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The Ceo's Villainess Childhood Friend by BTS_Fan_KTH_JJK
The Ceo's Villainess Childhood Fri...by BTS_Fan_KTH_JJK
When Qiao Moyu awakened, she found herself in a novel world and had become the villainess who was loathed by the President, the story's male protagonist. Qiao Moyu, the...
Di Daughter's Rebirth: Sheng Shi Wang Fei by winterknight07
Di Daughter's Rebirth: Sheng Shi W...by Marja Czarina Jovielyn R. Jim...
****For offline reading purpose only This story isn't mine.**** Description: On her wedding day, she was humiliated; her status as the first wife was instantly changed i...
WIFE CAN'T ESCAPE by naughtyamanda
Quick Transmigration: Villain Counterattack by aneeqaahmed01
Quick Transmigration: Villain Coun...by AnaK
Yu Xulia dies. Betrayed by her family for her fortune, she died a painful death. She swore that if she had a second chance at life, then she will make all those who wron...
清洗渣手的策略 by AllYeisReal
清洗渣手的策略by AllYeisReal
[The Strategy of Washing Clean a Slag Shou] Su Yang was bound to a 'Slag Cleansing' System, each world he went as a slag Shou that was rejected by the Gong. In order to...
The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth by Daisy_DollFace
The Villains All Fell in Love with...by NO NAME
NOT MY STORY - Copied from Novel Updates [Chapters in Novel Updates currently: 18.1 out of 70 chapters + 41 chapters side story (Completed)] [BL] The summary is in the...
獨家物業:穆先生的最愛 by AllYeisReal
獨家物業:穆先生的最愛by AllYeisReal
[Exclusive Property: Mr Mu's Favorite] He is very cold and passionate, Mu Yanwang, who means what he says. He has always regarded women as dirt but she, he has only spoi...
နဝကိုးနိဗ္ဗာန်၏ ဖီးနစ်သခင် (Myanmar Translation) by SandyTracie
နဝကိုးနိဗ္ဗာန်၏ ဖီးနစ်သခင် (Myanma...by SandyTracie
နဝကိုးနိဗ္ဗာန်၏ ဖီးနစ်သခင် အတွဲ - ၁ ရှီးလိန်သို့ လွင့်ပါးသွားသည့်ဝိဉာဉ် All credits go to Author. Credits for all pictures in this novel. This is just A Translation Wor...
All The Male Leads Have Blackened by Cheeqah
All The Male Leads Have Blackenedby Chika Nwitte-Eze
THIS STORY IS NOT MINE. ALL CREDITS BELONG TO THE AUTHOR AND TRANSLATOR(S). Before Cen Si Miao died, she had a heart like the golden sun. After she died, she followed ar...
Mission: Destroy The Ending by Yashahime-sama
Mission: Destroy The Endingby Yashahime-sama
"Activate Command!《 Mission : Destroy the Ending 》!" 【 Welcome to Ethereal Void Space 】... 【 I'm the System : Afterlife 0021 】... 【 Host : Xael Zaitsev-Wilczyn...
စနောက်ခွင့်ပြု by XYLUSRAM1
စနောက်ခွင့်ပြုby လူသတ္မယ္ေဟ့
Let Me Tease You Author(s) Qing Duan 青端 59 Chapters (Completed) + 5 Extras English Translation https://www.novelupdates.com/series/let-me-tease-you/ https://www.readlig...
READING LIST 12 by DanicaDanielle1
READING LIST 12by Danica Danielle
Taking My Elder Brothers As Husbands (THIS STORY IS NOT MINE FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES ONLY) Ever since she started putting on the beautiful jade bracelet she found in her an...
I Raised a Sick and Weak Prince by erixszc
I Raised a Sick and Weak Princeby erixszc
Author: 明桂载酒 Suxi, who had been well cared for since childhood and had achieved excellent results, was a good girl everyone liked. Lu Xun was exiled from his childhood a...
The Warm Breeze is not as Warm as you by _itsM_
The Warm Breeze is not as Warm as...by _itsM_
Chinese Title: 暖风不及你情深 Author: 青青谁笑 After her rebirth, she stared at her drop-dead gorgeous husband and suspected that she must have struck her head hard at the door fo...
~~~VOICE~~~MG-ONE SHOT@complete #yourstoryindia by MaanGeet6
~~~VOICE~~~MG-ONE SHOT@complete #y...by maan geet
Hey friends. New here with a random one shot... My name is Uma... How a mere voice, strikes a chord in the heart of a person???... Does love has any limit???... What is...
The Reincarnated Noble only sighs(under Goes Editing) by FureaaKureha
The Reincarnated Noble only sighs(...by ShyHanane
It seems I reincarnated...? And this world is the same as the game my friend played in which she babble on about every hour of game play.....sigh..... And I'm the Duke's...
The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML by Jaimelyn_1995
The Transmigration Routine of Alwa...by Jaimelyn♥
(Not Mine) One morning, after being bound to the system, MC started his routine of always being captured/ attacked by the ML. It doesn't matter if he transmigrated into...
渣受生存手册 The Scum Shou's Survival Guide   by catlynRosette
渣受生存手册 The Scum Shou's Survival Gu...by catlyn
In the spirit of love and in order to help his ex-boyfriends walk out from the shadow of heartbreak, every time before Ye Ming leaves after successfully completing each...