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Confused by Alex_Monroe_
Confusedby Alex
Lola Brown is a big black girl. She's insecure half the time. She don't bother know body and is just trying to find her place in this big ass world. She finds her self w...
Spinnin by Dat3bonyDoll
Spinninby Doll
You never know how much your ready for change until it feels like it's the only way to deal.
pretty poison • female faceclaims ¹   by venusforest
pretty poison • female faceclaims...by 𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐞
pretty poison. female faceclaims started: february 20, 2021 edited: december 24, 2022 status: complete
britneys table of contents  by 1money2love3die
britneys table of contents by brit!
this is a series of short? stories pertaining to my sexual encounters with men so uh yea? enjoy!! also i might make this series end on a good note UPDATE AND DISCLAIMER:...
Thanos and Me [Thanos × OC] by cinapple
Thanos and Me [Thanos × OC]by Akki Stark
Akki Vermillion, an independent lady, who lived alone all her life. She lived in a house, a lake behind it. Until, one day, a mysterious machine had landed close to the...
Skits and memes from the demisquad BOOK 1 by hamiltrashfan
Skits and memes from the demisquad...by Shady
Basically skits and memes for all ya demigods brought to you by yours truely the demisquad. Credits to @DemigodofCrops for the cover and please ignore how she put James...
My Immortal  by Crazy-Fandom-Girl
My Immortal by Holly
We all know My Immortal and because we all do, I decided to share with you this terrible story. This is the exact copied version of it. If it is not correct, I am sorry...
MY DAUGHTER, is ALL the woman I need. by NastyNate762
MY DAUGHTER, is ALL the woman I ne...by Nasty Nate
Black single divorced dad raising his teen daughter. He realizes that she is all the woman he needs in his life.
Ebony {My Hero Academia} by EbonyAnimalSpirit
Ebony {My Hero Academia}by EbonyAnimalSpirit
It started with a single crimson feather One single feather, fallen among a sea of black.... Lost to the fluttering, ebony waves, cold and drowning Alone We should have...
Booty call by cd603234
Booty callby cd603234
Jeff and Jane have been at ever since they met until one night jeff has a dreamworld where jane is in different versions as in different bodies and color skin tones and...
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The Balcony  by prettynovellover
The Balcony by Ashia Monique 🌹
Have you ever wanted to fuck on a balcony? One night my girlfriend and I was on my balcony having our daily smoke session. It's like I wanted to please her more as I hit...
Caught Up In the Media  by Jamesdk3
Caught Up In the Media by Jamesdk3
One conversation in the hospital after a friend gives birth sparks a new relationship. Apollo's and Griffey's story will take you on a new journey of their lives. You wi...
Eyes of the Fallen by forgetnames
Eyes of the Fallenby forgetnames!
Jasmine is a junior in high school, and is hated by nearly everybody she knows, including her own father, due to her rude personality, unattainable beauty, and terrifyin...
Moon by unixinu
Moonby ~Drey~
Being In A Divided Pack, Trey Have To Deal With Being Different In A Different Way. Being The Alpha's Mate Takes A Toll On Him Have To Deal With Not Being Loved By Him A...
Thug love  by iateyoufatbitchesup
Thug love by Mark Jones
2 girls get caught up in the mafia
Never Returned (twilight story) by sarah1114
Never Returned (twilight story)by Sarah
What if, before Bella jumped of the cliff, someone stopped her? Alice would never have had that vision, and Edward never call Bella's home. Would she end up marrying her...
The Darkness Within Us by DemonPredaqueen
The Darkness Within Usby DemonPredaqueen
We all have some form of darkness within us. Whether it's from some kind of traumatic event in the past, or the deaths you've caused, it's still a form of darkness. You...
She has us both  by Theebonymanpoet
She has us both by Ebony explore
Short story of boyfriend sharing his long-term girlfriend
Wings of Fire 1: The Hidden Secret by Amber_Draws
Wings of Fire 1: The Hidden Secretby Amber_Draws
Splash the SeaWing is entirely useless. Nobody cares about her...not even her parents, let alone the queen that basically imprisoned her. She's not sure why Queen Coral...