Finding Darkness by Azmavath
Finding Darknessby Azmaveth
They arrived without a sound, yet from my cage thirty five stories below the ground I knew they were there. The ships of the Rougarian Empire gave the people of earth no...
  • adventure
  • scifi
  • sciencefantasy
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Silver's Art of Space by SilvyMarshmallow
Silver's Art of Spaceby human me
space is a place where your mind can wander, where your heart can be open, where your soul can be free. ©Silent Siren 2018
  • love
  • jesus
  • inspiration
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Rumors of War (Cadicle Vol. 1-3: An Epic Space Opera) by Amy_DuBoff
Rumors of War (Cadicle Vol. 1-3: Amy DuBoff
Cris Sietinen, heir to the most influential High Dynasty in the Taran empire, was born with rare telekinetic gifts--abilities he refuses to ignore, regardless of the gov...
  • galactic
  • novel
  • love
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Electric Spectre - One who love lost by Adam_Williams
Electric Spectre - One who love Adam_Williams
Miss Valeria, or also known as, Galatic Valeria, has been a test at a lab, she was a special gifted child until she was sent away from her beloved parents, she loved bei...
  • wonderlandchaos
  • just
  • galactic
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Mune'stahr and Pylott:  HELLMARROW,  a tale of the Ventriculum by JosephArmstead
Mune'stahr and Pylott: Joseph Armstead
"MUNE'STAHR and PYLOTT: HELLMARROW" is an epic tale of interstellar/cross-dimensional adventure featuring RIKTONN MUNE'STAHR and KESHURA PYLOTT, former Territo...
  • aliens
  • interplanetary
  • munestahr
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Nowhere Nation [#SFF] Updates Mondays [#Galactic] by AbbyBabble
Nowhere Nation [#SFF] Updates Abby
Thomas is a renegade super-genius who can absorb another person's lifetime of knowledge within minutes. Alexander, the Giant, is capable of smashing entire cities. Bu...
  • telepathy
  • adventure
  • group
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The New Beginning by jeshi99
The New Beginningby John Shirey
Angie and Marty are back from Cyborg captivity after nearly three years and they find a much different universe than the one that they had known. The mistaken destructio...
  • galactic
  • spacecombat
  • spacetravel
Days Of Future Past by KittyGotham
Days Of Future Pastby Galactica
Fanfiction plot:fays of future past About:Bobby Drake love story
  • charlesxavier
  • wolverine
  • bobbydrake
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Torentium Genisiss by SaberSavage
Torentium Genisissby SaberSavage
________________________________________ In the year 2674 a man named John will become one of the greatest soldiers ever known. the human race has expanded among the sta...
  • military
  • violence
  • human
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The Dreadrings by AudreyRucker
The Dreadringsby AdiraGal
Captain Gordon Rowe tracks down an organized illegal fighting operation involving the human trafficking of teens, fusing them with deadly mechanical parts for forced, to...
  • battleship
  • galactic
  • spaceopera
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admiration, positivity. by headsache
admiration, auto!
i need to show my admiration for you. est. february2018 love and positivity autumn, headsache
  • positive
  • klaroline
  • stelena
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Stop the G:KND by Numbuh32
Stop the G:KNDby Numbuh 32
Attention Kids Next Door Operatives. Go to top secret website "" and enter password "Galactic". Return here for mission files. That...
  • galactic
  • stoptheg
  • numbuh2
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Secrets at Alton towers  by CharlotteSumnall
Secrets at Alton towers by Charlotte Sumnall
When you go to Alton towers for the day, something happens on the smiler. What is it that happens to you?
  • altontowers
  • alton
  • rita
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A Runaway From Sinnoh by WeavileEmpressYani
A Runaway From Sinnohby уαиι_ωєανιℓє
Yani was a young girl that ran away from the region Sinnoh after Team Galactic fell apart. As she ran away, she went to the new region Hoenn, where many surprises await...
  • ghost
  • garchomp
  • dragon
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Galaxy heroes by LordCupcake
Galaxy heroesby LordCupcake
Becca is a very awkward and shy girl starting high school. She doesn't know many people, but hopes to find true friends, but a bigger evil arises and it's up to her to s...
  • superhero
  • school
  • humor
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Galactic Hearts by book_love29
Galactic Heartsby ꌗꌩꀸꈤꍟꌩ
They're both trying to get out of their worlds. Carmen, figuratively; Eric, literally. What happens when they meet? NOTE: For those of you who read this elsewhere as a c...
  • galactic
  • fantasy
  • trapped
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A Cosmic Odyssey by plorator
A Cosmic Odysseyby ❯ crybaby ❮
Strands of stars from a braided astronomy of a woman born in 1987. ⠀⠀⠀ © 2017 M.B. ⠀⠀⠀ #37 in Excerpts
  • girlfriend
  • excerpts
  • art
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Recovered books of the "ruler of power" by Saradendo
Recovered books of the "ruler of Mr Silver
The text has been translated by an online dictionary. If there were any errors, I apologize. Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to sit back and translate the book i...
  • fighting
  • epicfantasy
  • epic
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Battlestar - The Last Hope by Shanergamer372
Battlestar - The Last Hopeby Shane Bounds
20 years after galactica discovered Earth's location the galactica was destroyed during the final cylon assault and the star ship was destroyed but it's legacy lives on.
  • battlestar
  • planets
  • space
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My Electric Friend by HeavyDevy
My Electric Friendby Devin
A cyberpunk story about a lonely girl who gets criticized for just being herself. No one wants to be her friend, so instead of living in the dramatic ghetto place she li...
  • galactic
  • android
  • teenfiction
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