DISCLAIMER: THIS COULD CONTAIN SWEARING IDK YET - uhh grian one shots! wtf do i put here help - i might take request dont know yet + im bad at writing - i might repost t...
A Whole New World (MCYT ModernAU) by beethebee103
A Whole New World (MCYT ModernAU)by beebee123
Jimmy lived with his older siblings Grian and Pearl. They keep teasing him about liking Scott, which he keeps denying. How long can he hide from the truth? Grian was alw...
INSIDE AN EMPTY CAGE  (HermitCraft AU) by CreativeAce336
After a brutal storm leaving grian with more then a few injuries, He is left with amnesia, and not sure what to do to get his memories back 500 views - 24 September 2022...
There Last Night  by Kylalaylalaylala
There Last Night by Mull haylo
Some lovely major character death angst with 3rd life desert duo. Keep in mind this is my very first time posting something let alone writing something like this, so the...
Grian angst oneshots by Dontdodrugsbegay
Grian angst oneshotsby Dont do drugs, just be Gay
the cover is mine you may use it just please give credits you can edit it if you'd like just please give some way of credit. thank you ❤ Please read the full description...
Watchers in Hermitcraft (A Hermitcraft Season 8 Story) by BadTimesWithDove
Watchers in Hermitcraft (A BadTimesWithDove
This entire fanfiction is based off an rp I did with a friend but with my own modifications. The story follows the events of the watchers entering Hermitcraft in search...
Split In Between Space - A Hermitcraft AU by DramaLlama55
Split In Between Space - A DramaLLama
Different hermits have been scattered around the servers of Minecraft instead of going to season 8. As they face off against father frogs, meet an odd witch, and watcher...
Mcyt angst/fluff oneshots! Double Live DreamSMP and  Hermitcraft (mostly Dream)! by Mithical_C
Mcyt angst/fluff oneshots! Mithical_C
SO! I am bored and need mcyt angst cuz the world doesn't give me enough. Though I don't want to long off stories- I'ma be writing mcyt angst oneshots!!! I won't be mak...
Grian Oneshots (Requests Plz) by PandaLiz17
Grian Oneshots (Requests Plz)by PandaLiz17
The title is pretty self explanatory. I take requests. I will try to write it. Sorry if it takes awhile for your request to be made. I have 0 motivation in life but y'kn...
Waking up to the Madness of Yesterday  by I_love_Polar_Bears
Waking up to the Madness of Bear
Grian joins Hermitcraft immediately after 3rd Life. He swears nothing had changed.
Memory by aislingffyona
Memoryby aislingffyona
A story focused on characters in the life series on you tube, who in my story can remember the events of the passed lives. This story links all the life series and the E...
Grianangst by Shrooxie
Grianangstby Camila
Grianangst oneshots :) There will be no Trigger warnings at the beginning, read on your own risk :) English isn't my first language so sorry for mistakes! Everything is...
AlwaysToMe..~Mushroom by egg766
AlwaysToMe..~Mushroomby egg766
This *NOT* egg766's story, this is their friends, Mushroom :) (I don't got an account so I'm using theirs) Have you ever kept a secret from someone or from anyone? Feari...
Grian angst by YourCatten
Grian angstby YourCatten
This will be filled with Grian angst one shots! now most of them will be angst/comfort, but some might get quite angsty! writing angst is one of my many enjoyments so I...
A Flightless Bird by PockyCoffee
A Flightless Birdby PockyCoffee
What happens when a bird is caged? Does it fight or take flight? How does Grian find himself in hermitcraft after Evo, and what happens when his past catches up? Grian...