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Obsessed with you (Reader x Central Cee) by iqzz_15
Obsessed with you (Reader x Iqzz_15
When their eyes meet for the first time, her heart flutters and she has no idea why. 'What a beauty!' He thought when he locks eyes with her... 'Damn! He's way sexier t...
03' Bonnie & Clyde by bandidaaa
03' Bonnie & Clydeby kokaine🤍
if i can't afford that bag that you want , then i would lick that for you.
Moving The Course Of The Universe. by Quilem56
Moving The Course Of The Lenque
[Cale's visiting(thrown to many different world)] Raon was staring at his human, who was apparently sleeping again. Raon whipped his head toward the blond haired man. ...
God of Sacrifice by Rin-A1
God of Sacrificeby Astachia Malbourne
The God of Sacrifice got annoyed to other Gods who didn't do anything when they exactly knew Cale Henituse almost die because of the war with the hunters. Upon seeing th...
I'm Only Human (Justin Bieber Fanfic) by UndercoverGirl26
I'm Only Human (Justin Bieber nιna ѕтyℓeѕ
Popstar sensation Justin Bieber has been the victim of paparazzi for months and months now. They’ve bothered him for years and now they’re ganging up against him. Over a...
BALLIN  by keresha27
BALLIN by 𝗠𝗶𝗹𝗮𝗻𝗶 💷💯
Ballin round the world eventually comes to an end with everything else
The cost of imbalance  by Vivian_Henituse
The cost of imbalance by Vivian_Henituse
Everything is in balance. There's no such thing as absolute evil. And it's also impossible for someone to be absolute good. That's simply how the world goes. That's how...
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Celebrity group chat{✔️} by Valkyriex111
Celebrity group chat{✔️}by ✺✼
*sips tea* welcome Cover credits to @dammnnbieber Completed
TBOAH Reaction fic by sleepyhead_2395
TBOAH Reaction ficby Janhavi Chaudhary
This is a TBOAH reaction fic. The people reacting are from the world where Kim Rok Soo of the earth 2 where sealed god's test took place was supposed to transmigrate at...
A Drop of Sterling (Trash of the Count's Family Fanfiction) by ladyshannn
A Drop of Sterling (Trash of the bored.mushroom
Fredo stared at the small figure next to him, wrapped in white fine silks. The peaceful face of the infant who had been sleeping peacefully next to him was still a weird...
Trash of the Count's Family Prompt Generator by whatever025
Trash of the Count's Family Calista
Trash of the Count's Family x ScatterPatter's Incorrect Quotes Generator ----------------------------------- [Author's Note: Heya~! Trash of the Count's Family & Scatt...
love story by YunaReinhart
love storyby yuna
A cliche love story of Cale Henituse and Alberu Crossman Ps. This is a one shot story --- if you know who made the fanart pls tell me. imma put credits
Harvey Street 2040 by ILoveHarveystreet
Harvey Street 2040by ILoveHarveystreet
COMPLETED-Do you ever wonder what happened to the Harvey Street kids in twenty years? What would Audrey do as a job? Would Fredo ever become a famous director? And most...
Slacker Life (Free Trial Period) by CruelCreator_2895
Slacker Life (Free Trial Period)by CruelCreator_2895
A casual TofCF fanfic while waiting for Part 2 of novel. A sneak peek into the potential future of Cale and friends during their little break after the end of Part 1 in...
The Mafia Boss And The Bad Boy by Juliagraddy
The Mafia Boss And The Bad Boyby Juliagraddy
Megan Smith was the stereotypical nerd in high school‐ acne, glasses and extremely good at every subject in school. She got bullied by everyone in school even some teach...
(AllCale) Nhà Trẻ Rainbow by UnderU_butstill_ATOP
(AllCale) Nhà Trẻ Rainbowby Yours Idiot
Artist : unknown (If you know, pls contact me and we will dicuss this matter) Cp : AllCale Author : When u left Thể loại : Hài, ngọt, OOC Disclamer : Tất cả nhân vật đều...
The Collaborative Agency by AnemicBunnicula
The Collaborative Agencyby Anemic Bunnicula
The sudden appearance of this monster rookie shook the K-Pop industry. An all-rounder prodigy, Rowoon Entertainment seemed to have found their new dark horse to gloat ar...
OG!Cale Artworks by AccendereDark
OG!Cale Artworksby AccendereDark
A compilation of my OG!Cale artworks