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Perfect by chanceisawriter
Perfectby Northcoast
Chloe Provan wakes up in a white padded room with no memory as of to how she's arrived here. Chains bind her to the wall, and from the looks of it, there's no way out. S...
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  • melanie
  • chloe
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Nude » h.s (#Wattys2016) by qveendom
Nude » h.s (#Wattys2016)by l u c y
"There is a little bit of devil in her angel eyes." [Book 1] // © 2014 Qveendom. All Rights Reserved. || Editor: @lola7909 || Highest Rank #1 in fanfic...
  • niallhoran
  • louistomlinson
  • nude
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Crybaby ~(Will Byers X Reader) by losersquadunite
Crybaby ~(Will Byers X Reader)by LoserSquadUnite
_______________________________________ ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ "Will, I know you're still in there! You have to talk to me! How do we stop this?" ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡...
  • willbyers
  • mikewheeler
  • romance
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Dollhouse | bts ✓ by SeasOfGlass
Dollhouse | bts ✓by molly
It all started after someone left her a box of seven dolls. amazing cover by @stereoids :)
  • bts
  • dollhouse
  • bangtanboys
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Doll House by poetic_dalliance
Doll Houseby hi, it’s charlie s.
"You treat me like a damn child all the time!" "Well maybe if you acted like an adult I would treat you like one." He grabbed his coat and headed tow...
  • âu
  • dollhouse
  • niallhoran
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Alice and the Mad Hatter - Kim Taehyung by Anne_011
Alice and the Mad Hatter - Kim Anne💗
Taehyung x reader (PART 1, PART 2 IS OUT!) I ended up in a dollhouse. A dollhouse where he treated me like I was a part of wonderland, like I was just a doll he could co...
  • bts
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  • kimtaehyung
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The Dollhouse Murderer [COMPLETED] by WhispersConfusions
The Dollhouse Murderer [COMPLETED]by WhispersConfusions
[COMPLETED] {BOOK TWO OF THE BO AUSTEN SERIES} Bo Austen, forensic analyst, returns to Clinstone to help Detective Mason and Detective Lehmann solve another homicide cas...
  • wattys2017
  • crime
  • serial
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"UNSTABLE" Highschool Roleplay by ocxanbabyyy
"UNSTABLE" Highschool Roleplayby Andrea
"we're nothing but a bunch of unstable teenagers, nothing more nothing less" --lowercase intended ---yes another highschool roleplay #1 in highschool Roleplay ...
  • schoolrp
  • ocxoc
  • join
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Melanie Martinez Facts by madcrybaby13
Melanie Martinez Factsby gabbie
These are basically just random facts I know about Melanie. **Sorry if any facts are repeated** Cover made by @halseysbabe
  • mrspotatohead
  • milkandcookies
  • trainingwheels
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The DollHouse by KimYeonaxxxs
The DollHouseby Yeonaxx_Kim
Isang kwentong puno ng kasinungalingan Kwentong tanging pag-ibig lang ang dahilan Kung bakit ka masasaktan Kwentong mga manika'y buhay na buhay Pipiliin mo bang lumaban...
  • mysterious
  • horrorromance
  • doll
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Melanie Martinez Lyrics by thelyricqueen
Melanie Martinez Lyricsby Queen of Lyrics
Lyrics from Crybaby, Dollhouse and various covers and more. Lyrics and songs do not belong to me. This book is for educational/recreational use. YouTube links provided x
  • songs
  • lyrics
  • melanie
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Book Ideas by MagiCaThExcellent
Book Ideasby Sam
This is a book of ideas for books that anyone can use, the only thing you have to do is tell me the title of the book. I'm gonna write a description you can change and t...
  • demons
  • drunkdad
  • cops
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open for more info.
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Life Size by Queen_Libs
Life Sizeby Libby :)
(COMPLETED) What happens when a simple waitress gets kidnapped and becomes a real-life doll? Will she enjoy her oh so perfect life with the menacing Doll Master? Or will...
  • plastic
  • kidnap
  • dollhouse
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Dollhouse (Scomiche) - Completed by bubblegrassi
Dollhouse (Scomiche) - Completedby iz ✩
In which a seemingly normal psychologist is actually a mentally unstable psychopath who's sickly obsessed with dolls.
  • mitchgrassi
  • scotthoying
  • wattys2017
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The Devil Within || The Boy by fcknloser
The Devil Within || The Boyby fcknloser
[Slow updates] It's been over thirteen years and Scarlett makes the decision to move back to her hometown. Scarlett is set out to reveal the truth about the twisted dark...
  • paranormal
  • dollhouse
  • heelshire
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open for more info.
  • dollhouse
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Melanie Martinez - Crybaby Meanings by HerHappiness
Melanie Martinez - Crybaby Meaningsby ♡𝓒𝓇𝓎𝒷𝒶𝒷𝓎♡
Meaning, Information, Lyrics and more! All about Melanie Martinez's 'Cry Baby' album! I own none of this book, all rights go to Melanie Martinez.
  • dollhouse
  • melanie
  • martinez
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Dollhouse ~ Ghostbird Fanfic  by StAl2LiGhT
Dollhouse ~ Ghostbird Fanfic by Brooke Butler
"See no evil. Speak no evil. Listen carefully." A family akin to a modern Adams' Family moves into the derelict house across the street from Kota. Intrigued by...
  • sean
  • doll
  • gabriel
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Unstable  by Deadly_Talia_22
Unstable by Natalia Insane
Rachel Moone. The year younger sister of June Moone. Is stuck in a mental hospital. She's mentally insane. But it isn't her fault. Its a long story you'll find out later...
  • eldiablo
  • dollhouse
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