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Dollhouse | bts ✓ by SeasOfGlass
Dollhouse | bts ✓by molly
It all started after someone left her a box of seven dolls. amazing cover by @stereoids :)
Life Size by Queen_Libs
Life Sizeby Libby :)
(COMPLETED) What happens when a simple waitress gets kidnapped and becomes a real-life doll? Will she enjoy her oh so perfect life with the menacing Doll Master? Or will...
Dollhouse  |  Emmett Cullen by kbrylow
Dollhouse | Emmett Cullenby kbrylow
"Everyone has a secret, some people are just better at hiding it than others" People knew her as the cheerleader, the perfectionist, the bitch, but they didn't...
Dollhouse Trap by Glittercool
Dollhouse Trapby Glitter cool YT
WARNING -cursing -blood -kidnapping -(possible)murder Policeman and policewoman, Adam and Jane, went to look for two psychopaths and their last victim in an abandoned m...
Melanie's K-12 Background Dancer by BugBabyBuddy
Melanie's K-12 Background Dancerby BugBabyBuddy
Melanie x reader You are a K-12 concert backup dancer who gets stuck in a love story with Mel It's going to be from a girls perspective but if people want just pretend...
cry baby || newtmas au  by A5Glader
cry baby || newtmas au by 𑁍 𝕂 𑁍
newt also known as cry baby. newt was practically living in a doll house, outside everything seemed perfectly fine, but inside everything was falling apart. his mother b...
Melanie Martinez - Crybaby Meanings by HerHappiness
Melanie Martinez - Crybaby Meaningsby ashlyn.
Meanings, information, lyrics and more from Melanie Martinez's debut album, 'Cry Baby', Released 14th August 2015. I own none of this book aside from complied informati...
DOLLHOUSE | VKOOK by ynnagguktae
DOLLHOUSE | VKOOKby Yanna - Ynna
"Welcome to my Dollhouse Kimie, have fun in my paradise" Jungkook squeals holding the Model chains
Melanie Martinez Lyrics by thelyricqueen
Melanie Martinez Lyricsby Queen of Lyrics
Lyrics from K-12, Crybaby, Dollhouse and various covers and more. Lyrics and songs do not belong to me. This book is for educational/recreational use. YouTube links prov...
Dollhouse (COMPLETED)(South Park)  by Blazedarkness
Dollhouse (COMPLETED)(South Park) by Blaze
(BOOK ONE OF A MELANIE MARTINEZ THEMED SERIES) 'Everybody, thinks that we're perfect. Please don't let them look through the curtains...' COVER BY @TOK...
Porcelain | h.s by siccstyles
Porcelain | h.sby Rachelle
Harry's her patient. Octavia's his nurse. They both have a little secret. Their love is like porcelain - delicate, flawless, and beautiful.
Dollhouse by noemiethe123
Dollhouseby noemiethe123
DOLLHOUSE "Perfect, that's what they thought. " Fiction based on Melanie Martinez' song dollhouse. ⚠️warning⚠️ -verbal abuse -physical abuse -mental abuse -dep...
Melanie Martinez Facts by CameronD2234
Melanie Martinez Factsby CameronD2234
Facts about the amazing Melanie Martinez! Cover photo credit to @SterreDeWildt go follow her!!
Giant Male(Oc) x Tiny Youtubers by ShiroHiragana
Giant Male(Oc) x Tiny Youtubersby Shiro
Youtubers will be 1)Jack! 2)Mark! 3)Ethan! 4)Tyler! 5)Dark! 6)Anti! And that's it! I own nothing but my Oc's!!
Book Ideas by MagiCaThExcellent
Book Ideasby Sam
This is a book of ideas for books that anyone can use, the only thing you have to do is tell me the title of the book. I'm gonna write a description you can change and t...
What does normal feel like? -Pll-A Mike Montgomery Love Story by SlytherinMixtape
What does normal feel like? Elena Waters
When Sierra Hastings comes back from boarding school after being their for 2 years she gets wrapped up in the A game. Will she be able to save her friends and family or...
Dollhouse by KiyoMaji123
Dollhouseby Kiyo Maji
Born in a society where everything, including your personal life and decisions, is controlled by the government. A dystopian world is hidden by the idea of democracy, se...
Dollhouse (Jikook)*On Hold* by khaydia
Dollhouse (Jikook)*On Hold*by K♤
Things are not always as they seem. Maybe sometimes, wishes do come true. Jungkook experiences this first hand. But what happens when the one wish he wants to come true...
far away land ✧ martinez (ON HOLD) by overprctected
far away land ✧ martinez (ON HOLD)by elle
dawn summers, a fragile petite 15 year old girl has been dreaming of a land far far away, full of beautiful creatures and majestic humans. shes been dreaming of this far...
k-12: the shadows by zerocantwrite
k-12: the shadowsby zero the bluebird <3
identical twins isabel and alexis are sent away to k-12: the sleepaway school shrouded in mystery. during their stay, they befriend crybaby and angelita; two fellow st...