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One More Night (Klaine/Glee) by MyLifeLivesHere
One More Night (Klaine/Glee)by Mercedes Wilson
~COMPLETED~ Blaine Devon Anderson had it all. He was popular and dating the hottest girl in the school. However, not everything was as it seemed. Meanwhile, Kurt Hummel...
Porcelain by SagaTelling
Porcelainby Saga
With a simple touch, a wrong move, or a mistake the porcelain can crack and shatter. There'll be no rest in peace but in pieces. You'll feel every bit hitting the cold c...
I think I love you by ArcadyaJones
I think I love youby Cady jones
She was the new girl, he was the bad boy, nobody expected it to happen but it did... ~COMPLETED~
Porcelain Dolls <Lashton> by ChangeFate
Porcelain Dolls by ❦Ari❦ & ±Lucy±
A giggle, a wave, and a white smile. A scoff, folded arms, and a sorrowful scowl. A dress with frills, and heels with bows. Black jeans with holes, and t-shirts with...
Porcelain  by sassy_gal_18
Porcelain by sassy_gal_18
Your being help hostage by a crazy man obsessed with porcelain dolls. Will you survive his sick twisted game?
Mending Slowly | ✓ (Under Editing) by ItsMaania
Mending Slowly | ✓ (Under Editing)by Maania
It was exquisite. Her raven hair matched with her creamy white complexion and her amber eyes looked almost real. In her golden dress she was, no doubt, alluring. The cre...
The Dancer's Secret (Phantom of the Opera Phanfiction) by HelenWheels
The Dancer's Secret (Phantom of th...by Helen Olson
Why had He intrigued me so much? Why had I trusted him so quickly? I was gullible, that's why. The Phantom of the Opera tries to kill me and then I just offer him friend...
{Luck Be a Lady} by dliarj
{Luck Be a Lady}by dliarj
Penny Porcelain is given a chance to see her friends again, but who will she meet across the way? King Dice x Reader Based on the comic Casino Cups by brightgoat on Tumb...
My Name is Porcelain (A Marianas Trench Fan-Fic) by eradicatedsoul
My Name is Porcelain (A Marianas T...by Julia
Porcelain Jones is just another emo, as others may say. She's a heroin addict, bulimic and cutter. She moves from ontario to Vancover six months after her mother dying...
Davy Jones and The Porcelain Doll by FlameCaster262
Davy Jones and The Porcelain Dollby FlameCaster262
Angela is the creation of Tia Dalma (Calypso), who was once just a porcelain doll turned human. Tia Dalma, being extremely protective of her precious Angel, keeps her lo...
Gnomeo's Divorce  by 1-800-NAENAENATION
Gnomeo's Divorce by 1-800-YEET
A Gnomeo x Benny fanfiction ◇─◇──◇─────◇──◇─◇ "Forbidden gnome love.... Gnomeo is about to be married but he cannot contain his love for Benny. Benny on the other...
The Porcelain Girl by nutellaxgirlx
The Porcelain Girlby ━N.
❝figurines were never named. only stared at. ❞ © nutellaxgirlx 2021
My Bunny by _Artemis903_
My Bunnyby Talia
FANFICTION FOR THE BOOK "MY SWAN" BY @triciadehler (Cover done also by her) "Mandy was all Cali had ever wanted. From the first time she saw her, she knew...
Your love's my DNA (a Jerrie fanfic) by meddykip
Your love's my DNA (a Jerrie fanfi...by meddykip
[ON HOLD!]Beautiful, Delicate, Fragile.. Words to describe the living porcelain doll, Jade Thirlwall. A doll kept away from the world, protecting it's fragile texture a...
The Doll Maker's Curse [Completed] by MadInsidiousSheepGrl
The Doll Maker's Curse [Completed]by loli
Even the devil has a weakness for undeniable beauty, no matter how young or old... "The Doll-Maker traps the girl inside the porcelain Doll. He smiles at his work...
Stripping for Gnomeo by missglockenspiel420
Stripping for Gnomeoby R. Isabella
I thank Nina for the title, and Mia for making me write this. If u like Gnome porn, then you'll love this! Part 2 is out now folks, get ready cause Part 3 is on its way
porcelain // changlix by paestel-tears
porcelain // changlixby eli
"Please be gentle; If you hold me too tight, I'll shatter." In which Changbin falls in love with a porcelain doll that doesn't know how to love him back. START...
porcelain {anthony kiedis} by _ridersonthestorm_
porcelain {anthony kiedis}by :)
anthony kiedis; aka; anthony -are you wasting away in your skin, are you missing the love of your kin, drifting and floating and fading away-
Australian Telegraph Insulators by Spooner11
Australian Telegraph Insulatorsby Spooner11
Australian insulators from communications lines. There are several different kinds that look the same at a glance, but they are very different. This shows some of the m...
dollface | melanie martinez by zerocantwrite
dollface | melanie martinezby zero <3
"i only love the things i can hurt" -lividity, nicole dollanganger