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The Gangleader and Me |✔| by toxic_sweetie
The Gangleader and Me |✔|by Moeiii
*¡CURRENTLY EDITING!* ☆☆☆☆ "So, Tyson, do you just lurk around waiting to interrupt people or is that a special service you offer?" He leaned against the table...
Buddie || Evan "Buck" Buckley & Eddie Diaz by et0gen
Buddie || Evan "Buck" Buckley & Grey
Short stories about Buck and Eddie from 911 the gay wee-woo show
Never Really Gone by starlit_voids
Never Really Goneby Star/Xan ☆
Those born on the first day of the first month are said to be cursed. Most are chosen to be powerful Admins, ones who will lead servers and inspire others. Every parent...
Who Says You're the One in Control? by ColorfulNoodle
Who Says You're the One in Control?by Colorful Noodle
Papyrus is dead. As are over 100 of the monsters in the Underground. Now it was just Chara against Sans in the Last Corridor. Already prepared to die here, Sans fights m...
Behind the smile, season 2 by Dorine_wannes
Behind the smile, season 2by Dorine Wannes
We thought our life was gonna change to the best...we thought everything is gonna be was never on our side. Us being a mafia didn't help let...
poems of a failed situationship by lovieGurk
poems of a failed situationshipby Miranda
at the end of the day, whatever this was, wasn't meant to last
That Girl by lilmusiclover_19
That Girlby « к у ℓ ι є »
"Who knew the nerd could be such a badass?" Benny laughed as he high fived his friend. "Oh trust me there's a lot about me that you don't know" ~~~~~...
Hopes ☆ by Jisela23
Hopes ☆by JISELA
Story of a Teenage Girl Emily ,Who goes through alot of Struggle from the Age of 16 ..... Everyone should have A reason To live ,A hope , but when all hopes are gone The...
Alone || J.Jk  by gotno_chills
Alone || J.Jk by butter_wings🦋
Trust is like paper once crumbled cannot be the same again. "Please don't leave me" #11-leftalone #7- bad thoughts #6 -badtimes #5-badtimes #3-badthoughts #123...
Day And Night by GinnyAbott
Day And Nightby GinnyAbott
Little texts I wrote about feelings I had. Like day and night, some are dark, some are full of light. These are thoughts out of my mind, some might not make sense. I'm n...
The diary of Ash Ketchum and Serena by Kazuha15
The diary of Ash Ketchum and Serenaby Olg-4 Billy John
Hello my name is Ash and here is my girlfriend Serena. We wrote our story by not our imaginations but it really happen. Hope you Enjoy and part 2 of our diary Realease i...
A Mere Save Point by DawonJungle
A Mere Save Pointby Stop
"Do you like her?" I hear them talking. "Nope." You answered. "But why do you seem so close?" He asked. "She's just a save point for w...
My life story by 25JeweliannaNKyle
My life storyby 25JeweliannaN Kyle
this all is true but im going to use different names for everybody (even myself) enjoy ig
-*--Your safe here--*--Bakugou x depressed FTM Reader fanfic by Emo_Trans_guy_crying
-*--Your safe here--*--Bakugou x Emo_Trans_guy_crying
It's all in the name bro. Warning⚠⚠ self harm hurt/fluff sewer slide attempts strong language dysphoria Ships erasermic ovi shindenki and idk prob more
would you care by bananaro
would you careby willow
poem with possible trigger warnings.
Looking Out by AnnieWebb
Looking Outby Annie Webb
Sequel to "Watch Out" Mikey and Malia are finally going out. They have liked each other ever since they knew what the feeling was. After what happens in "...
Don't Give Up by taigarodrigues97
Don't Give Upby Susana Rodrigues
We all experience those moments where life is so hard we just want to end it because dying would be better than living. It's not.
Colby Brock and Amber scholl  by CRbts13
Colby Brock and Amber scholl by CRbts13
What happens when Colby Brock and the trap house meet ambers little sister when she has to live with her over family drama, will these young adults be able to handle a 1...
My Story by AngelicLiz
My Storyby Elizabeth (Liz)
The many stories about my life and why I am like I am. Some friends will be mentioned. This is to honor everyone who has made my life a lot easier for me.
Michael Jackson Imagines by MikeJacksonsgirl
Michael Jackson Imaginesby Kaitlynn Stevens
This book is about you and Michael Jackson I do request if you have any request go ahead and tell me your request in the comments or privet message me your request I...