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BONKERS || Edward Cullen by Callie_Lynne
BONKERS || Edward Cullenby CallieLynne
A Twilight fanfiction. In which a girl's mind is much more fascinating than Bella's shield. Edward Cullen x Original Character "Her mind is overwhelming. Bright c...
  • emmettcullen
  • vampires
  • rosaliehale
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Wolf Of Flames.  ON HOLD by dreamkiddjmc
Wolf Of Flames. ON HOLDby Julie-Ann Callender
"I Jason Morris, Reject you Natasha Bennett as my mate." he said with a smirk on his face. We had a small crowd gathered now. The pain struck me so hard i sta...
  • alpha
  • rejected
  • flame
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Hogwarts- Mad Hatter by emma2648
Hogwarts- Mad Hatterby ᙓᙢᙢᗩ
Maddie is the Mad Hatter. She fell into Wonderland at a young age and hasn't been the same ever since. When she falls from the ceiling of the Great Hall at Hogwarts Scho...
  • hatter
  • halfbloodprince
  • wonderland
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Ouat madness behind the smile by skoch21
Ouat madness behind the smileby skoch21
"They just took Henry and we have no way of getting there!" Regina yelled angry "calm down were gonna find a way" David said "Perhaps I can he...
  • madhatter
  • ouat
  • snowwhite
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Madly In Love With The Mad Hatter by xxbeautifulliarxx123
Madly In Love With The Mad Hatterby Andie
Alice decides to stay in Wonderland because she discovered her love for the mad hatter but will the mad hatter look at her differently other than just a Hero?
  • mad
  • madhatter
  • romance
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Sebastian Stan Imagines  by DisappearingWriter
Sebastian Stan Imagines by DisappearingWriter
Includes Sebastian Stan, Bucky Barnes and Mad Hatter/Jefferson no smut. [SLOW UPDATES] - please give credit if you use / share any of my imagines -
  • marvel
  • jefferson
  • sebastian
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Project W.O.N.D.E.R.L.A.N.D by kmbell92
Project W.O.N.D.E.R.L.A.N.Dby 𝐊.𝐌.𝐁𝐄𝐋𝐋
"The Queen of Hearts has escaped. I repeat, the Queen of Hearts has escaped." "Jesus, there's blood everywhere in here!" "Man down! We got a man...
  • caterpillar
  • experiments
  • aliceinwonderland
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Doormat by elionwy18
Doormatby Christine M. Greenleaf
Harley Quinn becomes jealous of another woman in the Joker's life, and overcompensates by becoming even more of a doormat than usual to keep him with her. Joker uses Har...
  • poisonivy
  • madhatter
  • batman
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Harry Hook x reader by Peanut761
Harry Hook x readerby Peanut761
You are the daughter of the mad hatter, he may have been a good guy but everyone still thinks he's insane. You grew up hating your father because all of auradon prep is...
  • harryhook
  • decendents
  • evie
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A Smile Always Hides a Tale (Cheshire Cat Reader) by kkbluebyrd
A Smile Always Hides a Tale ( Katie Byrd
After a manhunt the Cheshire Cat is forced to leave Wonderland. She shows up in the world of the avengers and how will she survive highschool, a part time job and being...
  • cheshire
  • wonderland
  • aliceinwonderland
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[Readers' Requests] Johnny Depp & Characters by Sweet-Sugar-Candyman
[Readers' Requests] Johnny Candyman
Taking suggestions and requests! Send me a message if you have an idea for a short story/chapter. I can write the following: - Johnny Depp - Willy Wonka - Jack Sparrow ...
  • piratesofthecaribbean
  • charlie
  • jack
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Smiles Can Be Deceiving | Avengers x Cheshire!reader by Supermaxywaxy
Smiles Can Be Deceiving | Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat (reader) is exiled from Wonderland for a crime she didn't commit. For a crime that never existed and is cast into the mortal world also called Earth. She be...
  • madhatter
  • hatter
  • readerinsert
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Sebastian Stan x Reader One Shots! by SergeantJamesBarnes
Sebastian Stan x Reader One Shots!by ˗ˏˋ derin ˎˊ-
In a land of myth, and a time of magic... the destiny of my sanity rests on the shoulders of a giggling romanian man. His name is... Sebastian Stan. • Sebastian Stan • B...
  • fanfiction
  • tjhammond
  • sebastianstan
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Sparks Fly (Yandere Female/Genderbent Batman Girls X Lighten Reader)  by EPICNESSQUEEN21
Sparks Fly (Yandere Female/ EPICNESSQUEEN21
Name) Wayne is the younger sister or Brucette Wayne. Unlike her sister she is not normal. She has the power of electricity. Struck by lighten at the age five. Brucette...
  • madhatter
  • genderbentbatman
  • yanderecharacters
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Sebastian Stan + Character Imagines by BuckyBarnesisBae
Sebastian Stan + Character Imaginesby The Writer Nerd
This book is full of Sebastian Stan and Character X Reader one shots. Need I say more. :D
  • thewintersoldier
  • jamesbuchananbarnes
  • oneshot
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Johnny Depp Imagines [Requests Closed] by lydiapalmer221b
Johnny Depp Imagines [Requests ☕ᴅᴀʀᴋ ɢᴜᴀʀᴅɪᴀɴ 15☕
Johnny Depp imagines, along with his various characters. Johnny Depp X Reader Character X Reader
  • barnabascollins
  • johndillinger
  • roux
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Crazy Love (Prince Ben Love Story) by SamanthaErwin
Crazy Love (Prince Ben Love Story)by Samantha
Mandy Hatter is the daught of the one and only Mad Hatter.See what happens when her, and four other kids from the Island of the Lost,go to Auradon.Will a certain future...
  • love
  • princeben
  • ben
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Johnny Depp Character Imagines  by rebelweirdo22
Johnny Depp Character Imagines by KillerQueen👑🌻
stories about Johnny Depp's characters Cry-baby Tom Hanson Mad Hatter Sweeney Todd Edward Scissorhands Victor Van Dort Glen Lantz BY: rebelweirdo22
  • johnnydepp
  • madhatter
  • tomhanson
|Lost In Wonderland| ("A.I.W.L" X Reader) by losersquadunite
|Lost In Wonderland| ("A.I.W.L" LoserSquadUnite
_______________________________________ ♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤ "H-Have...Have I Gone Mad?" ♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤ _______________________________________ Won...
  • tweedledee
  • jabberwocky
  • redqueen
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Adventures In Time by SamanthaErwin
Adventures In Timeby Samantha
See what happens when Maddy and her dad, Mad Hatter gets very ill. How will Ben get to Wonderland now? Can Ben save is girlfriend and her dad?
  • wonderland
  • madhatter
  • fantasy
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