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Dark Disney| Dark Reverse Harem x Reader by FloatyFlowers
Dark Disney| Dark Reverse Harem FloatyFlowers
What happens when you wake up and find yourself in Disney World, however, the female leads are males, and the plotline is much darker than you remember. (I don't own any...
The Magic & The Wings. Diaval x Reader by DarylsCrossbowBolt
The Magic & The Wings. Diaval x Dixy
Diaval x Reader In this story Maleficent has only the power to curse Aurora, she relies on you for the rest and relies on Diaval to be her wings.
A Wolf and A Raven by Emerald_Rains
A Wolf and A Ravenby Jupiter Emerald
Natural enemies forced together by unnatural means. Word count- 16,489 (Y/n) is a proud and free wolf, that is until hunters bring her close to death. She is saved by a...
Maleficent's Lover by track-hoe
Maleficent's Loverby track-hoe
What if Maleficent wasn't the only protector of the Moors? What if she had a friend who protected it with her: a fairy who would be by her side forever. What if she fell...
Male Maleficent x reader by WhyIzzGamora
Male Maleficent x readerby WhyIzzGamora
Hi! This is a retelling of the movie Maleficent and it follows the plot of it. However I have added some extra as well. As the title says this is a Male Maleficent x re...
Disney Prince and Villains Imagines by jamerajoy8423
Disney Prince and Villains Imaginesby Jamera Joy
This is my second story on anything Disney and I can't wait for you to read them! These are imagines written for every prince and gender bent princess in Disney. Villain...
Possessive Disney Villians x Child Reader by turtleangel10
Possessive Disney Villians x turtleangel10
What if a Disney Villian decided they wanted to raise you as their own and plan on never letting you go.
New Beginning  by iconicbearhug
New Beginning by iconicbearhug
Regina, Cruella, Jafar and Malificent all have one wish, to have someone to love and cherish forever. The VKs want to live without fear, pain or abuse. One wish can chan...
Watching The Truth about Maleficent by Roh594
Watching The Truth about Maleficentby Roh
All the characters from Descendants watch the real atroy of Maleficent.
Male Maleficent x reader 2 by WhyIzzGamora
Male Maleficent x reader 2by WhyIzzGamora
Hi! I did a fanfic of the movie Maleficent. Male Maleficent x reader (female reader) This is that story continued in the second movie. :)
𝐖𝐨𝐧𝐝𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐬  •  {B.F} • {D.S} • {H.H} by SlimPimpin
𝐖𝐨𝐧𝐝𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐬 • {B.F} • {D.S} SlimPimpin
Lorelei Lokidottir, was the product of the love between Maleficient and Loki Odinson/Laufeyson, and Gods was she powerful. Having the combined and increased powers of th...
Please Don't Leave | Disney Descendants by CheyanneSmith718
Please Don't Leave | Disney Cheyanne Smith
Contrary to popular belief, Gothel (you know, that one lady who stole princess Rapunzel when she was a baby, just so that she could stroke her hair once a day and stay y...
The Moors||A Descendants Fanfic(on Hiatus) by gatooring
The Moors||A Descendants Fanfic( jayt
Once Upon A Time.... In a faraway land, there lived four Descendants of villains. Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos may look like a villain but that...
Their Youngest VK by Fanofmany_things
Their Youngest VKby Ava
What is the core 4 had another member? Y/n Gothel, daughter of Mother Gothel, born with powers, a part of the Vks. Y/n was more than just a VK, she was a little. No one...
The Tale of a Magickal Bard(GIRLXGIRL) by standiavolo
The Tale of a Magickal Bard( standiavolo
Gentle fingers ran through your hair as they weaved flowers through your tresses. The autumn breeze bristled passed your ears, tickling you causing you to laugh. "...
Getting To Happiness by AhsokaReyes
Getting To Happinessby Ahsoka Reyes
This is a story of two girls and a boy as well as they friends and family. In this book relationships will grow larger, friends will become family, and family would be l...
Maleficent's Daughter|Only One|                          Borra x Reader 💛🔔❤️🧡 by Bells_Stories
Maleficent's Daughter|Only One| Bells 🔔💛🧡❤️
We all know the story. On how Aurora was Maleficent's child. But what would it mean if she had another child who took over?
Vipera (Descendants Story) by nappinginneverland
Vipera (Descendants Story)by wallace
Medusa was a ravishing maiden with a fair and trusting heart. She fell for a god, Poseidon. He charmed her for many nights with his knowledge and empathy. On one of thos...
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Things Aren't Always What They Seem by Aristyx_07
Things Aren't Always What They Seemby Ari
Maleficent, some villains and people from Auradon and the AK's and VK's get transported to a theater. They figure out that villains might not be all they seem.. The one...
Maleficent Crossover with Descendants by liam1021alexan
Maleficent Crossover with Liam1021alexan
Maleficent was watching over Aurora and flying above the ground when something surrounded her and Diaval only to fall to the ground of another place that they have never...