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A night with Dracula by kissmybff
A night with Draculaby ♡¸.•°*”˜Sarah ˜”*°•.¸♡
"I wanna kill you.." He whispered huskily. "I dare you" I said. Seventeen year old Sonee rave win's a contest to go stay at Dracula's castle for two...
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The Hidden Truth (MystreetXReader)  by amytstories
The Hidden Truth (MystreetXReader) by lovefanfics
I am Y/N Lycan. I used to live with my grandfather but now I'm heading home to my siblings. To tell you something, I used to live with my grandfather who was amazing in...
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Wolves in the Woods (Complete) by nightcat
Wolves in the Woods (Complete)by Kes Osborne
Casee is a misfit, a complete fluke, and she is on the run for more than just her life; she is running for her freedom. Her father, a powerful Alpha, who rules with fear...
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Tickle RP by Kissed_Sexy_Cute_Fox
Tickle RPby Kissed The Fox
For those who also love tickling, here is a place you can tickle rp at and meet others who have the same interest, all is welcome, no matter the age, you can and may ask...
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~♡ YoonMin "Instinct" ( 18+ smutt ) ♡~ by sugaglider
~♡ YoonMin "Instinct" ( 18+ smutt...by suga glider
{COMPLETE} jimin ( a small omega ) has a crush on his alpha friend yoongi, when at school he invites him over to his house to watch a flim. just before yoongi arrives ji...
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It takes two [Spies in disguise One shot book] by Coreyriffinrulez
It takes two [Spies in disguise On...by —Walter
A bunch of spies in disguise one shots ! Includes canon x canon, Oc x canon, and much more !
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WaxVac by TrevorM137
WaxVacby ✯ Trevor ✯
"Gentle and Effective"
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Why Is She Covering Her Ears? by Writingmachinedude
Why Is She Covering Her Ears?by Roger
Jackie Tucker has autism and has some sensitivity to certain noises. Whenever she hears something that bothers her, she would cover her ears and pretend that nothing is...
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Melancholia Billet-Doux by spiderwebbed
Melancholia Billet-Douxby parker
Everything I could never tell you.
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Mathew Baynton Fan Fiction by eloisehanlon
Mathew Baynton Fan Fictionby eloisehanlon
Hi :) I'm Eloise, I'm Australian and I love writing stories. I have since young. Please leave me some feedback and tell me if you like my fan fiction! :) (The views of...
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Fox girl by Different_Jackie
Fox girlby In_the_end
*I do not own D.Gray man, I only own Skyler.* Skyler goes by sky, she Is not a ordinary girl. She has fox ears and a tail. She get pushed around and bullied every day...
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ears // k.sj + k.nj by 17rats
ears // k.sj + k.njby 𝓮𝓸𝓬𝓱𝓲⠀
"so who's that man child awhile ago...?" "if i could have only half of you that's enough, but let me be your other piece" k.nj + k.sj started: 4/10/1...
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Bored? Check This Out! by ThatCat
Bored? Check This Out!by ThatCat
Hey! Are you bored and have absolutely nothing else to do? Me too! I have something that could solve that problem. A quick little question to spark a no brain-er answer...
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Len kagamine X Neko!Reader by NagisasWaifu
Len kagamine X Neko!Readerby Rana Shiota
here it is for all you people who love len owo
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Nekojin tickles (bxb) by oscarthe_grouch
Nekojin tickles (bxb)by Meow Mix
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Aesthetically Blissful by lillremy
Aesthetically Blissfulby Carson
Words that either have a beautiful definition or are just pleasing to the ear.
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Wolf (Loki and Avengers fanfic.) by Dontyoulovecake
Wolf (Loki and Avengers fanfic.)by Cacey or Cake
Jayden has lived on the streets for years, always hiding her powers. She has no family. No home. Now when she is forced to fight Thor by a turn of events, who will win...
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My Life as a Therian by AsuRose
My Life as a Therianby Asuna Rose
Hey guys, AsuRose here, and I wanted to make a quick announcement. I am a wolf therian, and I have my own beliefs. Thanks for understanding.
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The Power Orbers by Sissy_Kat
The Power Orbersby Sissy_Kat
Sophia Domencia goes through a long journey to find herself. She finds lies, truths, and even love? Is it supposed to happen? Who will she meet? What is she? What powers...
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#83 BoyxBoy by SociopathicMind
#83 BoyxBoyby .-.
"Where did you come from, Louis?" "Far away." "Ok... Who's your family?" "It doesn't matter." "Louis, why won't you tell me...
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