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What if Error came back? (Fgod Error story)*discontinued yet has been rewritten* by QuristleDaPenguin
What if Error came back? (Fgod Quristle Snow
to the new people that have come across this, it is very cringe apologies ig also to. the new people why do u read this it clearly says discontinued you masochists- ther...
Bad Guys Need Love Too (All Sanes X Female Reader) {On Hold} by Smexy_Batduck
Bad Guys Need Love Too (All Smexy_Batduck
This is my first book and I'll try to update on Fridays. Anyways, this story is about a girl who was a teen when she fell down the hole in Mt. Ebott and lived with Torie...
Darkness Was The Lights(Nightmare X Reader)  by SkystarBlueberry
Darkness Was The Lights( SkystarBlueberry
(Y/N) was a girl that live with the bad sanses for a long time. It's no suprise that they were even friends or maybe even best friends? (y/n) was a human from Dreamtale...
You'll be home by unmention
You'll be homeby SUBMIT
After helping horror leave the bad sanses swap sans takes horror to an au where no one can bother them and where they both can live a peaceful life for a little while. I...
Love Is War by HeartsAndMusics1Ham8
Love Is Warby Sei
(Cover photo by me) The actual fic for All Is Fair In Love And War. It all started with Fate, who couldn't understand what's making Error distracted from his job. So, s...
Những mẩu truyện ngắn by PunBiAn-nii
Những mẩu truyện ngắnby Pún Bò :v
Tự mị dịch nhé :33 nếu chế nào ko thích thì thui , nhưng đừng ném đá , vỡ đầu ấy . Các mẩu truyện ngắn tui thu thập được , chủ yếu trên mấy ứng dụng tìm ảnh , từ nhiều n...
Radical Obsessions (Fresh!Sans x Reader) by BubbleBerryUniverse
Radical Obsessions (Fresh!Sans x inactive
account inactive. you can find me on @Mini_Crushies
dreamswap's in original by Vera_Woldy
dreamswap's in originalby Vera_Woldy
exactly what title said what happen if dreamswap sans find there self in an original timeline characters from dreamswap : ds dream = sun ds nightmare = moon ds ink = pai...
A New Existence by Tanzanitenarcissus
A New Existenceby Misty
He came into existence here, in the blankness of nowhere. He had no clue of how he came to be or why he was alone. If he and the Voices exsisted, then should that also...
Fading || Undertale AU || Error, Classic and Blue by RavenMidoriya
Fading || Undertale AU || Error, Drizuko
Classic was fading, and I mean that literally he was becoming invisble. How? Well... The other AUs were starting to forget the original. + Classic and Blue got trapped...
Thank You..And Goodbye, My Sunshine.. (Ink Sans X Reader) by AuthorBlitz-Chan
Thank You..And Goodbye, My Yandere-Neko_Blueberry
You were the typical happy, cheery, energetic school girl so you were liked by some people but other's envied your happy, cheerful, and gleefull personality so they came...
Glitched Souls {Error!Sans X Soulless!Reader} by shadowlord999
Glitched Souls {Error!Sans X shadowlord999
(Y/n): Your name (F/c): Favorite color (S/f/c): Second favorite color (C/o/c):Choice of clothing (E/c): Eye color (H/l): Hair length (H/c): Hair color I think that's al...
Strings of Hate(Error x Killer/Kellor) by APAHAU
Strings of Hate(Error x Killer/ Quack Quack
In a multiverse where Error has never shown himself,Killer jumps from his AU to the Anti-Void,Error is not amused... (i didn't find a ship name for Error x Killer so Kel...
Error In My Hero Academia by RoseyRebel
Error In My Hero Academiaby RandomPerson
The cover is by @_unknown_file_name_ Error is so tired... He just wants one thing... He is always so tired... He can't remember the last time he had it... Somehow, in t...
Colorblind: An Undertale Fan Fiction by Theawsomepoe
Colorblind: An Undertale Fan Theawsomepoe
Colorblind is an original character I created. She is a young sans with a hard past. What exactly happened? Where is the doctor? Read more to find out!
Programing the worlds by Glassplant
Programing the worldsby Glassplant Moonlily
He couldn't help but feel for the longest time like something wasn't right. Like the person who was in charge of creating new worlds wasn't the right person. He couldn't...
Maybe not that different.. by MaryDawn2510
Maybe not that Dully!
Creation. Destruction. They hate each other, they are enemies, chaotic agents working to overthrow each other. After all, they are completely different. A certain artist...
Just a Puppet?   ~Ink Sans x Reader~ by 9999_Darkiplier_9999
Just a Puppet? ~Ink Sans x Error.Exe
Y/N was just a puppet. Taken from her home by Error to destroy AUs but what happens when an artist protector enters her life? Will her life be colorful? Or will her life...
"The Void of Abandoned Children" by AvertWrites
"The Void of Abandoned Children"by Avert
Error, God of Destruction, feared by all, did not think he would be a father, but called a mother, to six ship children. He had no idea how good of a father-mother he w...
Ibvs Oneshot: Solitary Confinement (Edward Angst-shot) by depressoanimetomboy
Ibvs Oneshot: Solitary depressoanimetomboy
Take a oneshot inspired by _Arty_boy_ on wattpad who made Edward angst on their ibvs oneshot book. If you don't know Ibvs, I will warn you there are very few spoilers in...