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Bts purge AU by BangtanIsBulletproof
Bts purge AUby Yoongels_Noodels
12 terrifying hours of pain and lose never bothered y/n before. but now she fears the purge more then anything. because now... she has someone she could loose.
Trapped✔ || PJM   by jeontaenation
Trapped✔ || PJM by 미리✔
"Jimin, please. Let me go I'm sick of it!" "I won't let you go, my wife." what will you do when you are trapped by the famous mafia boss Park Jimin...
bts angst,, book one  ✓ by Maknaeroni-
bts angst,, book one ✓by 𝘢𝘴𝘴𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘵𝘪𝘤
Old cringey angsts. Goodluck :) sorry asf this is messed up. trigger warning ig? Lots of grammar mistakes. BTS♥️
Criminally Insane Min Yoongi x Reader by melanie_blue97
Criminally Insane Min Yoongi x Rea...by ミ〔𝐵 x b y ♡™
Y/N is a traumatized 19 year old girl. She comes from a broken family that was filled with nothing but lies. Her soul was repeatedly broken. When she thought she got rid...
my dirty stepbrother | k.th ✔️ by lcvinglaurie
my dirty stepbrother | k.th ✔️by laurie <3
your mom recently fell in love with "the man of her dreams" and finally decided to move in with him. as soon as you moved, things started to change. there's an...
Purity | The Sequel✔️ by lifeisadog
Purity | The Sequel✔️by no name 🥀
"They say when you love someone, you'll do anything in the world for them. Even break the rules of love, in some cases..." |ψ|Book 1: Purity || j.jungkook |ψ|S...
BTS Imagines  by bunnvjk
BTS Imagines by M
A collection of BTS imagines, texts, and scenarios made by yours truly. Requests in this book are closed for now. 『One Shots』 Started: 170506 Finished: 180703 Highest r...
Trapped 2 : Let Go || PJM  by jeontaenation
Trapped 2 : Let Go || PJM by 미리✔
- A sequel to Trapped. Entered in Wattys 2019 PARK JIMIN AU Ⓒjeontaenation2018
skype? - a jungkook fanfiction by bangtanin
skype? - a jungkook fanfictionby bangtanin
it all started with a simple accidental conversation. "skype?" "who are you?" "jungkook" "yeah, sure." highest rankings [#70 on...
Through the Fire | j.jk  by jeonstunes
Through the Fire | j.jk by ᴊ ✨
She never understood the chaos she was becoming. Everybody warned her, her mind and soul told her to stay away; but what she felt for him was stronger, the bond they cre...
I WANT FAMILY ( MAFIA ) ( JIMIN ) by jizarimin
(Get ready to be punished KITTEN,I told you that i will find you)In this story jimin is a gangster and he is so rude as he can and Y'N is just a middle...
🍭PHOBIA🍭[Jungkook X Reader] (U/C) by that_hoeforkarasuno
🍭PHOBIA🍭[Jungkook X Reader] (U/C)by kunimi's cini mini ♡
A boy with a "Phobia" meets a girl. This book as of March 20th 2020 is under construction because I have to edit a lot of errors in here 😂 °•°•°•°•《Ranks》°•°•...
The 8th Member of BTS by biancalolou
The 8th Member of BTSby Bzzzzz
Hi! Based on the title, yall know what it's gonna be. This is gonna be an imagines/scenario book about Lee Bea being the 8th member and the only girl of Bangtan/BTS. Ple...
The vampire in love by UniqueDesires
The vampire in loveby -M.A-
She was just about to take a step when someone stopped her. It was a handsome yet scary boy. He had red eyes and his skin was as pale as snow. He took a step closer to h...
Two-Faced || K;TH #Wattys2018 by IneedJIMINSthighs
Two-Faced || K;TH #Wattys2018by pjm
Jung Ra In's parents died in a airplane crash.Ever since that happened, She started learning taekwondo and fights to live,acting as a school pretty faced nerd who consta...
hush, hush | knj + pjm  by taecitys
hush, hush | knj + pjm by yumi ♡
❝ keep us on the hush hush, baby. ❞ Jimin never could imagine that after posting a dance video to his favorite Cypher Boy's song would get him a chance to meet the man...
My Accidental Husband | Park Jimin  ✓ by goldenchipkookie
My Accidental Husband | Park Jimin...by 𝓴𝓽𝓱
"I want a kiss," "Hell no," And that's how their relationship sparks. - What happens when you reach home to find out that you're going to be married...
V LIVE || p.j.m || by JMochicorn
V LIVE || p.j.m ||by park⁷
One new notification : BTS has just followed you on V LIVE! ----- @parkkkimmminnn i cant even begin to explain how much i love u 💜 its all for you Started: Monday, 10...
Baby (BTS x Little Reader One Shot Stories) by WhatTheBTS
Baby (BTS x Little Reader One Shot...by WhatTheBTS?!
*Uses female pronouns, sorry if that's an issue*
How Did I End Up Here (BTS) by elizarosejade
How Did I End Up Here (BTS)by boonon
Everything was normal. Then one day, your life was flipped upside down and back to front. You asked yourself over and over, why you?